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Best guide on How to cut sod by cutting machine and hand

How to cut sod by cutting machine and hand: If you have a ground in front of your home covered with full of grass and you are willing to remove them for different gardening purposes or you want to remove them from your ground altogether, you just need to cut them with impressive finishing. For turning your lawn into a gardening bed you should need this cut as well.

Cutting sod on your ground is not actually a difficult task at all. You just need to use some right tools and follow the instructions properly in order to perform your job finely. This job is great and it will offer you the opportunities of getting rid of your dead and decayed grass as well as the process offer you to transform your yard into a new look with a different arrangement of beautiful sod.

sod cutting
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How to cut sod/cutting sod

In order to perform your job skillfully, you may be on the internet searching for the solutions of “how can I cut sod on my ground”. Okay then, we will instruct you in the following article that how can you have a good result in cutting your sod. There are some specific ways of having a good result in cutting sod. Let’s discuss them:

Measure your area

Cutting sod by hands or by mechanical sod cutter is completely depend on your workout area. First of all your duty will be to measure the lawn area of your ground. You may manage your area by hand for cutting sod in a comparatively smaller area while it requires a mechanical sod cutter machine in a larger area. It depends on your mind that how much area is possible for you to cut sod your own by using hand-held tools.

In addition, our recommendation will be to hire a mechanical sod cutter or a professional for cutting your sod in a large area. It is just because in a large area it is quite tough to perform the task finely. You will be tired enough and that might create a bad effect on your cutting. You may finish your cutting but it is not going to please you altogether. So, it is best to hire a professional.

Make a deal with companies

There are some different forms of mechanical rental companies that rent their sod cutter machine in order to cut sod on someone’s lawn. You can make a deal with them. They will rent you a gas-powered sod-cutting machine with professionals.

They will deal with you on this job sometimes hourly, daily, or weekly rates that may add up to hundreds of dollars. So your smart way will be to measure your ground properly for getting an idea that how much time you actually need to cut your sod.

Keep it in mind that if you need to perform this job regularly then buying a machine for your own will be the smartest deal in order to get the best benefits on this business.

1. Cutting sod by a sod cutter machine

If you finally bought a gas-powered sod-cutting machine then you can cut your sod thyself instead of renting a professional. You just need to follow some instructions that are bestowed with your purchase in order to operate the machine properly. We will recommend you to follow the writing that you may get a more robust and good cutting for your sod.

Cutting sod by a sod cutter machine
Cutting sod by a sod cutter machine
  • Water your sod before you cut

First of all your duty will be to water your sod properly about 1 to 3 days before your cutting time. Use your gardening hose and saturate the soil enough for making your soil moist. Watering soil will turn the soil soft enough for you to enhance your cutting experience and to have a perfect cutting sod unlikely the wet sod will be very heavy to carry out.

  • Use safety goggles and ear protection before starting the machine

This suggestion is applicable to all aspects of operating any instrumental device like a machine. For this purpose, you must follow their safety precautions. Therefore, our advice goes to put on a safety goggle before operating your machine as well as having an earmuff on your ear. You can use earbuds as well.

This safety issue is required to you because, during your workout time any cutting objects, grass residue, or debris could fly up and may hit your eyes or other parts of the body. And the earmuff will protect your hearing from the loud sound of your machine.

  • Mark out the obstacles

A sod cutter machine is usually used in a larger work area where any obstacle could exist and may hit the machine during a workout moment. So, in order to avoid that kind of thing, you should mark them out to create a safety lineup. It will ensure your work zone and help to find out the nonworkable ground.

  • Read over the user manual properly

The different machine has different types of methods to be run. Your exact machine does the same. It has some specific rules to be operated properly. You must read the user manual provided by the company you bought from. Following the user manual and their instructions, you should operate your machine.

  • Adjust the cutting depth

Your machine must have this system of controlling the cutting depth adjustment button. So, follow the user manual to properly lock the button at the actual depth you need. You can set the cutting depth to about 1 to 1.5 in (2.5 to 3.8 cm) and most of the ideal cutting depth is about 1 in (2.5 cm).

  • Tilt your machine to the soil in order to adjust the height bar.

When you start your machine, bring the front of the sod cutter machine to the beginning of the area you want to initiate your cut, and position the machine toward the ground. Move the height bar using a button usually located on the left side of your machine to adjust the front of the machine downward. This trick will help you to cut the sod properly from the ground in 1 clean motion.

  • Walk forward to cut

when you are done with adjusting the depth and height, you can work forward to make your cuts through the ground. Just hold into the handlebars and keep your mind on the ground properly to continue your push on line and straight enough. This process is simple to reach at the end of your area turning your machine repeatedly in order to cut your sod.

  • Remove the chunks of sod from your ground by rolling them

When you finish your cut you can remove the sod by rolling them up. You just need to fold them from the beginning part of the sod and roll them in pieces to remove them easily. This process is easier as well as quicker but the pieces are heavy to carry out. So, you can use the wheelbarrow to carry them out in your desired position.

2. Cutting sod by hands

This process comes when your sod consists of a comparatively smaller area. You can manage your sod by handheld tools like shovel or edger for the cutting and removing process. Let’s follow the instructions below:

  • Water your sod

The process is almost the same as we mentioned before in the case of the mechanical sod cutter machine. You just water your ground before 1-3 days before your cutting. Keep it in your mind that excessive water should not be applied on the ground. It is difficult to get a good result on hard soil as well as the soil with excess water inside it.

  • Measure the area

Before your workout time, you need to make an estimate of your sod area. It will help you to make your cutting in sections in order to finish the task quickly as well as easily.

  • Push a shovel or edger into the soil

When your cutting day comes and you took preparation enough to get rid of your sod then your first step should be to push a shovel or edger inside the soil about 6 in or 15 cm in depth. Lifting up your shovel and pressing back next to your first hit into the ground do the same process again and again. Performing the process repeatedly will help you to make sections that are 4 to 5 fit (1.2 to 1.5 m) long and 12 in (30 cm) wide.

  • Trim your sod

Now its time to trim your sod into more manageable sections that are easy to remove. You just need to cut your sod in 1–2 ft (0.30–0.61 m) long rather than keeping it 4 to 5 fit (1.2 to 1.5 m). This process will make your sections smaller enough that will allow you to remove them easily from your ground.

  • Use your shovel or edger to pry up

when you are done of making your sections into more manageable pieces you should now place your shovel along the cut side, and slide the top of the tool underneath the sod in order to lift it up. Then you need to scoot your tool under the sod as long as you can and swing around the tool to detach the root systems from the ground surface.

  • Roll up and remove

When you finished the root detachment task now you are able to roll them by folding up and remove from your yard. These small pieces will allow you to fold them quickly as well as removing easily. You can use any wheelbarrow to carry them out to your desired place as well.

These two methods will allow you to remove your sod completely from your yard.

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