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Best Guideline On How To Use A Handsaw Properly In 7 Steps

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how to use a handsaw

A complete guideline on how to use a handsaw and hand saw cutting guide: In our daily life we use many things made of wood, and it cannot be denied that, if we are talking about woodworking, one of the most important skills that we have to learn is using a handsaw. We have many machines nowadays, but one of the most common methods of cutting woods and doing woodwork is done by handsaws. These things are very useful and harmful as well. Therefore, we must know how to use them properly. For the desired woodwork you want to see after you are done cutting requires perfect use of the handsaw.

At the same time, if you are doing it right, it will ensure less stress on your body, as you maintain the right posture while making your cuts. You will not harm yourself, your task will be done with less stress, and you will see the desired results you want if you know the exact way of using the handsaws.

Don’t be afraid, using this tool is not that much harder, you just have to know a few things for better and accurate use. If you know them you can do the simple woodwork that you will need by yourself. In this article, we will try to show you guys how to use a handsaw and make yourself comfortable with the task.

How to use a Handsaw: cutting guide

From below the lines, a few simple guides will be shown to make your task easier. Hopefully, it will be of help while performing your woodwork. So, let us jump into it. But, before we start, we request you to read the whole article for your better understanding, hence the information is formed into simple steps.

How to use a Handsaw

Step 1. Pick the precise saw for the task

According to the type of cutting you will find three types of saw blades. Crosscutting, rip-cutting, and hybrid teeth configuration. According to your way of cutting and need you to have to pick the right one for you.

Step two: Spot the cut line

It is very important to determine the cutline before you start using the saw, that is why measure and mark where you want to cut and you want to start from. The marked line will act as a guide to help you get a straight cut.

Step 3. It is all about the right technique

If you are using the crosscut saw, you have to start cutting with the teeth close to the handle. If you follow this way you get the best control when you start sawing. Just start with a few short pull strokes to get the process started, you will then be able to find the kerf going. On the other hand, if the saw is ripsaw, start your cut with the finer teeth furthest from the handle. Use your thumb on the hand holding the wood as a guide to ensure you cut along the cut line.

Step 4. Starting slow and letting the saw take is a wise decision

While doing the task with a handsaw don’t be in a hurry. While cutting firm pressures are not required. You just have to press light and follow the momentum you are creating on the wood, let the saw take over from you. A few short forward strokes will deepen the cut so you can move your left hand away from the blade. It will be safer and easier for you. Don’t rush! Thrust the saw with an easy, free-running motion, try to use long strokes so that each tooth does a fair share of the work.

Step 5. Holding the saw properly is necessary

Grip the saw handle like a pistol, use your index finger forward to keep on the pressure. You don’t have to grip the handle with all the firmness you got. Pretend that the handle is fragile. The relaxed grip is the key to straightforward and exact cuts.

Step 6. Never ever twist the blades

Keep the saw blade at right angles to your wood piece. Don’t ever twist the blades. It will lose the motion and you have to go through heavy-duty than doing it in a right and easy way.

Step 7. Long strokes are the key to this task

For better results and swift cutting experience, try to use as long as strokes as possible. This will help you make straighter, smoother cuts, will make the blade last longer, and help the blade remove sawdust efficiently.

A few things you must remember

1. Before you start sawing with the handsaws make sure the piece of wood you are using is in a fresh condition. Double-check the area behind the workpiece, make sure it is empty so that you don’t have to saw into your sawhorse or anything else you might regret.  Remove all the unnecessary kinds of stuff like nails or staples that might be bothering you when you start cutting.

2. It is very important to pay full attention when you are cutting, it will lead you to get straight cuts, and get the job done easily.

3. Sometimes you might face difficulties with the fragments, to prevent this issue use masking tape on both sides of the cutting area.

4. Sharp and well-set teeth can provide you the best and easiest performance you want. Sharp blades can easily go through the workpiece and dull or bent blades and lead you to disappoint after a few moments you start. 

5. When the saw is not in use, try to store the saw in a good place where the blades are safe and protected. Use blade cover when storing the saw. It will prevent dust and rust problems. Because the blades are not plastic or similar type material so, it is very important to store them in a good place with care.

6. Whenever you are storing the saw, or after using the saw try to clean it up perfectly. All tools work better when clean and dry. Keep the dirt away from the blades. Dirty blades are most likely to bind and rust.

So, this was the way how we can use a handsaw. These simple steps are very easy to follow and they can make ourselves safe, get the work done easily. A few things you must follow while doing this task like, as you are dealing with sharp blades, which is why try to wear safety protections like gloves for your hand. Besides, make sure the surface where you will start cutting is strong enough to take the pressure. That would be all for today, hope it will help you guys.

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