interior decoration of home

Interior Decoration of Home: Best 5 Ideas for beautiful home

Interior decoration of home: Among our basic needs, a beautiful house is one of them. Furniture is essential to make a house more attractive. A good interior decoration enhances the beauty of a home. A good plan needs to make it nice and attractive. Not only expensive furniture but also normal furniture with better decoration required. Though you can decorate your home according to your ability, taste, and artistic mind through the different goods. 

Interior decoration of home

Interior decoration makes your home nice and convenient. A well-decorated home is a good source of mental peace and prosperity and also carries the identity of a good lifestyle. 

Idea 1- Selection of Furniture

Furniture refers to a table, chair, sofa, bed, wardrobe, cupboard, bookshelf, cabinet, dresser, desk, bench, bassinet, etc. which are movable and used for home decoration. You can’t think of a home without the furniture. Furniture used for different purposes and has a great role in accomplishing different activities of the home. There are no other goods which can be a substitute for furniture that can enhance and beauty of a home. The use of furniture is everywhere. Either you live in a town or village, furniture must be needed for different activities.

The types of furniture vary according to a person’s artistic mind, the purpose of using furniture, the lifestyle of a family, the size of the living place, level of a family life cycle, etc. Generally, the use of heavy big sized wooden furniture is more when the house is permanent and big enough. Mentionable furniture which is used in permanent houses is tables, chairs, beds, desks, dressers, and cupboards, cabinets, etc.  

According to the needs and artistic mind of the person, this furniture can be made at home or at a furniture shop by the carpenters with the wood of different trees like mango, blackberry, jackfruit, etc. Nowadays the number of temporary living working people is more. Most of the people live in rented houses.

Those who live in their own house, because of the limitation of the size they also use light and contemporary furniture to fulfill their needs. Rather than these the light and good taste’s furniture are used as these are not difficult to carry from one place to another place. Among the furniture which is used in town, bed, box bed, different sized table, wooden cupboard along with mirror, sofa set, cushioned chair, etc. are mentionable.

There is a tendency of using limited size- designed, luxurious, and modern designed furniture in town areas. Along with the wood of mango, jackfruit, rain tree, other artificial woods like plywood, partex, etc. are commonly used. In town areas, the use of readymade furniture is more visible. Nowadays in villages and towns everywhere, plastic made furniture like-chair, table, bed, rack, etc. are commonly used.

Interior decoration of home

Points should be considered for selecting the furniture

Some points should be considered for selecting the furniture are discussed below-


What’s the purpose of using the furniture? Before buying the furniture you should determine whether it is essential or not. You should not buy it whimsically otherwise after some days it will be unsuitable for you. A proper determination of the necessity will be more economical. If you have old furniture then use it after burnishing. There will be no need to buy new furniture and it will seem a waste of money. 

Family Income

Family income is one of the most important factors that should be considered during choosing furniture. You should select the furniture according to your income. Otherwise, you may have to borrow money from someone and it looks odd to society. Buying furniture on your own income is more acceptable by society. 

Cost of Furniture

After considering the family income you should look at the price of the furniture. The price depends on its material. Some wood furniture (teak, mahogany, etc.) is comparatively more expensive than cane, plastic or rod made furniture.


It is an important matter that you should deeply look at the comfort condition during selecting the furniture. In this case, you should observe the furniture’s size, height, depth. If these matters are not comfortable then it is not easy to use. For example; if the table is higher than normal height then it will not be comfortable. Also, if the chair is not comfortable then it is difficult to work. 


The utility of the furniture is its ability to meet the need. Small children’s furniture will be appropriate for age. Bed, chowki these meet our need for lying. And the tools, sofa, couch, chair meet our seating needs. In addition, utility depends on the material with which the furniture is made. Such as, the cushioned furniture is more comfortable than wooden furniture so its utility is more.

Taste and Choice 

The selection of the furniture varies according to a person’s or family’s taste and artistic mind. Proper size, beautiful floor, and wall of the house enhance the beauty of the home if it is decorated properly.


During buying the furniture you should consider this question “How long will the furniture be good and beautiful?”. I’m talking about the durability of the furniture and it totally depends on the material and manufacturing process. When you’re buying wood furniture you should observe whether it is made with raw wood or seasoned wood. The furniture made with raw wood can be spoilt by termite. And the furniture made with seasoned wood and good manufactured lasts long. 

Standard of Lifestyle 

The standard of lifestyle depends from person to person and family to family. Generally, a professional person holding a higher position, wealth, and a rich family uses expensive furniture. In this family, the drawing rooms are big and beautifully decorated. On the other hand, in lower-class families, they use less expensive furniture, and the sitting arrangement becomes quite small. 


The comfortable and artistic design of the furniture is acceptable to all classes of people. So we need to select that furniture of good design. Also, we should choose such a design so that it doesn’t take a long time or energy to clean. 

Various Uses

At present time because of the smaller size of the house, we should select furniture that has more flexibility. Flexibility means the multiple uses of the furniture. A divan can be used for sitting and sleeping. The dining table can be used for eating, studying, and discussing.

Size of the Family

If the size of the family is big then the flexibility and multiple uses of the furniture need to be considered. 

Nature of Job

We use a lot of furniture in our workplace for doing our job properly. Also, many of us live in rented houses for a limited time. If the workplace or house is not permanent then the transferable, light, and able to meet daily need furniture should be selected. More and heavy furniture make hazards while transferring. The furniture becomes damaged too. 


The weather has a great relationship with furniture. The weather varies from region to region. If you live in a hot and dry region then we need to select such furniture that has light designed and colored. Also, lightly designed and colored furniture is more suitable and easy to care for.

Care and maintenance

Care and maintenance are very important for furniture. You should think about care and maintenance when selecting the furniture. Because without proper care and maintenance the furniture will lose its longevity and beauty. 

Size of Room

The furniture should be selected according to the size of the room. Otherwise, the representation of taste and beauty will be lost. The proper size of the room and furniture enhances the beauty.

Idea 2- Arrangement of Furniture 

After selecting the furniture you should arrange it properly. The proper arrangement of furniture makes your home more attractive, comfortable, and convenient. Either you live in a permanent place or a temporary place you should follow some rules to decorate homes so that the members of the family get more comfort and satisfaction. Necessary rules need to be followed for arranging the furniture to decorate the interior of a home given below.

Interior decoration of home

Essentials of Furniture arrangement

You don’t need excessive furniture to decorate the interior of your home. We use different rooms for different purposes. To arrange the furniture for the home, first of all, you should consider the purpose of using that room. Such as-

Bedroom- Bed, Mattress, Wardrobe, Shelves, Bedside Table, Bedside Lamp, Chair, Dressing Table. Cupboard, etc. 

Drawing Room– Sofa Set, Coffee Table, Caned chair, Center table, Showcase, Bookshelf, etc. 

Dining Room- Dining table, showcase, refrigerator, Oven, wall shelves, ledges, bookshelf, host chairs, side chairs, armchairs, buffet, console, display cabinets, server, serving cart, baker’s Rack, bench, settee, etc. 

Study Room- Bookshelf, table, chair, computer, Study Chairs.Study Tables, Study Lamps, Study Sets, Accent Chairs, Floor Lamps, Day Beds, Balcony Tables, etc. 

Practical Use

Practical use means the actual use of furniture. You need to consider the practical use of that furniture. You should arrange the furniture in a room according to the real experience and the function of that room and it will be suitable for the situation. 


Movability or mobility means the ability to move or be moved freely and easily. You should arrange the furniture in such a way that there should not be any problem with mobility and you can accomplish the work freely and easily. For example; the bookshelf should be kept just beside the study table.

A tea table should be kept near the sofa in the drawing-room. Refrigerator, oven, etc. electronic appliances should be kept near the dining table. However, the child’s activities at home should be considered during arranging the furniture. You should arrange the furniture in such a way that they can move around the room freely and safely. 

According to the work

The proper arrangement of the furniture gives harmony to the work. The furniture should be arranged in such a way so that there will be harmony among the works. You should match the furniture with the nature of the work and the room that will be used for work.

Well Ventilation

Good ventilation is very important for a home or a office. The furniture should be arranged in such a way so that there will be no problem to open the door and window. Also, if you keep the large furniture at a location where a window located then entering the free natural air will be interrupted. You should know that well-ventilation keeps your home more hygienic than poor-ventilation. 

Distance from the wall should be maintained

While arranging the furniture you should maintain a short distance between the wall and the furniture. You should not be kept the furniture by touching the wall. Because your beautiful wall can be damaged and discolored by the touching of the furniture. Not only the wall but also the color of the furniture can be damaged. 

New touch in home decoration

From time to time it is essential to rearrange the furniture for many reasons like birthday parties, marriage day parties, marriage ceremonies, family reunion parties, etc. You have to rearrange the furniture due to different occasions in your home. Also, you can change the arrangement because of a new taste, touch, and art that comes into your mind. 

Applying Art Principles

The beauty of home mostly depends on the proper arrangement of furniture. They should have an artistic effect in your arrangement. You should maintain some principles that create the artistic effect such as-proportion, consistency, balance, rhythm, and emphasis. The principles of creating art are described below-

Proportion- To create the artistic effect in your arrangement of the furniture you should maintain the proportion properly. You can maintain the proportion according to the size of the room and the size of the furniture. You should adjust or regulate the furniture so that it has a particular or suitable relationship to the room.

If the size of the room and the size of the furniture is proper then the arrangement can be told as well matched. To make proper matching you should choose big-sized furniture for a big room and small-sized furniture for a small room. Also, where it is needed to keep big and small-sized furniture you should maintain a balance between big and two/three small-sized furniture.

Balance- Balance means a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions. While arranging the furniture it is essential to keep the balance to create an artistic effect. You should maintain the balance in the number of furniture from one side to another side, furniture of the middle and corner to be balanced. There should be a similarity in the number between the furniture on one side to another side.

If you arrange a room with the furniture on two sides with the same importance it is called direct balance. If you arrange less or more furniture from one side to another side it does not maintain balance. If there is more furniture on one side with importance is known as indirect balance. You can practice indirect balance to bring a new dimension and attraction to your room. 

Harmony- Harmony means a consistent, orderly, and pleasing arrangement. It is a good relation or combination among every part. While arranging the furniture it is essential to keep the harmony to create an artistic effect. The combination of expensive, inexpensive furniture, artwork, showpiece, etc. in a room. There should be harmony among all of these. 

Rhythm- Rhythm means a strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement. In the case of the interior home decoration, rhythm makes your look move from one furniture to other furniture, from one corner to another corner of the room simply and naturally. This rhythm of looking creates a new dimension which also increases the artistic effect in your arrangement of furniture. 

Emphasis- Emphasis means giving special importance or value to the main center point. Emphasis is one of the principles that create an artistic effect on the arrangement of the furniture. Nice flowers in the flower vase can be the main attraction if you place it at the center table of the drawing-room. A bedroom with nice furniture or carpet can create emphasis on the room and furniture. 

Idea 3- Arrangement of Furniture in Different Rooms 

Bedroom decoration with furniture 

People are dying to come back home after the daylong work. Home gives us comfort and peace because of the peaceful environment and warm love from our family members. So we should be careful while selecting the bedroom furniture. 

Noticeable matters:

• In the bedroom you can place the bed, mattress, wardrobe, shelves, bedside table, bedside lamp, chair, dressing table. cloth rack, cupboard, etc. The bed has to be placed in such a way so that the light can’t fall on the eyes directly. 

• Ideally the wall will be light-colored. 

• A bedside table and bedside lamp can be placed beside the bed to keep something important like the water glass, books, or newspapers.

• Artwork can be hanged to decorate the wall. To enhance the beauty of the bedroom more a bunch of flowers you should place on the dressing table or side table. 

Drawing room decoration

Drawing room decoration

A drawing room is a room in a house where known persons, relatives, visitors, and guests can be received and entertained while they visit. The drawing room is the center point of maintaining socialization and it should be consciously refined, light-hearted, and elegant. The arrangement of this room represents the taste of the house owners to the relatives, visitors, and guests. 

Noticeable matters:

• In the drawing-room, you can place the sofa set, divan, coffee table, caned chair, center table, showcase, bookshelf, etc. 

• To enhance the beauty of your drawing-room and make it more nice and attractive you should place a bunch of flowers in the big vase, aquarium, artwork, picture of the renowned person, carpet, etc. 

• Furniture has to be arranged according to good ventilation, mobility, and artistic principles. 

Dining Room decoration

A dining room in a house is a room where the family members sit to take food. Actually, it is the meeting place of the family members where a happy environment appears. 

Noticeable matters:

The furniture usually used in a dining room is the Dining table, showcase, refrigerator, Oven, wall shelves, ledges, bookshelf, host chairs, side chairs, armchairs, buffet, console, display cabinets, server, serving cart, baker’s Rack, bench, settee, etc.  The table may be round, oval, or rectangle-shaped. The top of the table is made with Formica, glass, or wood. 

• It has to be ensured that the dining table gets enough light. 

• To enhance the beauty of the dining room you should keep a bunch of flowers in a flat vase or fruits in the basket at the center of the table.

• Tables, chairs, and other furniture should be placed in such a way so that there will be no problem with mobility. 

• The water filter and the refrigerator should be kept at one side in a little high place beside a big wall while keeping a short distance from the wall for ventilation.

Guest Room Decoration

It is perfect if the guest room is beside the drawing-room. This room does not need much furniture. Bed, dressing table, and wall closet are enough for the room. 

Living Room Decoration

Living room means a room in a house for general everyday use. At present, the living room is an excellent addition for a modern family to spend their leisure time in it. The members of the family can pass their time by watching television, sitting, and lying. Children of a family can play and move easily in the living room. Actually, it is a common room for creating a happy moment with everyone. Many types of entertaining things are kept there. 

Reading Room Decoration 

A reading room is a quiet room in a home where you and your children can read and study. A reading room is one of the most important rooms in a home. You should choose such a room for reading where the sound and conversation can’t create problems to study. In the reading room, you can place furniture like a bookshelf, table, chair, computer, study chairs, study tables, study lamps, study sets, accent chairs, floor lamps, day beds, balcony tables, etc. It should be considered that the table gets enough light. 

Kitchen Room Decoration

kitchen decoration

The room located next to the dining room is the suitable for kitchen room because of the easiness to serve the food. The stove and cooker should be placed just beside the window so that the smoke can go out easily. In the town areas, you can use gas, or electric power to cook food and the type of stove will depend on it.  In the village areas, you can use wood/stick or kerosene to cook food and the type of stove will depend on it. Water tap is a must-needed thing in the kitchen room. It will be better if your water tap placed in one corner of the kitchen.

A kitchen shelf should be kept in a favorable place in the kitchen room to arrange the kitchen appliance. Heavy and usual knives, cutter, etc. sharp things should be kept on the top so that the children can’t reach them. The cabinet is a beautiful addition to the kitchen room. You can keep many things in the cabinet. But you should be careful to clean the cabinet regularly so that insects can’t stay. 

Idea 4- Enhancing the Beauty of Home 

Everyone wants a beautiful home. After Selecting and arranging the furniture you should have done some more job. Properly decorating the floor, curtain, and flower will enhance the beauty of the home. To make your home elegant and represents good taste you should bring firmness among everything.

Covering of the Floor


The floor can be made of different materials. In rural areas, the floor is made of soil, cement, or colored cement. But in modem home, the floor is made of tiles and mosaic. Also, the carpet is used on the floor. The carpet should be suitable for the floor and furniture. It is better to use such a carpet so that it is easy to care. 

Wall Decoration

Wall Decoration

You can use the artwork for decorating the wall. The artwork in different rooms represent artistic expression and create beautiful scenery in interior decoration. You can hang beautiful calligraphy. pictures of the famous and historic place, renowned persons, natural scenery on the wall that will give great feelings and pleasure in mind. 

There are some rules to hang the pictures. Such as-

• You should select the right place to hang the picture. On the big wall, big picture, and on the small wall a few small pictures should be hanged. 

• Picture should be hanged at the eyesight level (not at a very high or low level) so that it becomes prominent.

• The picture should be hanged according to the function of the room. In the drawing-room, you can hang the picture of a famous and historic place, a renowned person, beautiful calligraphy, natural scenery, the art of a renowned person. In the dining room, you can hang a picture of fruits, and vegetables. In the living room and bedroom, you can hang family pictures.

• Wall can be decorated with other things like- showpiece, flower, branch-leaf, wall mat, pottery, folk art. But it is essential to follow the principles of art. 



The curtain is one of the most beautiful features in a modern home. It is used for covering the door, and window. The curtain should be selected according to the color of the wall, carpet, and other furniture. 

The necessity of the Curtain in Room

  • Maintains the privacy 
  • Brings a cool feeling 
  • Protects from dust 
  • Enhances beauty 

There are hundreds of colors and designs of curtain you can fiend on the market. In hot areas, light-colored curtains are more suitable for everyone. It creates coolness. But in cold areas, the deep-colored curtains can be used. The cloth of the curtain will be such type so it is easy to clean and care for. 

Flower arrangement

Flower arrangement

The flower has a great role in home decoration. The proper arrangement of flowers makes the home more beautiful. It is one of the main parts of home decoration. Different types of beautiful vase or pot needed for arranging the flowers. These pots can be made of china clay, plastic, glass, bamboo, different metals. Not only real flower but also you can decorate the home with the flower made of china clay, plastic, glass, bamboo, different metals. You can round, flat, oval, or square-shaped flower vase or pot to arrange the flowers. 

Rules of Flower Arrangement

• Color- The color of the flower should be attractive to everyone.

• Structure- The structure is one of the main characteristics of a flower. The stick of lily, tuberose is tall so it is suitable for tall arrangement. And marigold, jasmine, rose are suitable for dumped arrangement. 

• Artistic Principal- You should follow the principles of art to enhance the beauty of the flowers. For example, flowers should be proportionate with vases. 

• The natural rhythm of a flower should be maintained while arranging the flowers. This means the flower should be arranged in such a way that it is blooming as in the tree. In that way, it looks more nice and beautiful. 

• Flower should be arranged by giving the emphasis on the most attractive flower. According to that other flowers, leaves to be arranged. 

• Flowers should be arranged according to the size of the vase. The flower will get more emphasis rather than the vase.

• There should be enough water in the flower vase. 

• The pin holder should be covered while arranging the flowers. 

• Many flowers are not needed to arrange. Just two or one flowers can be arranged along with branch, stick, leaves. Flower can be arranged by using the pin holder on the bowl and saucer. 

• The flowers should be picked in the early morning or late afternoon to stay fresh. 

• Sugar can be added to the water of the vase to stay fresh the flowers for a long time. 

Idea 5- Maintaining Hygienic Environment at Home 

Maintain a hygienic environment at home is very a important point in home decoration. You should think about it after decorating the room with furniture. You know a well-decorated home represents good taste if the home is neat and clean. It is not enough of using beautiful, expensive, and attractive furniture, it should be neat and clean regularly. Lack of care not only reduces the longevity of the furniture but also dirty and dusty furniture destroys the beauty of the home. You should clean the spider web, ant, insects’ nest to decrease the germ’s spread. The essential factors to maintain a hygienic environment are given below-

Ensuring the supply of fresh air and sunlight by good ventilation

good ventilation

A plentiful supply of fresh air and sunlight should be ensured for the house. The light from the sun eliminates darkness and the heat kills germs inside the house. So the furniture should be arranged in such a way so that enough sunlight can come into the room. The oxygen of the air has a great impact on our health. The home should be faced preferably towards the south or east to maintain well ventilation. 

Clean the floor and furniture regularly

cleaning brush

The floor and furniture need to keep neat and clean. Because of the everyday activities, the floor becomes dirty and dust falls on the furniture. Many health problems can be created from the dirt and dust like sneezing, coughing. So, it is very important to clean and wipe all the rooms, kitchen, bathroom, and furniture. It is essential to use anti-germicide once a week for better cleaning. Other things like the door, window, kitchen’s wall, sink, toilet’s pan-commode, etc. should be cleaned once in a week. This cleaning process will enhance the brightness of your home. 

Clean the curtain, bedsheet, table cloth, covers of different furniture

bedroom curtains

Dust makes the curtain, bedsheet, table cloth, covers of different furniture dirty and unhygienic. Along with the floor and furniture, you should also clean up them regularly. The bedsheet should be cleaned once a week. The curtain and covers of furniture need to be cleaned by giving 3/4 months break. It will enhance the brightness of the curtain and covers of the furniture. 

Arranging artificial light for night 

It is very important to arrange artificial light for the night according to the work. Inappropriate arrangement of artificial light can be harmful to eyesight.  If the light is not sufficient then you can fall some eyesight problems. So you should ensure enough light in the reading room, kitchen, dining table, etc. 

Keeping the internal and surrounding environment clean 

a clean living room

To maintain good health it is essential to clean the surrounding environment clean. The pests/insects, mosquito stay if the home is surrounded by dirt, garbage, open drain, bush, etc. Serious diseases spread too. So the surrounding of the home needs to be cleaned. Trashes should be thrown in a proper place or in the dustbin. The surrounding of the home’s unwanted bush should be cut and anti insecticide should be sprayed. Water should be removed from the flower pots or surrounding places, to keep safe from Aedes mosquito. 

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