How to use a pole saw_ 10 basic tips cutting tree branches

How to use a pole saw: 10 basic tips cutting tree branches

How to use a pole saw for cutting tree branches, pole saws for tree trimming: There are different types of equipment for our daily usage in order to make the work easier, effortless, and moreover effective. Pole saw is one kind of them. It will help you to cut any type of branch quickly as well as efficiently in different types of distances from the ground. The equipment is expanded by the technician in order to gain a fast, fruitful, and spontaneous work from an employee. The equipment is designed adequately easy to use not only for your labor or professional worker but also for you thyself can easily operate the equipment very safely.

What is actually a pole saw?

Pole saw is a kind of device where a chainsaw is settled on the top of a pole. The different name of a pole saw you can see is pole chain saw or a pole pruner. The chainsaw mounted on the top of the pole can be easily separated from the pole and usable by hand for shorter distance use. The device is mainly generated to prune branches that are high enough to reach from the ground surface. The device will help you trimming across surfaces that prevent you from reaching a bush or any kind of tree.

How to use a pole saw?

There are some advice and practical recommendations below for you before you are going to use a pole saw which will help you perform your work more easily and safely. You should know about the training and pruning of trees. In this article, we’ll know 10 basic tips on how to use a pole saw for cutting tree branches.

cutting tree branches
Cutting tree branches

Set up the instruments properly

You should just have a close look up to your appliance before you use whether the parts of the device are set up suitably or not. You should also fix the parts tight enough according to the procedure. Have a view that batteries are connected well and the pole you are holding is fixed nicely to the chainsaw.

Clear a large work area

Below the tree where you are going to cut its branches or twigs, make sure that the place is empty of people and there is not any kind of property that could be damaged. Because you know falling trees or twigs can be seriously damaging to the people or even property. For your safety issue, you have to make sure another thing that the place where you are going to stand should be free from any hazardous substances. There should be no hole in the ground too or any fallen branches of trees, exposed roots, etc.

Plan before you cut

Think properly and make a good plan yourself that how and where you are going to cut. If you cut in the wrong direction then it could suffer you more than as usual. So take a step back and examine the tree properly and consider the branches you want to cut. Remember a thing that some preliminary cut on the branches before your final cut help reducing the weight of the twigs and help to perform the task easily.

Cut the lower branches first

If you are going cut different branches in your tree then try to cut lower branches first. It will make your path clear and easy to reach on the topper branch effortlessly. So that you can cut your higher branches and twigs safely.

Position the saw correctly

Before your cutting make sure that you have a beautiful grip system on the pole saw. This is very necessary to control the weight of the pole saw and balancing its position before cutting. Turn up the chainsaw in a vertical position and then take a brief rest in order to gain the balance of the weight. When you are done reposition the saw onto its cutting spot(unless you are making a jump cut) where you planned to cut.

Position yourself

Holding the device before cutting you should move to a position where you can hold the end of the pole at your chest level while standing. It will help you holding tightly the device, balance yourself in cutting the branches, and make a good grip to perform the task well. Don’t ever cut up and down standing below the twigs. Always stand to the side and when you will stand to the side you will get a nice angle for you to cut the limbs. And if your device has a pole distance management system that could be easier for you to control the length.

Begin cutting with a starting groove

When you start your cutting first you should go slow, steady, and smooth. It will help you to stabilize the device and make a groove on it which will help you later to give your next strokes faster and properly to the appropriate position. Unless you do this your saw in the early strokes normally slip sideways if the branch is sloped. Although it slips then stop your machine, reposition the saw, gather your energy and then continue again.

Continue and finish your cut

When your saw is positioned correctly to the groove then you can continue your cutting faster. Securely positioning in the right place of the groove enables you to increase the speed of your stroke. As your cuts go through deeper inside the twig you need to keep eye on it. You should stand off to the side. In spite of that, it could still fall in unpredictable ways. Make sure that you are out of the ways of falling in order to keep you safe.

Clean the work area

When the limbs, branches, or twigs fallen down being cut by the chainsaw, its time to clean up them. As soon as they fall down, the area should be clear is just because you don’t want to trip over yourself instead of removing them.

Prepare for the next cut

Once you removed the branches or twigs fallen down by the first cut then you need to take preparation for your next cut(if needed). You need to clear the ground first, reposition yourself just like before, and then you are ready to perform your next cut.

In conclusion, we can say that the above guide will help you cutting or trimming tree branches by using a pole saw. If you follow the above guide on how to use a pole saw hopefully you will able to cut/trim your tree branches properly.

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