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5 Best Ideas Of Home Decoration With Plants

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Home decoration with plants

Home decoration with plants: Decoration of home is a way of crafting and curating the inside of our house to make it comfortable and pleasant to our eyes. It makes our home a place of living in peace. Decoration can be simply the arrangement of things inside the house in a proper proportion of size, shape, and color. Nature gives us a gentle feeling, fresh feeling, and ensure us with peace. We all live that feeling. So our houses can also be decorated as the nature existing outside of our home.

Home decoration with plants

Houses can be decorated with natural equipment like wooden furniture, stony substances, or by animal hides on the floor of the drawing-room or bedroom. But from all aspects that we make to have nature in our man-made shelters, the most beneficial is to decorate the interior space of our houses with plants. Plants have various classifications in nature. Some plants need very much sunlight, air, water, and nutrients to survive in nature perfectly. Some plants need very few supportive things around them to survive. And these types of plants can be used to decorate our interior home space. We can talk about some ideas for decoration like below: 

Benefits of plants in a home

There are a bunch of benefits to having plants inside our shelter. Besides the aesthetic values, it has so many health benefits for humans and also pets. Plants refresh the air inside the house removing the toxic substances from the air and making it healthier. Some plants provide aromatherapy to the man that protects him from various airborne inoculums. So improves the air quality.

Benefits of plants in a home

Plants ensure proper maintenance of blood pressure in humans and energize their minds to get more active participation in works. It is also proven that plants can lower the stress of humans and provide beneficial impacts on patients who are ill for a long time. Green is the best color for cooling the eyes. So it is a very good idea to decorate the home with plants.  

1. Home decoration with floor plants 

If one home is decorated by an Interior designer, he/ she plans about each of the spaces so he/she can decide how to use the space. He /she tries to use every space at its best look. They add plants measuring the space and scale of adjustment. So we can use this idea to decorate our home. Plants are versatile. They can be too small to sit on a desk or on a shelve or they can be large enough to touch the ceiling. If there is a very large empty space in a room then it can be utilized by using floor plants.

Home decoration with floor plants

Floor plants are those who are large enough to cover a large space. For example- snake plant, dracaena, ponytail palm, monstera, etc or bonsai. A room with large empty space can be used by floor plants adjusting the color contrast with the wall color. If the furniture in that room is very much tall than 6’-7’ tall floor plants should be attached. If the furniture is medium tall than 2’-3’ is suitable. Otherwise, imbalance in plant and furniture length will give an unpleasant look.

2. Home decoration with orchids

One more idea of decoration can be the use of orchids. It is not necessary to use always green colored plants for decoration. Orchids are plants that have bright colors. Like purple, pink, yellow, red, etc. They have aerial roots to absorb moisture from the air. So in any door space, they can be placed in small hanging pots. Or orchids can be placed on flower vase and kept on shelves at the corner space of the room. Also can be placed upon the desks. They last for a long time can be at our service for several days without fading away.

Home decoration with orchids

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3. Home decoration with cut flowers

An idea can be like using cut flowers. They are less expensive and less care-taking. At very little effort these cut flowers can be maintained. Examples of cut flowers are roses of various colors, gladiolus, tuberose, sunflower, chrysanthemum, etc. They give our home a lavish look and make our mid refresh by aroma at some levels. These cut flowers can be placed upon the TV desk, on the dining table, on the tea table, beside the bed of bedrooms, or beside the sofa. They can be placed at the corners of a room with such big flower vase made of metal or mud. When they got fade away the can be easily removed without making nuisance around. 

Home decoration with cut flowers

4. Home decoration with cactus 

Another idea is about using cactus plants. Nowadays cactus is a very popular decorative plant around the world. They are vastly used by designers. Cactus are of various sizes small, large, medium. Some cactus can grow flowers, some can grow blunted thorns on it. Small cactus are grown on the small pots that can be placed at the window case. Big cactus are rared on big vases placed at the corner of the drawing or dining room. Also in the study room, bedrooms. They need very little water, so their maintenance is very easy. 

Home decoration with cactus

5. Home decoration with herbs

Herbs are soft, succulent, and delicate plants. In small hanging pots time flowers, scutch grass, lawn grass can be planted and hanged on the brick walls of balconies or hall room of a house. They are easy to handle. The walls of balconies can be matted by wall carpet grasses of clytorius flower plants. They cover the whole wall that gives a very elegant look too boring balcony walls and grills. Instead of color paints on balcony walls, grass carpet can be used. It induces a feeling of freshness and beauty.

Home decoration with herbs

Now if it is not possible for one to handle and maintain the plant for decorating their house than there is an idea of using the plant pictures on the walls. Walls of bedrooms, hall rooms, dining space all can be decorated with plant sceneries. The plant pictures also give a peaceful feeling to our vision. Release stress. Home decorations can be a healthy life leader if one has that patience and struggling power to maintain them. 

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