How to trim Bushes with an electric trimmer

Ultimate Guide How to trim Bushes with an electric trimmer

How to trim Bushes with an electric trimmer: If you take proper care of your shrubs, bushes, and hedges, they can enhance the beauty of your garden hundreds of times better. But, if they grow on their own then it can be the purpose of your headache. 

If you want to make your garden look more attractive and professional you may have to trim them. If you don’t know about how to trim bushes properly with an electric trimmer, then read the article through to learn it.

There are nearly three kinds of trimmer available that you can use to trim your bushes. They are electric trimmer, gas-powered trimmer, and corded electric trimmer.

Today, we are going to talk over how to trim your garden bushes with an electric trimmer. We will keep both the corded electric trimmer and cordless electric trimmer (battery-powered) in our today’s discussion.

An electric trimmer is a low sounded and lightweight machine that gives you more comfort at your trimming job. However, taking this benefit, do not work with your trimmer for a long duration at stress.

Working an extended duration will make you as well as your trimmer fatigued. Your hands and shoulder can lose control over the trimmer. That can be a matter of significant health risk. Even, you can get injured poorly!

Safety Aspects of an Electric Trimmer for Bushes

Working with an electric trimmer is relatively easy and fun if you know how to use the trimmer safely. Careless and complacency handling of an electric trimmer can cause a high chance of risk. 

At first, ensure your electric trimmer is usable. Examine the power source irrespective of cordless or corded trimmer. Inadequate power or loose connection can stick you in the middle of your trimming work.

Never hesitate to use goggles to protect your eyes and earmuffs before you begin trimming. My recommendation is that you should wear a full-sleeve shirt and foot-protector shoes as well.

Always be careful from the electric wire at the time you are trimming your bushes with a wired/ corded electric trimmer. One of the major cons of the wired electric trimmer is its wire. If you fail to keep up a secure distance between trimmer head and wire, you may end up chopping your wire!

In the time of your maneuverings, watch out for the electric wire’s motion as well. Understand the diameter and maximum size of your lawn and try a properly sized wire.

Do not attempt to trim with just one hand. Always use both hands to clasp the trimmer. You don’t have to grab the bushes or shrubs. Just take control over your trimmer, not the bushes.

Instructions on how to trim Bushes with an electric trimmer

Any device that is powered by electricity can both be your friends or foe. If you operate them perfectly, they will benefit you with their maximum capacity. On the other hand, if you can’t, they won’t function as expected. To keep the method of trimming easy and understandable we will talk about it step by step. You just require to follow these simple steps to trim with your electric trimmer.

Step One

Ensure your trimmer is in the off mood before you connect it with electricity. If it is a wireless electric trimmer then skip this phase. Get your trimmer near the shrubs or bushes that you want to trim. You can spot a tarp around the bushes to formulate your cleaning job simpler.

Step Two

Clasp the trimmer with both of your hands and turn it on. Do not assign excess force on the trimmer. But do not clasp it loosely as well. Hold it tightly and create a slow push to shift it up and down.

Step Three

To make the creative and professional looking cut, try to navigate your trimmer from the bottom of that bushes to the top. Cut the top of the bushes thinner than the bottom. This cutting pattern will enrich the beauty of your garden. Do not prove me wrong, you can do it in a reverse direction as well!

Step Four

When you are trimming, be careful about old or dead branches of bushes. If you pick those branches out, it will provide an additional advantage to your bushes. Old and dead branches create bushes bear more weight and ugly. They enhance nothing but make your bushes untidy as well as old-looking. If you can them cut and eliminate them entirely from your garden. It will amplify the beauty of your garden.

Stage Five

Keep your bushes at six-inch down. In the event that you trim more than that, you will reveal the monstrous earthy colored or dead leaves and branches! You would prefer not to demonstrate big bushes to your garden, isn’t that right? You can trim more than six-inch deep around the bushes where it is on the shrouded side. 

Stage Six 

You can trim the bushes with the electric trimmer to give the bushes distinctive shape. To do that, plot an arrangement keeping the yard structure in your brain. You can make your bushes round or pyramids shaped relying upon your grass shape. Attempt to choose the shape that makes your grass look proficient and tempting! 

Stage Seven 

Switch off the trimmer trigger between the time frames. You don’t have to turn off your trimmer motor. Simply separate the force between the motor and the trimmer sharp edge with the assistance of the trigger or catch. This will forestall undesirable cutting and surprising episodes. 

Turning off motor too often will reduce motor life and devour greater power. At the point when you separate a trimmer sharp edge, it will run on the inactive position. That is fine. Subsequent to completing your cutting employment, turn off the trimmer by pulling the trigger. Clean the trimmer sharp edge and store it to the perfect spot.


Trimming bushes using an electric trimmer is not a difficult task. Don’t let the noise of the trimmer joke you. Always hold an eye on the power wire and at the trimmer blade. I hope, this article was effective to boost your confidence in operating an electric trimmer.

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