How to repot an orchid

Best way of How to repot an orchid

How to repot an orchid: Once orchids were most common and only grow in the greenhouse with more sensitive care. With the passing over time now they’re becoming more common in our home garden. It is well known that orchids can grow anywhere that place composed of suitable conditions. One of the most important matters that require growing orchids is proper care. Because orchids are different from other plants in our home and garden. We know instead of using soil we should use loose materials like bark, charcoal, and moss.

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However, repotting is one of the more sensitive and hard works for orchids plants because in this time of repotting orchids can easily be affected by diseases or roots can be damaged in case of poor care. Besides, choosing the right time of repotting also very important. There are two major ways that can help you repotting at the right time. The first way, when you’ll see the white roots came out and popping out between the spaces in the container. The second way when you’ll notice that the pot begins to break down because of the inside pressure of the roots of orchids plant.

Changing the pot is necessary for the air that needs for the roots. Repotting at the time of right after flowering or before the roots grow is best for cattelya or other orchids that produce pseudobulbs. In case of other orchids, you can repot it at any time when the roots popping out between the spaces in the container or when the pot begins to break down. But one you should keep in mind don’t repot any orchids plants during they have flowers.

Step by step how to repot an orchid

orchids repotting beginners, repotting phalaenopsis orchids
Orchids repotting beginners, repotting phalaenopsis orchids

Required Tools and Materials :

a) New pot or traditional terra cotta pot

b) Large round container or bowl

c) Boiling water

d) Bleach solution

e) Sharp scissor

1. Choosing a 2-3 cm good pot. The pot should be larger than the previous pot. A good pot consists of holes all around the surface. These holes facilitate the air circulation in the roots of the orchid plants. However, you can also use traditional terra cotta pot.

2. Take a large round container or bowl with boiling water and put your previous pot into it. Rest the water until cool and drain the water after cooling.

3. In this stage, you should be very careful because orchids are very sensitive against bacteria and germs. You should make a solution of 1/2 cup of bleach (household) and 4 L of water and soak the new pot, planter, and tools you’ll use to finish the job. After soaking them properly you should wash your hands.

4. Pull the previous pot away from the plant as well as wash off the roots gently and carefully. Cut off rotten and any brown color roots with a sharp scissor.

5. Fill the new planter or pot with the potting medium that has soaked into the bleach and water solution. Then the orchid plant place at the center and top of the planting medium. You can use a chopstick to push the roots into the medium.

6. Now it’s time to wait for the new roots begin to appear. In this meantime, you should keep the orchids misted for a week.

To conclude, just pay attention, repotting is not a fearful matter. Follow the above instructions and timing that will ensure you grow a beautiful orchid plant.

Orchids can develop in a wide range of pots – mud, plastic, decorative and all shapes and sizes. Be that as it may, know, the pot you pick will decide how visit you have to water your orchid. 

Whenever moved to a bigger pot, orchids will focus on root development to the detriment of foliage so you may not perceive any blossom for a considerable length of time. A decent tip is to never re-pot a blossoming orchid as it will pressure the plant and cause it to lose its sprout. 

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