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What is Washington’s State Flower?

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The state flower of Washington is the Coast Rhododendron (Rhododendron macrophyllum). It was adopted by the legislature in 1959.

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Washington’s state flower is the coast rhododendron (Rhododendron macrophyllum). It was adopted by the legislature in 1959. The coast rhododendron is a large evergreen shrub that can grow to be 20 feet tall. It has large, leathery leaves and clusters of pink or white flowers that bloom in May.

History of the Washington State Flower

The native wood violet, Viola glabella, was adopted as the state flower of Washington in 1959. Also called the hookedspur violet and the woolly blue violet, this small wildflower is found throughout the state in woods, meadows, and along roadsides. It is one of more than 500 species of violets found in North America.

The Washington State Flower is a perennial herb that blooms in early spring. Its five petals are pale to deep blue with a white throat. The plant grows to a height of eight inches and has heart-shaped leaves.

The wood violet is the official flower of five other states: Illinois, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Virginia.

The Process of Picking a State Flower

In 1907, the Washington State Federation of Women’s Clubs chose the coastal dogwood (Cornus nuttallii) as the state flower. Seven years later, the Legislature made it official.

Coastal dogwoods are native to the Pacific Northwest and can be found in woodlands and along streams from British Columbia to Northern California. The tree is named for its small, nut-like fruits (actually drupes) and for Thomas Nuttall, an English botanist who explored the Northwest in the early 1800s.

The coastal dogwood is a small tree that grows to a height of 20 to 30 feet. In spring, it produces small, white flowers that bloom in clusters. These are followed by red berries that are popular with birds. The tree’s leaves turn red in fall before they drop off for winter.

The coastal dogwood is an important part of the Pacific Northwest’s ecosystem. Its flowers provide nectar for bees and its berries are a food source for birds and other animals. The tree also provides shelter and nesting sites for many species of birds.

If you’re looking for a beautiful flowering tree to add to your landscape, consider the coastal dogwood. It’s a great choice for gardeners in Washington state!

Why the Coast Rhododendron?

The Rhododendron macrophyllum, or Pacific Rhododendron, is a species of rhododendron. It is the state flower of Washington. TheCoast Rhododendron can grow to be 100 feet tall and can have a trunk diameter of up to four feet. It typically blooms in late spring, with large clusters of pink or white flowers.


The native species of rhododendron that bloom in the late spring are abundant in the forests of the Olympic peninsula and in the Cascade range. The native species of rhododendron that bloom in the late spring are also found in other parts of Washington, but they are not as common as the ones mentioned before.

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