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Top 8 Best Lawn Dethatchers, Aerator (Reviews & Guides)

Best Lawn Dethatchers, Aerator for dethatching a lawn: It is a very necessary part of maintaining a healthy lawn and beautiful landscape using a lawn dethatcher to remove thatch from Your lawn periodically. Competition from companies making dethatchers is on the rise or high quality which makes it difficult to decide which the best dethatcher is. We have then taken our time and vision to the market to come up with a list of the 8 best lawn dethatchers to guide you through. Read on to ensure your pick to the right dethatcher model that best serves your purpose. This article is also rich in buying guides which will make the buying process easy and fantastic. 

Top 8 Best Lawn Dethatcher

Here are the 8 best lawn dethatchers we exclude,

1. Brinly DT-40BH tow behind dethatcher 

Brinly DT-40BH is one of the best lawn dethatchers if you're looking to take over your lawn back when thatch has taken over your lawn. It is the Brinly DT-40BH Tow behind dethatcher. By using it you can get a 40-inch lawn dethatcher with 2 rows of 10 spring steel tines ( total 20) flex independently as they're dragged through your lawn grass, combing through it and removing the unwanted thatch effectively.

By setting it to work as a straight dethatcher or in a more aggressive mode where the tines scrape and scarify the soil as they pull up thatch- useful for re-seeding project. Including super low-budget, solid, and well made for the price, easy handling, bargain tool, and different effective features it has. Looking at the key feature we will have,

Top 8 Best Lawn Dethatcher

Key Features

  • It has a maximum thatch removal capacity probably 40" working width
  • Long-lasting construction having made of quality heavy-duty steel
  •  Capacity to hold up to 70 lbs of additional weight for a more aggressive dethatching
  • Easy to engage transport wheels and conveniently accessible from the driver's seat
  • Universal lookup because of it a single, heavy-duty Hitch pin which is easily attached to the dethatcher
  • Simply assemble to match each part of it


  • Maximum thatch removal 
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Easy to engage transport wheels 
  • Worked better than the expectation level
  • Easy serving purpose and super low-budget item 


  • Hard to assemble

Though it is hard to assemble but is one of the best dethatchers you can get your hands on if your are looking to get rid of the thatch affecting the health of your lawn as well as some good purposes like 40" dethatching width, super low-budget, long-lasting construction and so on.

2. Greenworks 14-inch 10 Amps corded dethatcher

Looking at the size and price, the Greenworks 14 inch electric dethatcher was just another amazing equipment as it is a corded electric dethatcher, so don't need to buy fuel to get it to work. It's very efficient and does the duty of removing thatch from the lawn effectively. It has a powerful 10 amp motor at the heart which provides the power that spins 18 sharp tines which spread over a part of 14 inches in width, working unanimously to remove the thatch from the lawn. Highlighting the key feature of this dethatcher we found,

Top 8 Best Lawn Dethatchers

Key features

  • It has 14-inch detaching path capability
  • It is a corded electric dethatcher so no need to buy fuel
  • Powerful 10 amp motor
  • Stainless Steel Tines
  • 3-position tine depth adjustment 
  • Foldable handles for Compact Storage
  • 4-year tool warranty protects your investment


  • Foldable handles for compact storage
  • An excellent dethatcher with surprisingly effective for its size
  • Tines are made of stainless steel.powerful 10 amp motor


  • Lack of a collection bag

So, looking at all the features, unfortunately, it can be slow down after 15 minutes, but it is the most excellent dethatcher with surprisingly effective for its prize. Finally, it is recommended by its user for its effective and excellent features.

3. Agri Fab 45-0295 48 inch tow behind lawn dethatcher

If you want a good tow behind lawn dethatcher which can hook to your tractor to dethatch your lawn with, then I would advise you to consider the Agri Fab 48 inch tine tow behind lawn dethatcher. It is fixed to the back of a tractor to be towed behind as you drive and 24 tines gather and help to remove loose thatch. It can take load up to 75 lbs of cinder blocks or other objects for greater effectiveness. A transport-level easily raises and lowers the tines. Highlighting the key feature of this dethatcher we found,

best Agrifab lawn dethatcher

Key features

  • Dethatching width 48 inches
  • It has 24 tines to remove loose thatch
  • 10-inch semi-pneumatic wheels
  • Durable heavy-gauge steel deck and welded drawbar
  • It contains easily operated cantilever transport handle for easy raising and lowering
  • Universal hitch fits and tractor regardless of brand 
  • 3 years of warranty


  • 24 durable spring tines for easy thatch removal
  • Easily operated cantilever handle
  • The universal hitch fits any tractor regardless of brand
  • Durable heavy-gauge steel deck and welded drawbar
  • Great production with better customer support 


  • Sometimes, some parts can be missed out like nuts, blots, and ETCNot for use with zero-turn mowers

So, watching the features we can say that this dethatcher is powerful and recommended by users for its support except for missing issues. It is one of the Strongest dethatchers for its better support and good production.

4. Sun Joe AJ801E 12 Amp 12.6-inch lawn dethatcher

Sun Joe AJ801E 12.6 inch lawn dethatcher is another fine lawn dethatcher to dethatch your lawn and promote healthy grass growth. It's the ideal lawn dethatcher if you have an average/mid-size lawn that needs some dethatching. The dethatcher covers 12.6 inches in width, holding a powerful 12 amp motor which can make everything to work.

It contains 18 tines and you can raise and lower the tines from -0.4 inches below the soil to 0.4 inches above the soil. Definitely it is one of the most effective and ergonomic push lawn dethatchers and easy to get your hands on today. Describing some key features are,

Top 8 Best Lawn Dethatchers

Key features

  • Ideal for small to mid-sized lawns
  • Powerful 12 Amp motor rakes to the work done faster
  • Air boost technology spring steel tines for maximum thatch pickup
  • No need to use fuel 
  • Tailor raking depth with 5-position depth control
  • Detachable thatch  collection  bag for easy disposal
  • Scarifier function to cut grass roots for thicker growth, healthier lawns


  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Spring clean-up game changer
  • Dethatcher and scarifier rollers are easy to swap
  • Affordable price


  • Poor quality metal with on drive coupler
  • Shifting roles is strictly manual 

So, analyzing the features it can be considered that this machine is very convenient for using if you have a midsized lawn. Frankly, lightweight,  easy to assemble, works very well and good customer services can overcome the rarely broken issue. Finally, it is recommended by its uses for its amazing key features.   

5. VonHaus 15-inch 2 in 1 lawn dethatcher and aerator

VonHaus 15 inch 2 in 1 corded dethatcher and aerator an efficient and convenient way to maintain a healthy, tidy lawn comes with a 15-inch working width and 4 working depths. It has 12 Amp ( 1500W) powerful motor with the two-point safety start switch, height-adjustable handle, and 16-inch power cord-requires outdoor extension cord- features 40L bag.

It is better to remove the thatch bag for larger areas to avoid emptying regularly. It is a push dethatcher, which means you have to push it through the lawn to get is to work along with it is easy to work on small to mid-sized lawns and yards comfortably. Looking at the key features we have,

Top 8 Best Lawn Dethatchers

Key features

  • 2 in 1 corded dethatcher and aerator
  • U13-inch working width and 4 working depths
  • 1×aerating and 1× scarifying roller included
  • 12 Amp/ 1500W electric motor
  • Dual purposes drum with easy roller change
  • 10.5 Gallon( 40L) collection bag


  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handling
  • Easy to change the barrel
  • Folds down for small storage footprint
  • Awesome product and great performance
  • It's also a lawn aerator


  • No support for spare parts

So, watching the features we can say that it is another important dethatcher for its amazing features for the mid-sized lawn and yard. It is recommended for its great performance and work progress.

6. Mantis 7321 power tiller aerator/dethatcher combo

Mantis 7321 power tiller aerator/ dethatcher combo is another good dethatcher for removing thatch in a lawn or yard. This is suitable to use in a compact, clay soil. It consists of 4 sets of tempered steel blades,60 spring -steel picks dethatch a 15-inch  swat with a single pass. If you want to remove the thatch and promote the healthy growth of your lawn, then you should attach the dethatcher to your mantis power tiller. On the other hand, if you intend to take it further than just dethatching the lawn by aerating it, then you can use the aerator. Describing some key features are,

Top 8 Best Lawn Dethatcher

Key features 

  • Aerator and Dethatcher attachment 
  • Combo pack for Mantis Tiller/ Cultivators
  • It is  perfect for use in Compact, clay Soil 
  • 4 sets of tempered steel blades
  • Aerator cuts into soil under the lawn; dethatcher quickly removes thatch
  • 60 spring -steel picks dethatch a 15-inch swath with a single pass


  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handling
  • Low vibration
  • Well built 
  • Less noise
  • Quality cut


  • A bit of effort to complete an entire yard

So, Mantis 7321 power tiller aerator/ dethatcher is one of the best tools which can not only remove weeds from the lawn but also cuts into the soil under your lawn with four sets of tempered steel" knives", to permit easy absorption of water, oxygen, and nutrients. Besides, it has the quality to lie working for a long time, and it gets the job for removing the lawn thatch done effectively.    

7. Brinly DT- 48BH tow behind lawn dethatcher

The Brinly DT - 48BH tow behind lawn dethatcher is another most convenient lawn dethatcher which can attach to the lawnmower to remove the thatch underneath in the lawn. It is very suitable to use if you have a very large lawn to dethatch, and you have a bigger mower to go with it. Like the Brinly- 40BH tow behind dethatcher, it makes easy to use of flexible spring steel tines attached to the underside of a heavy-duty trail which can be pulled through the lawn to get rid of the thatch from the lawn.

It is equipped with a larger 48-inch tray compared to the formers 40-inch tray and has a larger load-carrying capacity as well as 2 rows of 12 tines underneath the tray that move or flex independently as you pull the comb through your lawn with the dethatcher.

The larger width of the dethatcher ensures that you can cover more ground in one motion and work more efficiently. Every part of the Brinly DT - 48 BH is made of heavy-duty steel including the tines which are made of Spring steel and very flexible, which ensures that they are last long and are very unlikely to break while working with the dethatcher due to their flexibility. Describing some key features are,

Top 8 Best Lawn Dethatcher

Key features

  • Maximum thatch removal capacity for longer mowers and lawns
  • 48" working width and 2 rows of 12 independently flexing spring steel tines
  • Ideal dethatcher for large yards
  • Long-lasting construction including all-steel construction, tines are made of durable spring steel
  • Transporting the dethatcher is also very easy as it's equipped with 2 never-flat tires 8 inches in size
  • The (24) 3/16" diameter triple coil strength spring steel tines 
  • Universal hook-up consisting a single, heavy-duty universal hitch pin
  • The two rows of independently flexing tines remove dead grass and roots


  • Easy to assemble
  • Transporting the dethatcher is very easy
  • Steel tray & triple- coil strength tines for max durability
  • Inline wheels to minimize footprint width & facilitate leveling
  • Great production with actually works


  • In rare cases, parts like bolts can be missed out

Finally, Brinly DT-48BH tow behind lawn dethatcher is a very convenient dethatcher if you really need a big badass tow behind lawn dethatcher to get rid of the thatch harming your lawn, then you should seriously consider it. It is very famous and recommended by the customers for its effective features.

8. Mantis 5222 power tiller lawn dethatcher attachment

Mantis  5222 power tiller lawn dethatcher is quickly able to remove weeds and the tan-looking built-up thatch that prevents air, water, and nutrients from reaching the grassroots. It is similar to the Mantis 7321 aerator/ dethatcher combo attachment. So, it is both an aerator and dethatcher combo.

If you have a Mantis cultivator or tiller and you just need the Mantis dethatcher attachment to combine with your lawnmower for use on your lawn, then the Mantis 5222 power tiller dethatcher attachment is the one you need.it is made up of a 60 tough and flexible spring-steel picks which pull out the thatch in the lawn as you pull the dethatcher along with the lawn. This 60 spring- steel picks are spread over a width of inches. Hence, you cover a 15-inch width path for each pass of the dethatcher. It comes equipped with wheels on it for easy mobility. Looking at some key features we have, 

Top 8 Best Lawn Dethatcher

Key features

  • Easily attaches to any Mantis Tiller/ Cultivator
  • 60 strong, flexible spring - steel picks gentle pull up thatch and weeds
  • Dethatches a 15 - inch swath in a single pass with results 
  • It's also an aerator
  • Dethatching width 15 inches


  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handling
  • Low vibration
  • Well built 
  • Works perfectly and well production


  • Hard to maintain
  • Lacks of air boost technology and collection bag

Watching all the features we can say that it is very effective and recommended by the customers. If you have a Mantis tiller/ cultivator and you need to dethatch your lawn, then feel free to get the Mantis 5222 dethatcher attachment to get the duty done. It's highly recommended because of its well-designed features and well production.  

Which things you have to consider when buying best lawn dethatcher : ( Buyer's Guide) 

Here are some aspects that you should consider when choosing the best dethatcher. 

Handle length 

The handle length can be two types short or long. Short handled dethatchers are best if you prefer working on your knees, in a raised bed or working in tight spaces. Also, short handles are best for slicing weeds so that the user can quickly draw the tool back. On the other hand, long handles dethatchers are best for users who would like to weed without impacting stress on their backs and for weeding large areas. 

Size of lawn

Many dethatchers have many types of capabilities.  If you have a small lawn, it is very logical if you buy a smaller dethatcher. Any dethatcher can set these purposes, even manual and electric ones. This thing will help you to save you on various aspects such as storage and power uses. This is because they are smaller hence consuming less energy. 

On the other hand, if you want to dethatch a large area, you should consider a larger dethatcher. Best two behind the dethatcher are the most convenient options here because larger hence, have a greater dethatching capability. 


Environmental friendliness products show the passion to make the world a better place. Petrol dethatchers are more powerful and aggressive hence provide the best dethatching experience. Though they are among the best, it generates carbon dioxide emissions to the surrounding. This can have various harmful effects such as breathing problems or being about acid rain which is corrosive.    

If you are an environmentalist, you should take either the electric dethatchers or the manual dethatchers. Since Electric dethatchers produce zero emissions similar to manually powered dethatchers. 


To buy the dethatcher, you have to check the durability of the product. Some dethatchers have  3 or fewer years of warranty. You can check the strength through the construction material, tin material, and wheels sturdiness. A non-durable tool only leads to increased harassment. Additionally, consider if the tines have any protection Against bending as well as check gas dethatcher durability if you feel for convenient use. 

Ease of Use 

Always you should consider going for a device that is simple to use. Acquiring a new tool is primarily an attempt to make the whole process easy. If you have issues with Your back or knees, we recommend you pick a dethatcher that has a long handle. 

Storage space

When choosing the best dethatcher and aerator combo, always you have to consider its grass carrying capacity. The best dethatchers always have the capacity to hold a lot of grass before you need to dispose of it off. As, manual dethatchers have no collecting bags to carry grass, so you have to look at gas-powered and electric dethatchers that have different sizes of grass collecting bags. Choose one among them according to your required option.

Power generation 

The type of power generation is a major consideration when looking for the best mantis dethatcher. There are three types of power generation for dethatchers which are gas/petrol/electric powering, tow-behind, and manual generation. If you are finding to dethatch your backyard, we recommended power rake dethatchers and manually power dispatchers as manual dethatching could be a great exercise and could reduce boredom. If you have sufficient power supply at your place, then electric dethatchers are the best as it is eco-friendly, less robust and saves you from spending on gas. Petrol dethatcher is recommended for extensive dethatching. On the other hand, covering more ground in less time and more vigorously, tow behind dethatchers are the best available alternatives. 

Grass type

The type of grass is vastly considered for a successful dethatching. There are some grasses which thatch faster in the summer, others thatch slower in the winter then there's the thickness.  Manually powered dethatcher machine is not a wise option for grass which thatches fast. Because it will only do your work hectic and very slow. On the other hand, power dethatchers are designed to suit every grass and thickness as they have multiple heights and blade adjustments to suit. 

Ease of Maintenance

You should consider an easy maintenance dethatcher to the work more efficiently.  Some dethatchers mah need to clean after every use. Several may even require lubrication and extra care. Therefore, you should consider the maintenance options and how comfortable you are with them while looking for the best dethatcher. 

Efficiency and Cost

Keep in mind the type of weeds in question before setting on a precise design. Some dethatchers construction design is for a particular grass. Check before buying if your lawn has one grass or a variety of weeds. Besides, consider the width length and safety factors to prevent accidents. 

Finally, select a dethatcher that fits in your budget. However, long handles dethatcher and feature durable material tend to be costly.                                                                                    

Final verdict

In our above review of the best 8 lawn dethatchers, we have discussed each dethatcher in detail.  As a buyer feel free to choose any of them following the Buyers Guide. 

We hope that you got the whole idea of buying the best dethatcher for your lawn and the guidance you need. Moreover, you should consider such factors that have been provided in the buyer’s guide such as grass type, size of your lawn, length of handle, durability, storage space, and so on. 

Best of luck!