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Ultimate Guide How To Build A Pellet Smoker

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How to Build a Pellet Smoker

How to Build a Pellet Smoker: Pellet smoker is a friendly tool for you to enjoy a delicious cookout with your friends and family. It is widely used and very popular among cookers as well as efficient and cheap.

Sometimes, it is good to have a smoker in your home rather than going outside the shop to enjoy food cooked with it. For this, you have two choices to g through. You can buy it from the store or build it at home.

In this case, you will have to be familiar with your equipment to come up with the best pellet smoker. That’s why I am writing this article with step by step process of building a good quality pellet smoker. Without further ado let’s dig into deep:-

Method Selection

Actually there are several ways to make a pellet smoker. The most widespread and possibly the easiest way is to simply modify an existing outdoor grill into a pellet smoker. But you might have not accessed to such grill.

Likewise, you have another easiest and cheap way is to recycle a 55-gallon drum into a good vertical Pellet smoker. The disadvantage here is not only the extra work but also reused materials are sometimes liable to release unhealthy fumes when exposed to heat. But don’t worry, we have a solution for this.

Ensure that you are using iron materials that are food-safe, and furthermore use a temperature-resistant powder coating on the inner surface of your pellet smoker chamber.

So let’s get started with this easy and Guidelines to build method.


In order to complete the process using my method, you need some equipment as well. Here is the list of that equipment. You better collect them first and then start building a Pellet smoker. They are:-

  1. A 55-gallon drum
  2. Reciprocating saw
  3. A dishwasher detergent
  4. Weed torch
  5. Pressure washer
  6. Paint
  7. Handles
  8. Drill
  9. Metal caps
  10. Pellet starter

Step-by-Step Guide How to Build a Pellet Smoker

How to Build a Pellet Smoker from a drum
Build a Pellet Smoker from a drum

Step 1: Clean The Drum

 On the off chance that the drum was recently utilized for different applications, at that point cleaning is important. Utilizing a dishwashing cleanser along with warm water, it should be conceivable to clean the oil from the drum. It ought to be a drum without a liner for better application later when warmth is presented.

When the drum is viably cleaned, at that point continue to apply some warmth to it. This assists with expelling further materials staying inside and stripping the paint outwardly. A weed burner ought to be ideal for this activity.

With the pressure wash, clean the drum for a couple of moments to successfully wash down any of the trash that may be staying in the drum. On the off chance that you don’t approach a pressure washer, take it to a vehicle wash for this progression.

Step 2: Paint With High-Temperature Paints

The time has come to paint the drum by utilizing the high-temperature paints. Taking into account that the smoker will be working at a high temperature, the paint should be impervious to that. Additionally, paint the cover and add some masterful contacts to the drum.

Step 3: Cover With Oil and Create Holes

Next, you need to cover the whole drum with cooking oil. This shields its surface from consuming in the future. Add a pack of charcoal to the drum and light it. Let the charcoal smoke for some time. When the drum has cooled, pick three spots on the base of the drum to make air openings. Ensure these gaps are equally divided. Spread these gaps with metal caps once you have drilled them out.

Step 4: Setup Fireplace

Place an old preparing dish down and afterward followed by a pellet fireplace starter. At the top, including the cast-iron container. This will go about as the surface where you place your meat for smoking.

Near the head of your drum, include four jolts and sections at even spaces to hold the flame broil set up. Likewise, continue to introduce the two handles on the top so you can have a colder surface when you have to open the top. Now, your DIY smoker is prepared for use. Basically fill it with pellets and light them to begin.

Using Your Smoker

Now, you are eager to begin smoking your meat at home. There are a couple of things you need to consider before utilizing the smoker. Here are a few contemplations.

Pic correct cut of meat:  Continuously pick the correct cut of meat. The meat that you pick is going to influence how the last smoked meat tastes. The meat ought to have a touch of fat substance. This makes it incredible for smoking as the meat will ingest the flavors leaving you with flavourful meat at long last.

Choose Best wood or Drum: The kind of wood pellets that you pick can likewise affect the last taste of the meat. It is the explanation you should choose the best wood relying upon your formula. On the off chance that you pick astutely, at that point you should wind up with the best tasting smoked meat.

Check Temperature: You need to manually check the temperature and gauge the cooking times. This is on the grounds that it is a DIY Pellet smoker, so it won’t have a worked in thermometer. You can essentially utilize a meat test to check the inner temperature. Continue keeping an eye on the meat relying upon the formula you are cooking.

Last Words

In this article, I have demonstrated the process of how to build a pellet smoker with a drum method. Although this isn’t the main way that you can assemble a Pellet smoker. Contingent upon your ability, you can make it as various as could be expected under the circumstances.

Additionally, it will rely upon the provisions accessible to you. Be that as it may, the technique partook in this guide is the thing that you have to make an essential smoker. As should be obvious, it isn’t hard in any way. Simply follow the means and you ought to be acceptable to begin smoking your meat.

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