how to use a chainsaw safely

How to use a chainsaw safely [Awesome 11 tips]

How to use a chainsaw safely: The chainsaw is one of the most important gardening tools to cut the woody plants. Though it is wonderful to saw sometimes it becomes very dangerous when it is operated. You will be surprised to know that “How do I start a chainsaw?” is one of the most common questions of the user in Google search or someone at least once search this question on Google. However, when someone needs firewood or one who wants to be a professional arborist or amateur he cannot think this all without a chainsaw and his best companion is a chainsaw.

A chainsaw is a very powerful machine and useful to cut the woody plant but it may be sometime very dangerous if you operate it incorrectly. It does not matter which type of chainsaw you use, you are always at a chance of injury. It is not like a toy, so you have to be very serious when you use it.

How to use a chainsaw safely

This article will be very useful for you to safely operate your machine. There are some easy and careful techniques that can remove all your risks. Notice the following techniques that I am going to tell you about how to safely operate a chainsaw. By reading this article you’ll get the answer of how to use an electric chainsaw, chainsaw tips for beginners, chainsaw techniques, how to use a stihl chainsaw, how to use a chainsaw to cut down a tree, how to use a chainsaw for dummies, how to start a chainsaw, how to use a chainsaw safely youtube.

Look over the manual

First of all, you have to look over the manual very carefully as each chainsaw has its user manual. This will help you to find the questions “How to use your chainsaw and How to prepare it?” You have to read all the safety procedures and precautions that you must follow the first time.

Selection of chainsaw

chainsaw tips for beginners

There are various types of chainsaw according to its use. First, you have to select a chainsaw that you are wanted to operate on a definite work. For the beginner, a light-duty chainsaw is very preferable for learning and increasing your skill. You have to select an average quality chainsaw. If you are an expert you have to follow the length and power supply of it. You may take some info form a guide and you must select your chainsaw according to your needs and requirements.

Inspect the working area

how to use a chainsaw to cut down a tree

You must inspect the area where you are operating your chainsaw. If there have any power lines, buildings, cars, and people in the surrounding area first you have to clear all before performing your work. For a long woody plant, you have to decide on the direction of the fall. If there has any problem clear all before your work.

Decided different types of your job

You will be allowed to perform different types of job by a chainsaw and there cutting stay is also different. You have to decide on your job which you are going to be performed. If you make any wrong decision this will mess up your work and sometimes it may be harmful to you. The 3 jobs you have to decide on is

  1. Feeling: When you cut down talk or hanging tree.
  2. Limbing: When you prune limbs and branches from the tree. This may be on a standing tree or after cut the tree.
  3. Bucking: When you cut the wooden log into different shapes and sizes.

Re-Check your chainsaw

how to use a stihl chainsaw

After choosing and deciding on your job properly you have to prepare and re-check your chainsaw. Check the chainsaw whither it is on or running properly or not. Check the tension, chain brake. If you find any fault, first you solve it. Check that the air filter should be installed properly. Re-check the faceplate and bar nuts.

Filled with fuel and oil properly

In the case of a gas chainsaw, you have to fill the tank with a proper mixture of fuel and oil. If the ratio was not mixed properly the machine will be disturbed and bump up very soon, and make a risky situation.

If it is a corded electric chainsaw, make sure about the proper amount of voltage that it requires. If it is battery-powered chainsaw make sure that the battery must be full enough the cut for a long time.

Wear a PPE

tree trimming tools and equipment

You must wear your PPE (Personal protective equipment) and ensure the highest level of protection as the chainsaw can be unpredictable. Every time before you perform your work you have to wear eye protection, ear protection, a pair of good sturdy boots, long pants and shirts, non-slip gloves, and chainsaw claps. A hard hat is a great idea to protect your head from falling woods or branches.

A chainsaw helmet with an attached flip-up, mesh face shield and flip-up ear muffs are very effective for protection. The gloves will ensure that your chainsaw will stay on your hand perfectly and helmet will protect you from debris and broken wooden pieces. Sturdy boots will prefer to stance and balance while you are working is important due to the power output from the chainsaw.

Turn on the machine safely

After wearing your PPE you have to turn on your chainsaw on the operating area and at the time of turn-on be cautious. Usually, a chainsaw starts in various ways. Among all of them, the electric start is very easy that doesn’t require any hassle. In the case of starter ropes, it needs to pool sharply until the engine will start. When the engine fires but doesn’t rut you have to push the choke halfway and try again. Usually, it needs 4 to 5 pulls to run your chainsaw if it is well-tuned.

Practice on a wooden piece

Mind it, before every time you use your chainsaw, practice it on a wooden piece. Don’t forget to keep a wooden piece with you while working.  It helps to know if your chain cutter is aligned well and to work effectively. The blade must be in line with the cut when you start a place to make a cut. Lay the blade against the wood to allow it to cut through properly.

Keep extra needed tools with you

You must keep some extra tools like a hammer, a wedge, or an axe to face a different difficult situation. This helps to free your tools while working and having any problem.

Let the chainsaw be cool before it store

After every time use of your chainsaw, you need to cool down your machine to keep it for a store. If you are going to store it for a long time keep the tank empty of all fuel. This will keep your chainsaw in good condition for the next time use.

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