best ways to kill weeds naturally

Powerful 15 techniques to kill weeds naturally really work

Kill weeds naturally: How to kill weeds without chemical, or how to kill weeds naturally, or how to get rid weeds naturally, what kills weeds permanently naturally, etc. are some common questions among the gardeners. Weeds are one of the biggest enemies of a gardener. Fresher gardeners use roundup and other chemicals which is the best missile against weeds. However, many professionals say not to use chemicals and they discourage all to use it. They may run off into the water and absorbed by many fruits and vegetables.

Additionally, many weeds become resistant to chemicals due to overdose and they can not control it again by these chemicals. One the other hand, these chemicals are very costly and less helpful. Nevertheless, we must control this to give our garden or lawn a manicured looking.

There are many weed killers that kill or control weeds naturally or garden-friendly without threatening your family and lawn. This natural weed control is very eco-friendly and less expensive than chemicals. If you want to keep friendly weather and poison-free of your sustenances.

Powerful 15 ways to kill weeds naturally

killing weeds naturally
Killing weeds naturally

In this article, I am going to tell you some of the very effective and user-friendly methods to control weeds any use of any chemicals. This will help you to control weeds and make a toxic-free environment. Here are some of the natural weed killers to control weeds. We’ll discuss natural weed killers, killing weeds naturally, weed killer natural, kill weeds naturally, naturally kill weeds, natural weed killer with vinegar and dawn, and natural weed killer that won’t kill grass, etc. Let’s go for it.

1. Create a barrier of sunlight

Weed seeds need sunlight to germinate. So, it is very effective to create a barrier of sunlight to control weeds. It is a very easy method to operate. For this reason, you have to keep covered your soil with organic mulch, plastic, paper, and a coating of wet newspapers. This type of weed killer control sunlight to the weed seeds.

weeds in lawn
Barrier of sunlight

2. Shield

You can make a shield edge with bricks, plastics, or other metals. This can protect your garden from perennial weeds and grass. This will help you to obstruct creeping away from the weeds and seeds from other gardens or outsiders to your garden.

3. Solarization

It is a very effective method to kill the weeds and seeds permanently. It means that the sun will make your work of weeding. You have to till the soil properly and watering it then covered with a heavy plastic sheet. Keep heavyweight materials like bricks and stones at the edge of the plastic to keep the plastic in the right position. It takes about six months to control weeds. The sunlight heats the soil heavily and kills the weeds as well as weed seeds properly. If there remain any weed after uncover it, use a rake to remove without disturbing the soil.

4. Plough twice

Plow the soil twice to control weeds properly. The first plow will be done at the time when the weed is ready to germinate. This will help to kill many weeds at a young stage that can not grow again. The second plow will be done 15th days after first. This will help to decrease the exposure of seeds.

5. Use a weed-free compost

Sometimes you noticed that in spite of using weed-free soil there are some weeds that grow on soil. This is mainly shown after using compost. So, it is sure that this weed is supplied from the compost. Be careful about using compost. Use the compost only from deep planting holes because the temperature is very high in it and high temperature kills the weeds and seed properly.

Weed-free compost

6. Covered the soil

Let your soil be covered with mulch, grass, cover crop, or ground cover for any length of time. If you bare your soil for a long time, it will cover with weed and weed seeds. For the next time, you fall in problem to control these weeds as many weed already spread seeds to the soil.

killing weeds naturally
Mulch on soil

7. Use a dandelion digger

Dandelion digger will facilitate you to uproot weeds with its taproot. Once tap root is dug out there is no possibility of growing up plants again. You can also use other weeding tools that have hoelike blades and short handles.

8. Watering before weeding

The soil should be watered properly before weeding by hand or any other tools. After watering the soil become moist and it is easier to uproot the weeds. It does not disturb or damage other neighboring plants.

watering plants

9. Mulching

Mulching is a well-known and relatively most significant method to kill weeds. Usually, this is very easy to perform by the beginner. Mulching can be done by different things such as colorful papers, plastics, water hyacinth, straw, newspapers, and so on. You can perform it by covering the soil with different types of mulch. Not only it kills the weeds but also it can conserve the moisture of the soil.

mulching for killing weeds

10. Healthy soil

If you want to control soil properly maintain healthy soil is the best option. You can do it from the beginning of your work. If you use healthy soil form the starting point it can control weeds for a long time. Well-drained fertile and aerated soil keep your plant healthy and weed-free. If your plant becomes healthy, the weed can not compete with your desired plant and it can not absorb any essential nutrients. Without nutrition one day it will die.

healthy soil
Healthy soil

12. Hoeing the topsoil

Hoeing is another natural weed killer to control annual weeds. But you must care about the limit of hoeing because extra deep can cause injury to your desired plants.

killing weeds naturally
Hoeing the topsoil

13. Biological insects and animals

Some insects are very useful to control weeds naturally. They may kill the weeds and other insects. Because of some side effects, many professionals don’t recommend it because sometimes they may hazardous for the desired plants.

14. Vinegar and other organic pesticides

All the herbicides are not made from unpleasant chemicals. Vinegar is one of the most common types of these herbicides to control weeds. Vinegar or acetic acid is not so harmful as we think. You can also use organic soaps, plant oil, and common household product as a natural herbicide to control weeds.

15. Covered with landscape fabric

Usually, landscape fabric is made of plastic. They can create a wall to weed growth while watering in the soil. They block the growth of the weeds at the initial stage. It can also be used as mulching.

In conclusion

To conclude, in the above, we’ve discussed natural weed killers, killing weeds naturally, weed killer natural, kill weeds naturally, naturally kill weeds, natural weed killer with vinegar and dawn, and natural weed killer that won’t kill grass, etc. We’ve discussed some of the very effective and user-friendly methods to control weeds any use of any chemicals. If we apply these techniques will help you to control weeds and make a toxic-free environment.

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