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How to Make a Flower Bouquet with Paper

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Discover how to make a beautiful paper flower bouquet with this easy tutorial. You’ll love the results!

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Welcome to our tutorial on how to make a flower bouquet with paper! This is a great project for kids of all ages, and can be customized to use any color or type of paper you like. Let’s get started!

What You’ll Need

-Ruler or Tape Measure
-Paper Flowers

1. Cut two pieces of cardstock to 8.5”x11” dimensions. With the shorter 8.5” sides at the top and bottom, fold each in half to create a 4.25”x11” rectangle. unfold one rectangle and set it aside.
2. Take the other rectangle and, with the 4.25″ side at the top, fold it in half again to create a 2.125″x11″ rectangle then unfold.
3. Fold the left side over to meet the center crease then repeat on the right side so that all four edges meet in the center crease and you have a 4 panel accordion fold brochure. If your cardstock is too thick to easily fold by hand, use a bone folder or dull butter knife to help make crisp folds.
4. Center and staple the middle of the folded cardstock then cut down from each staple about halfway to create an opening for your flowers.
5. Decide how tall you want your bouquet to be then add 2” for stems and leaves then cut eight lengths of string or fishing line that long plus an additional 6” for knotting (for example, if you want your bouquet to be 10” tall, cut each length of string/fishing line to 18”). String these through the opening in your brochure starting at the front and feed them all through until they come out of the back cover leaving equal lengths of string/fishing line on either side of the bouquet holder—this is what you will use to tie off your flowers later on. If needed, trim excess string/fishing line from both sides so that only about 2” is sticking out from either side of your bouquet holder then knot each end so that flowers can’t slip off easily later on when you’re adding them in Step 8 .
6. Fold up accordion style brochure, making sure that all corners are lined up as you go along then staple along both open sides about ½” from edge—this will make it easier for flowers to slip into each section later on in Step 8 . Alternatively, you can glue or tape along both open sides but stapling is much quicker . If using Glue Dots or another repositionable adhesive put them on now so they’ll be ready when you need them in Step 7 .

Step-by-Step Instructions

What You’ll Need:
-Tissue paper
-Ruler or measuring tape
-Pencil or pen
-Wire (optional)

1. Start by deciding what size and shape you’d like your bouquet to be. Cut three pieces of tissue paper to that size – these will be your main petals. If you want a more traditional bouquet shape, cut the tissue paper into a triangle. For a more modern look, try cutting it into a teardrop shape or even a rectangle. Then, use scissors to round off the edges of your tissue paper so they’re not too sharp.
2. Next, you’ll need to make your accordion folds. To do this, take one piece of tissue paper and fold it in half lengthwise. Then, fold it in half again, and keep folding it until you have about 1-2” of tissue paper left un folded. Once you have your accordion fold, use a stapler or piece of wire to secure the center of your tissue paper so it doesn’t unfold.
3. Now repeat this process with your other two pieces of tissue paper so you have three identical accordion folds.
4. To turn your accordion folds into flowers, take one and hold it so the center is pointing up and the two ends are pointing down. Gently twist the center so all the layers fan out and create a flower shape – try not to pull too hard or the tissue paper will tear. Secure the center with another staple or piece of wire if necessary.
5. To create movement and dimension in your bouquet, cut your remaining rectangles of tissue paper into different lengths – some long and some short – and curl them using scissors or by running them through your fingers until they loosen up a bit. These will be your filler leaves.
6. Assemble all your flower petals and leaves on top of each other in whichever order you like best, making sure to stagger their heights for more interest, then use one final piece of wire or ribbon to tie them all together in the middle before fluffing them out into a full bouquet shape

Tips and Tricks

If you want to make a flower bouquet with paper, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, choose your paper wisely. You’ll want to use a heavier paper so it will hold up better over time. Second, be sure to cut your paper into even strips. This will help you create evenly-sized flowers.

Once you’ve cut your strips of paper, start by folding them in half lengthwise. Then, take the bottom corner of the strip and fold it up to meet the top corner. Next, fold the strip in half again lengthwise. Finally, twist the strip in the center to create a spiral effect.

To create the petals of your paper flower, start by cutting thin strips of paper (about 1/4 inch wide). Fold each strip in half lengthwise and then curl the strip around a pencil to create a spiral effect. Attach the petals to the center of your paper flower spirals using glue or tape.

Now that you’ve created the basic structure of your paper flower bouquet, it’s time to add some finishing touches! You can use markers or paint to add color to your flowers, or try adding glitter or sequins for a bit of sparkle. You can also use wire or Pipe Cleaners to create stems for your bouquet. Get creative and have fun!


Now that you know how to make a paper flower bouquet, you can create your own unique arrangement for any occasion. Whether you want to make a gift for someone special or decorate your home, these flowers are a beautiful and easy way to add a personal touch.

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