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WG261 Worx Hedge Trimmer Review

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If you have a small garden that occasionally requires light maintenance like trimming and shaping, you can buy the Work WG261 to tidy up your yard. It is a lightweight and portable hedge trimmer that uses batteries for power.

In this article, we discuss the features of this Worx tool so you can be at ease when you purchase it.

Cordless design

The Worx hedge trimmer features an ergonomic design that makes forward movements, side movements, and back movements very easy. It is battery-powered, and therefore, does not need an electric cord which makes twisting and turning when trimming fun and safe. It is a good-looking trimmer with a sharp cutting blade in black and orange colors.


This hedge trimmer uses 20V lithium-ion batteries to work. Upon purchase, it comes with a battery and charger. Even better, you can use this battery for other Worx tools on the PowerShare platform.

While it one of the best cordless hedge trimmers in the market, the battery capacity can only power it for about an hour of continuous work. It limits the hedge trimmer to small gardens and light trimming and shaping before the battery runs out.

This Worx hedge trimmer's battery is replaceable, so there is a way to avoid inconvenience when you plan your garden work. If you want to enjoy long working hours, you can purchase an extra 2.0Ah battery so you can replace it as the other gets recharged. Recharging one battery takes about three hours.

Cutting Blade

The Worx wedge trimmer comes with a 22-inch cutting blade that delivers 2600 cutting strokes per minute. This blade is also ideal for small gardens and soft hedges.

Additionally, the blades are made with hardened stainless steel that guarantees durability and keeps the blades sharp for a long time. They are dual-action blades that deliver clean trimming and in less time. A 3/4 inch cutting diameter separates the blades to reduce vibrations and hand and finger fatigue.

The sharp blades are ideal for trimming or shaping soft vegetation. The package comes with a corrosion-resistant blade sheath so you can comfortably transport the trimmer.


This Worx garden tool weighs only 5.5 pounds which is lightweight enough for most people. You will be able to use it for long periods without fatigue as it allows even weight distribution for trimming precision.

Unlike other models, the Worx WG261 hedge trimmer does not come with a shoulder harness. While it is definitely lightweight, extended periods in the lawn or garden trimming can cause fatigue, especially when you have to trim vegetation above your shoulders.

A shoulder harness would be ideal when would want to relax your hands to prevent fatigue.

Handle and Grip

The hedge trimmer comes with an ergonomic D-grip handle so you can carry it comfortably as you tidy your garden. It increases hand comfort in different trimming angles like above shoulder trees or shrubs or when trimming or shaping undergrowth.

However, the grip handle is narrow and can feel a bit awkward when you have to trim sideways. You will need to test it to find a comfortable position to use for successful yard trimming.

Besides the grip, this Worx hedge trimmer also comes with a clear hand and debris guard that protects your hands from the blades and flying debris. It makes it easy to see where you're cutting without putting yourself in harm's way.


As with all other Worx tools, this hedge trimmer comes with a 3-year warranty period. From a reputable brand, the package comes with the blade, battery, charger, and blade sheath.


  • Lightweight trimmer
  • Ideal for light trimming and shaping
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Battery-powered and cordless
  • Portable
  • Comes with an ergonomic handle and transparent hand and debris guard
  • 22-inch stainless steel cutting blade easy to use in a small garden
  • Produces little vibration, which then reduces hand fatigue
  • Comes with a replaceable 20v battery and 20V charger
  • Recharging only takes 3 hours
  • Comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty


  • Lower working speed compared to other hedge trimmers
  • Small battery capacity makes it ideal for small lawns or gardens

Why You Should Use the Worx Hedge Trimmer

One of the main reasons this hedge trimmer is best for you is the cordless design. Corded hedge trimmers make garden work hard with difficult maneuverability. This cordless Worx tool lets you cut your hedges with a lot of flexibility moving around. It eliminates the worry of doubling back and accidentally cutting the cord.

Additionally, this product is one of the best hedge trimmers you can get if you have a small garden that occasionally needs light maintenance. It is lightweight enough to use alone, very portable, and easy to use. The 3/4 inch cut diameter this model uses leaves your hedges looking well-manicured after you are done.

Also, this tool is easy to charge, and you can even use the same charger to get the Worx 20V cordless leaf blower all powered up to help you clean the compound after trimming.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Worx Hedge Trimmer

1. Is it better than an electric trimmer?

If you hate having to worry about tripping over an electric cord or cutting it when doing yard work, then this battery-powered hedge trimmer is the better option for you. It is easier to use and carry around the yard. It is also easy to store without having to worry about the cord.

2. Is it affordable?

Compared to other electric models, this tool is very affordable. It is available online at friendly prices and very affordable shipping. It is also cheaper than outsourcing trimming services from a professional.

3. Who can use the Worx hedge trimmer?

This tool is very lightweight, thus ideal for use by most people of all ages and professions. It requires minimal time to get your garden or yard looking clean and does not require complicated settings or difficult assembly.

4. How long does the battery last?

The tool uses a 20V battery that recharges in three hours and can last an hour of continuous use. When you anticipate your yard work could need more time, you can buy an extra battery to use as the other one charges.

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