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Most Useful 12 Tips For Commercial Garden & Gardeners

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gardening tips for commercial garden & gardeners

There are some very essential things that we should keep in mind at the time of gardening. In this article, I’m gonna tell you some gardening tips which are very useful for both the home garden and the commercial garden.

Tips for commercial garden & gardeners

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Gardening tips

1. Suitable land

The first and foremost job for gardening is the selection of proper land that means what type of garden requires what type of land. For example; loamy soil with adequate sunlight is suitable for the flower garden. If possible selected land soil should be tested by nutrients meter.

2. Proper species of garden plants

The selection of proper species of garden plants is the second and important step for gardening. Recently many high yielding species have been developed so this kind of species should be selected.

3. Nursery bed

Nursery bed is essential for proper gardening. Ideal and scientific nursery beds should be made and take care of seedlings is very important. Good quality seed and healthy seedlings should be used all the time. Germination quality of seed should be tested before sowing or planting.

4. Sowing and planting

Seed should be sowing at the proper time. Seed should be sow to the field directly. The proper number of seedlings should be planted at the proper distance in the line. 2 to 3 seedling should be planted in a bunch. Land should be cultivated property before planting the seedlings. Cross plowing is good for the plants. Land should be leveled as much as possible during preparation. In general, the plant should be planted in one-meter depth under the soil. If the soil is light and the age of seedling is more then the seedlings should be planted in 2-inch depth.

5. Water supply

Water is the most essential factor in gardening. So adequate water supply should be ensured. It is necessary to utilize the water in a proper economic way. The utilization of rainwater and the application of irrigation water in the dry season is also necessary. However, extra water also has a harmful effect and causes damage to the plant’s root.

6. Organic manure

Organic manure should be used in the garden. Organic manure is an essential source of plant nutrients which has long term positive effect on plants health. This manure improves soil fertility and productivity. Water holding capacity boost up by using organic manure. Using of adequate amount of organic manure is a vital task for a gardener. Chemical fertilizers have a negative effect on soil. If you use organic manure the necessity of chemical fertilizer will be decreased.

7. Chemical fertilizer

If you use chemical fertilizer then it should be applied in a balanced limit. Different plants required different amounts of fertilizer. So, an authorized amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, potash and other fertilizers should be used. If you are unable to use the authorized amount of fertilizer then the proportional amount of NPK should be applied.

8. Time and method of fertilizer application

Fertilizers should be applied at the right time and the right way. A number of times urea should be applied by top dressing. Avoidance of excess use of urea is very necessary. Zinc and sulfur should be applied in the soil only the time of deficiency symptoms are appeared. There is no need and benefits of using extra fertilizers. An extra amount of fertilizer hampered soil health and decrease production rate as well as increase production cost.

9. Removing weed

Most of the time garden plants are hampered by weed. Weeds are the plants which are undesirable and fight with desirable plants for water, air, nutrients, and space. So, removing weed is an important activity of a garden. Weed should be removed at the right time or else it will be dangerous for a garden. You can make a natural weed killer in-home or you can buy from the local or online market. There are many weed removers in the market you can use them which make your work easy and comfortable.

10. Pest and disease control

Pest and disease control are very necessary for a garden. Controlling pests and disease appropriately at the primary level is a very important task for a gardener. It is better to use organic insecticides or pesticides than a chemical one. Organic or biological control has various benefits such as it is environmentally friendly, no toxicity, no side effects, easily suit for plants.

There are many kinds of organic pesticides, fungicides, and insecticides in the market that you can use or you can make them in the home by following some steps of making them. Besides, without some demerits, chemical controls have also some advantages such as it works rapidly, time-saving, etc. You can buy chemical pesticides, fungicides, and insecticides from the local or online market also.

11. Protection from rats and birds

Sometimes, rats and birds create serious problems in the garden. They can damage the plants entirely. So, protection from rats and birds are very necessary. Plants can die totally by cutting off the roots by rats. Birds create problems in the seedbed of a garden. They dig the soil for the seed. As a result the rate of seedlings growing seriously decreased.

12. Harvesting

The time of harvesting flowers and fruits in a commercial is an essential factor of its quality. Flowers, fruits and other harvesting products should collect at an appropriate time without any delay. A little delaying may cause serious damage to products.

If you want to make your commercial garden better then this article will help you I think.

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