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How To Use A Leaf Vacuum Mulcher In Simple 12 Steps

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How to use a leaf vacuum mulcher

How to use a leaf vacuum mulcher: A leaf vacuum mulcher is one of the essential gardening tools which can clean up your lawn and yard very quickly by sucking up and removing leaves or other debris from your lawns, yard, driveways, decks, garage, and some other places. 

It works by sucking the leaves with the vacuum into a metal impeller chamber that chops the leaves or debris into fine mulch. It is a versatile work tool that you can use as a blower, vacuum, and mulcher. It is straightforward to operate and handle by anyone. Just wake it around to move those leaves off your lawn. 

It is not only used to clean up your lawns but also collect the leaves or debris through vacuum bags and cut down the leaves or debris into tiny pieces, reduce the amount of mulch and gather them into a compost pile for decomposition. These decomposed materials work as a good source of fertilizer for your lawn or garden. It makes your lawn healthy and green as it gives your lawn a new life. 

beautiful clean lawn
Beautiful clean lawn

It also helps your lawn access sunlight. For a lawn owner, it is necessary to have a leaf vacuum mulcher. It is not easy to clean your lawn with a vacuum mulcher for the first time if you don’t know this tool. But it can be easy for you if you follow some procedures carefully.

While you are a beginner, you have to gather some information and follow instructions about these tools and tasks on which tools you prefer, when to prepare, how to use, pros and cons, and when not to use.

I’m going to tell you the necessary information about this machine and find all the questions in some easy instructions. Hopefully, this article will help you to operate your vacuum mulcher very efficiently.

Types of leaf vacuum mulcher

Usually, you can find different types of vacuum mulcher based on different power sources. You have to choose an ideal machine from the different types which you prefer. But here I’m telling you some pros and cons of these machines. There are mainly three types of leaf vacuum mulcher available in the market according to their power sources.

Gas-powered leaf vacuum mulcher

A gas-powered vacuum mulcher has high power, and it is convenient for the user in a place where there is no access to electricity. But this vacuum has a high sound that makes a noisy environment. On the other hand, environmental pollution is a big problem when you use a gas-powered vacuum. If you are an eco-friendly person, you want to avoid this. The extra weight of the gas engine is also a big problem. It is a difficult task for someone to operate and handle because of its heavyweight. The mixture of fuel and oil is also a tricky part of this.

Electric leaf vacuum mulcher

The electric-powered machine is one of the most popular and reliable machines for many law owners. It is corded, so the supply of electricity is necessary to operate this. It is mighty and comfortable to use. The lightweight facility makes it easy to operate and move from one place to another. It is not for the area where the electricity supply is not accessible.

Electric leaf vacuum mulcher
Electric leaf vacuum mulcher

Battery-powered leaf vacuum mulcher

It is an alternative to a gas-powered vacuum mulcher. It is cordless and designed with an extra rechargeable battery system. It is also trendy for many lawn owners. Cordless, brushless functions facilitate it as a longer lifetime and more extended charge facilities year after year. It has very lightweight, for which it extends your working period with its soft-grip handle. Cordless and brushless allows reducing the roar to protect hearing and noise pollution.

As mentioned above of leaf mulcher, you are suggested to purchase an electric-powered, corded vacuum mulcher. It is potent and convenient for your work. You can also buy cordless types if you have a large area and in some places, there is no access to electricity.

When to prepare

It would be best to prepare for some extra tasks on your lawn when Spring (early Spring) as we know that plants go into a dormant condition in winter. All the leaves and twigs drop out or fall in winter or early Spring. So a lawn owner needs to remove these leaves or debris from the lawn or garden to make your lawn a good and healthy look. Leaf vacuum mulcher is not only used to remove the leaves but also grass clippings, sticks, twigs, or other debris from your lawn, driveways, sideways, garage, decks, or some other places.

Things to consider before starting this job

There are so many things that you have to consider before starting your job. One of the most important things is you must check your tool’s attachment before using it. You must confirm that proper nozzles, vacuum bags, a starting button, gates, all the essential parts are fitted securely.

You have to prepare a planning schedule all about your tasks, your working areas, working times, type of work, the purpose of work. If you want to get a good mulch, you have to attach a vacuum bag and collect the leaves and debris to gather in a compost pile. If you want to apply the mulch directly, don’t collect the leaves; just spread them out into your lawn, and they will be a good mulch after a few days.

How to use a leaf vacuum mulcher

Here is some easy procedure on using a leaf vacuum mulcher which gives you a complete idea about its use. So, let’s go, don’t be so hurry, follow the instructions carefully.

leaf vacuum mulcher

1. Inspect the ground and remove all large particles

Before starting your job, you must inspect the ground at least once and remove all the large and hard particles like glass, plastics, metals, pebbles, stables, and other large, harsh particles. These large particles can cause severe damage to your vacuum mulcher. It can break down your impeller when it is made of plastic, so you must be careful about this. On the other hand, these particles can not turn into a good mulch. Moreover, these become harmful to your lawn or garden.

2. Personal protection

Personal protection is the most important and first thing to operate a vacuum mulcher. You have to wear PPE (Personal protection equipment) before starting this job. A pair of shoes, ear muffs, leather hand gloves, safety goggles are necessary before doing this job. This equipment will give a high level of safety. Leather hand gloves protect your machines from slipping down and breaking. Also, it facilities you to handle and move your machine very quickly. Safety goggles protect your eyes from flying leaves or debris, or dust. Earmuffs protect your ear from extra noise.

3. Ensure about your electricity and cord

You have to ensure the faultless electricity supply and right cord. A perfect flow of electricity makes your work very easy and within a short time. Before starting your machine, you have to ensure its access to electricity and electricity lines to cover your total lawn area.

4. Avoid people and other necessary things

You have to avoid people and other daily necessary things like newspapers, books, cups, glass, clothes, pet animals and so others. With the high power of the vacuum, these can get into the vacuum or maybe damage. Your pet animals can get hurt or injured by this high level of vacuum speed. So, when you work on your lawn avoid these important things.

5. Push or pull the start button

Many tools offer you a push-button, or some others offer a pull button. So, before doing your job, try to confirm whether it is set well or not. Many tools need not more than two push or pull to start. If you have a start problem, repair it as soon as possible. If you don’t find the problem, go to the manufacturer or retailer and tell them about your problem. They will give it to you after repair or replace it.

6. Start from one corner

You have to start your job from one corner of your lawn or garden and later move on to the whole area. You must avoid doing your job scattered. Starting from one corner and ends in another corner offers you a clean and quick result for your lawn. It would be best if you moved at a medium speed to get a good result.

7. Avoid high speed

It would be best if you avoided a high speed all the time of your work. A variable-speed motor can facilitate you to control the speed of air for vacuuming. So, fix the speed at a point that is easy for you to do your job. If there is a large pile of leaves, then you can change your speed and fix it at high speed.

8. Notice in variable speed control

You have to notice in the motor which has a variable or changing speed control. When you have some extra leaves or debris, change the speed to high otherwise, fix it at a medium speed. In some tools, you can find 2,4,6 or more changeable speed motors. So, you have to get a good result from these.

9. Empty the vacuum bag regularly

You must have to empty your vacuum bag regularly to complete your job very quickly. As we know, the impeller of your machine cut down the leaves or debris into small pieces. So, if you unload it quickly, a significant amount of your time will save. Collect the leaves or debris and gather them into a compost pile to decompose them and turn them into good mulch. Some vacuum bags offer a zipper facility that can ease your work to unload them into the compost pile, or you can fix it into a large bag or container to avoid frequent unloading.

10. Avoid green leaves

When you operate a vacuum mulcher on your lawn, you must avoid vacuuming green leaves because green leaves have oil that can clog your machine frequently. So, let the green leave to dry, then collect them. On the other hand, green leaves can not offer a good mulch many times, and they become decomposed and make a big decomposed pile. So, you have to avoid vacuuming green leaves.

11. Clean your vacuum mulcher

After working on your vacuum mulcher, you have to clean it correctly for the next time you use it. If you don’t do this, your machine becomes extensively damaged by the unwanted dust or oil, or other particles. If you clean your tools regularly after working, it will serve you for a long time (more than 5-10 years). So, clean your tools to get an excellent service to avoid unwanted shut-off.

12. Check all parts

After and before every time using your vacuum mulcher, it is necessary to check all the parts of your tools. It gives your machine a longer lifetime and longer working time. So, don’t forget to check your machine.

Advantages of using a leaf vacuum mulcher

  1. It gives a clean environment for you, your family, and your lawn or garden.
  2. Easy to use, handle, and operate with one hand.
  3. Superior mulching facilities give a good quality mulch, and a high mulching ratio can reduce your mulch to a large extent.
  4. It can minimize your effort and cost.
  5. Decomposed mulches turn into a good quality fertilizer that makes your lawn healthy and green.
  6. Easy and affordable, speedy result.
  7. It removes leaves, grass clippings, or other debris very fast from the surface.
  8. User-friendly and Eco-Friendly
  9. No worry about losing your balance or falling as it is lightweight.
  10. It increases fuel efficiency with quick and easy start facilities.

Final Words

If you are a beginner, it is tough for you to clean your lawn with a vacuum mulcher. It takes a very long time to clean and clear your lawn or garden without the proper use of a vacuum mulcher. But if you follow the above instructions, I hope you will do your job correctly. It can minimize your effort and cost if you follow the right techniques with the right tools with the right efficiency.

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