Why gardening is good for the environment

Gardening for the environment should be known to us. In the 21st century, the environment of the earth is one of the most discussed issues all over the world. Emissions of carbon increasing day by day and this results in rising world temperature. The necessity of protecting the environment from pollution is understandable to all. We should focus on this topic for protecting not only the environment but also our future generations. Whatever Gardening can help to protect the environment. In a true sense, gardening is not only a hobby or business or leisure activity but also it has a lot of environmental benefits. In this article, I'm going to talk about why gardening is good for the environment.

1.Increase oxygen in the atmosphere

Gardening means the cultivation of plants under special care. We know plants are produced their own food by taking the sunlight, carbon dioxide from the air, water from the soil and chlorophyll from the leaf. The food-producing system of plants is called photosynthesis in which they make their own food as well as produce a plenty amount of oxygen. So, garden plants can join this oxygen producing in the environment.

2.Reduce carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

Carbon dioxide is one of the major greenhouse gas which greatly responsible for global warming. By the cultivation of garden plants, we can reduce the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Because they are taken carbon dioxide from the air during the time of photosynthesis. That's why we need to plant more plants and we can make it by gardening.

3. Defend global warming

We know that worldwide carbon dioxide gas emission is the main cause of global warming. By reducing carbon dioxide and producing more oxygen plants are the most useful for the environment. We can contribute to defending global by making a garden around our house. 

global warming

3. Reduce pollution

There are lots of human and environmental activities responsible for pollution. Pollution like air, water, soil, sound, etc. are taken place every time in our locality. We need to reduce pollution before it going to the worst conditions. In this matter, if we take a positive decision of making a garden in front or backyard of our house then it will be a great solution for reducing pollution. Garden plants absorb pollutants from the atmosphere, keep the soil healthy as well reduce sound pollution.

4. Make a good ecosystem

A garden can make a unique ecosystem which is very important for the environment. Garden can make a good natural environment around our house. Many plants and animals like a bird can get a better living condition. It protects many plant species like ornamental plants. 

5. Make a sound environment

Gardening is closely related to raising plants and take care of them. Plants are the most important thing in the natural environment. Plants can make the environment more suitable for living. So, if we grow up different plants around our house then it will be more useful for the environmental. As a whole, gardening can make the environment more sound for us. 

6. Protection of wildlife 

Because global pollution survival of wildlife becomes very difficult. Many species have been endangered. Many of them are extinct. So, wildlife protection is one of the major responsibilities of us. Gardening can help us with this condition by making harbor of wildlife. We can protect them in our garden.

rabbit in a garden
Abraham M. Johnson

Abraham is a professional gardener and his hobby is indoor and outdoor gardening! He has been gardening for the last 5 years and he loves to decorate the home by gardening as well. Based on his experience with different types of gardens; he is sharing his thought and opinion about various gardens care tips and tools so that a beginner can get started right away. Find him on twitter here. Happy reading!

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