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How To Get Rid Of Stickers In Your Yard Naturally Best 5 Way

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How to get rid of stickers in your yard

How to get rid of stickers in your yard naturally: You may face a painful situation when it seems that your garden is full of stickers. These stickers mainly have grown in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world but it can also be grown in many temperate countries, mainly on the state where dry weather exists. Not only they are very harmful to your yard but also heart you very much. Obviously, it may kill a couple of hours of your time by pulling the tiny, spike-covered spheres that fix on your clothes and heart you too much.

Sticker is one kind of weeds that we do not desire. They can compete for light, air, nutrition with your desire plants like flowers, grass, and vegetables. Unfortunately, the can also attach to your pet's fur, which is also painful for your pet. So, you must prepare a plan to deal with it for a certain period of time to lessen those problems. You need to take proper action to remove this sticker so that you can enjoy your yard again.

This article is all about how to get rid of stickers, what kills stickers in the grass, how to get rid of stickers in your yard naturally, how to get rid of sticker burrs in yard, how to get rid of sticker bushes, how to get rid of burweed stickers in yard, how to get rid of goat head stickers in your yard, how to get rid of burweed stickers in yard naturally, will roundup kill stickers and it will help you to control those stickers properly. If you do care in this article I am going to tell you some of the special techniques to kill the stickers.

Different types of stickers

If you research for a few hours, you may find out that stickers are known by different titles. Some of these are listed below:

  • Sand Burrs/Sandburs
  • Grass Burrs
  • Sticker Burrs/Burr stickers
  • Picking Monsters
  • Lawn/Grass Stickers
How to get rid of stickers in your yard naturally
How to get rid of stickers in your yard

All the titles derived from some nasty weeds. So, you have to find out the way to control or kill them.

Some information about Sand Burrs

There are some common facts of sand burrs we need to know before going to remove it naturally.

Make a competition

Make your lawn healthy as far as possible. If your lawn is healthy, thick, and wealthy, the burrs become very much disturbed. They don't get water and nutrient properly and they can't stand properly on the lawn. So, let your grass grow well and the stickers automatically can't stand because they can't compete with growing grass.

Control the thorns, seeds

You must control the spread of seeds or thorns from one place to another. If your pets move through the lawn, they can carry the seeds or thorns properly in a customs area but sometimes they may spread the seeds or thorns from one place to another. So, you must follow the best way to control seeds.

Shallow root system

If you can't control these stickers completely with many other techniques, you have to take a rest for a few days and pick the sand burrs by handpicking. With pour some water, they come out very easily.

How to get rid of stickers in your yard

The most eager thing is how to get rid of weeds easily. This is one of the most common questions that a mower search in Google. In this article, here are some of the easy methods to control or kill stickers that I'm stated below.

1. Remove stickers by rake

Rake your soil properly and accumulate the deed stickers from the soil then make a pile outside the lawn or a corner covering with a black plastic bag. When the become rot through them away from the lawn.

2. Mow your lawn

Mow your lawn to cut the stickers like a military haircut. Fix your mower at a height of a few notches and operate it properly. It can cut the stickers as well as other weeds. Keep a bag with you to collect all the cutting portion and burn them or keep them to rot outside the lawn. You have to mow your lawn at 3 days interval for the first two weeks.

3. Use the product MSMA

You can use the product called MSMA. It can assume that it is best to apply on the lawn directly. May and July is the best time to use it. Also, it works well in August. It is not an eco-friendly product and thus, it can be very harmful to animals and children. So, you must make a plan for this. When you and your family will go for a trip on vacation then apply this product in your lawn so that it can perform its activity since you, your family, and your dog are away.

4. Fertilization

Fertilize your soil after every completion of your herbicide cycle so that they can't make a competition with your grass. Apply it two times
at 1-2 weeks interval.

5. The mixture of the solution

  • For pre-emergent treatment

Mixed ¾ cup of water-soluble herbicides containing 38.7 percent Pendimethalin and 1 gallon of water in a large tank. Shake it for 2 minutes to make a uniform mixture. For humid areas apply it with small droplets and for the arid environment with large droplets. Adjust the spray settings very carefully. Then, apply the mixture or herbicides to the soil where the stickers have densely emerged from the soil. After spray, watering should be done at a level of 2-3 inches so that the herbicide may become activated.

  • For post-emergent treatment

Mixed 1 tablespoon of a herbicide containing 49 percent glyphosate and 2 liters of water in a tank and shake them for two minutes to make a uniform mixture. Then apply it with large droplets in a dry area where the stickers at grown and with small droplets in a humid area. After applying this herbicide, watering should be done at a level of 1-2 inches.


  1. Never mix glyphosate in a galvanized steel container or compressed tank because it reacts with those and produce highly toxic and combustion vapor.
  2. At the time of applying pesticides wear safety goggles, chemical-proof gloves, and long sleeves.
  3. Don't allow your children or pets before the herbicide becomes dry.
  4. Stickers are seed, so be careful when you are trying to pull them out or remove them through any other process.
  5. Don't walk too much time when wearing your clothes because they hurt you when they get on your clothes and they take to much time to remove these stickers.

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