Trichoderma biopesticide & biofertilizer

Trichoderma biopesticide biofertilizer: Making, Benefit, Use

Trichoderma biopesticide & biofertilizer: Trichoderma is a beneficial fungus that lives freely in the soil – which is found in large quantities in plant root soils, manure, and compost. It kills harmful pests of plants living in the soil such as fungi, bacteria, and nematodes. Trichoderma is a microorganism derived from nature that is being used biologically to control plant diseases.

Trichoderma biopesticide was first discovered by Dr. Md. Bahadur Mia, Professor, Department of Plant Pathology, Bangladesh Agricultural University, which was made suitable for use by farmers in June 2013 through research at a Laboratory.

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Uses and Benefits of Trichoderma: Field application of Trichoderma

  • It can be produced in the form of Tricho-suspension, powder, and paste.
  • Its effectiveness can be found only by spraying systematically.
  • It is possible to produce tricho-compost quickly by mixing an aqueous solution of ‘tricho-suspension’ in rotten waste.
  • It will not require the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides as it is readily available.
  • Its use makes it possible to produce non-toxic crops.
  • It plays an effective role in seed treatment and control of soil-borne plants.
  • Trichoderma also helps in plant growth and crop production.
  • Its use saves production costs in agriculture.
  • There is no detrimental effect on the land. Increases soil fertility.
  • Reduces the use of chemical fertilizers by 40% -60%.

Making Trichoderma biopesticide

The process of making vermicompost is almost the same. However, only organic manure is available from vermicompost, while tricho compost contains both fertilizers and pesticides. That is why the popularity of this fertilizer is increasing day by day.

This fertilizer can be made at home. There is no cost. Three brick-cement rings of three feet in diameter are required to make the manure, which is to be made by arranging the house one after the other on polythene. Then mix well with dung, wood powder, chicken droppings, water hyacinth, ash, neem leaves, Trichoderma powder, broken corn. Then the mixture should be watered in sufficient quantity throughout the house. The house is then covered with a tin shed.

The mixture should be shaken well for four-five consecutive days. Otherwise, the ring may burst under the pressure of the gas. Fertilizer is ready to be used within 40-45 days.

In this method, a small hole should be made in the side of the house-made of rings so that the leachate (liquid) coming out of the house can be deposited there. This liquid is used as a pesticide.

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Benefits of Trichoderma biofertilizer

  • Tricho biofertilizer increases the number of Trichoderma and other beneficial microorganisms that live in the soil
  • Give fertile soil rapid fertility and destroy harmful fungi.
  • Increases water holding capacity by improving soil structure and texture.
  • Preventing water wastage and reducing irrigation cost saves the farmer financially.
  • Able to control chemical reactions like soil acidity, salinity, poisoning, etc.
  • Discouraging the use of chemical pesticides by controlling soil and crop diseases improves the environment and multiplies the potential for non-toxic food-grain production.
  • The presence of most of the essential nutrients of the plant saves at least 30% of the chemical fertilizer, thus reducing the cost of production to the farmer.
  • Helps to increase the income of farmers by increasing crop production and quality.

Dosage of Trichoderma biofertilizer application (Per decimal)

For potatoes = 6 kg
For vegetables = 5 kg
For corn = 6 kg
For rice = 8 kg

Last words

In conclusion, the current major challenge for agriculture is to increase crop yields by increasing soil fertility without additional chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Therefore, training and awareness-raising activities on the benefits, production, storage, and use of Trichoderma and Tricho-compost or organic fertilizers at the farmer level need to be more expanded.

Like developed countries, Trichoderma and Tricho-compost are being widely used in developing countries like India, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. So using the Trichoderma biofertilizer and biopesticide a special need in every country. This is because the application of Tricho compost fertilizer increases the yield of such crops satisfactorily and on the other hand maintains the fertility of the soil and reduces the dependence on chemical fertilizers.

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