How to shorten a chainsaw chain

How to shorten a chainsaw chain in just 4 easy steps

How to shorten a chainsaw chain: When someone is up for cutting activities like tree felling, lambing, bucking, pruning, cutting firebreaks in the wildland, and harvesting of firewood they are going to need an essential tool, namely a chainsaw. This machine is a handy and automated saw, which has the cutting power using a set of teeth attached rotating chain. This chain along with the teeth runs along with a guide bar and while it creates pressure onto those aspects, which we mentioned already cuts like a piece of cake.

However, these teeth and chains sometimes are worn up and require maintenance. Basically, the teeth of a chainsaw are attached to the chain, so if the chain creates a problem then it goes onto the teeth. So, first things first, we must know about the chainsaw chain. After being used for a long time, or for heavy-duty loads chain saw chains lose their tension and got loosen. Sometimes they become stretch and you might face adjustment issues. At that time you just have to shorten the chainsaw chain for better tension and adjustment on your saw.

To get rid of this type of situation you can follow two simple few things, you just can take your chainsaw to a saw shop and have it shortened there. On the other side, if you don’t have enough time, or need to solve the problem as early as possible, then this article might help you easily. In this article, we are going to discuss how to shorten your chainsaw chain on your own. You just have to gear up and follow the simple steps that we are going to show below the line. Are you ready? Then let’s go for it. 

How to shorten a chainsaw chain

In terms of shortening the chain, you will be going to need a few things. If we mention those tools specifically, a rivet tool, a chain-breaking tool, Pliers. Wrench etc. these necessary tools are required. After you are done managing these things, a few safety precautions you have to take before starting the task. As you are about to work with sharp teeth and metal chains anything can happen that may cause damage to your body. So that will be the first step for this task and then we will go through. 

1. Before you begin

Before you begin this task it is very important to wear safety gloves and goggles, because while you will operational these will protect your hands and eyes, in case any incident arises.

After you are ready, make sure that your chainsaw blade and motor are not hot, it means if you used the machine very recently and it is hot to handle, then you must keep this thing away for a while and let it be cool down first.

Accidents will not inform you before it will arrive, so it doesn’t matter that the saw is turned off or not, removing the spark plug, or the power source is very important for your own safety. 

2. Removing the chain

To work with the chain you have to remove it first from the saw. Firstly, trace the side cover, and by using the wrench remove the nuts or bolts holding it in place. In general, most of the chainsaw chains are placed inside a cover that is held into place with two nuts.

You have to expose your chainsaw chain, don’t break it while doing it, or else you will not be able to put it back on. Now the next thing you have to do is, take out the chainsaw blade or bar away from the chainsaw considerably, this will relieve the tension on the chain and it will loosen a bit. After the tension has been released, you can simply lift the chain up and off the saw.

3. Remove the master links and shorten the chain

So, now the chain is out of the box and it is in your hand. The next thing is to find out the master links of the chain. After you see the link open it up, for doing that you might have to apply some force, and pop the link attached to it out by applying force with the pliers. Now depending on the need choose which link you want to remove, or how many you have to remove. Align the chain breaking tool up with that link, and line up the push arm with the pin on one side of the link. Now turn the handle on the tool until the pin pops out of the link.

Do the same thing on the opposite side, and by pulling slightly remove the link you want to. After you are done shortening the chain it is time to place in the master link again for adjustment. Place the link that you just reconnected, the master link, into the rivet tool. Twist the left handle while applying counter pressure to the right handle, until the rivet is smashed flat. After it is done your chain is again ready to work like before. 

4. Putting back the chain on your chainsaw

This is the final step for this task, which is comparatively easier than shortening the chain. Now you have to put back the chain into its previous place, which means with good adjustment and perfect tension. You don’t have to worry that much the tension screw is located on the side of the blade, between the blade and the chainsaw itself. You just have to thread the shortened chain around the blade, making sure to engage the drive links in the sprocket. Now pull the blade to some extent away from the chainsaw to give it a bit of tension.

After that stool the blade on the chainsaw’s alteration pin. After you are done doing that switchback on the side cover and tighten the nuts or bolts by hand. Now stiffen the stiffness screw. The final thing you have to do is tightening the nuts or bolts on the side cover with a wrench. So, you are done. 

Hopefully, this article will easily guide your to shorten up your chainsaw chain. Just gear and compete for the steps one after another. 


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