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How Does the 22262 Greenworks Hedge Trimmer Deliver?

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The Greenworks company has a variety of cordless and electric garden products designed for any yard owner, and they differ in terms of voltage and features. Greenworks 22262 is among the best cordless hedge trimmers in the market, equipped with a 24-inch steel blade that ensures a customer uses little effort to prune shrubs despite the length of the branches and twigs.


The Greenworks Hedge Trimmer is made with a lightweight design weighing only 8.3 pounds in a vibrant green housing, and it is very quiet with no smell or oily feel. Being a lightweight trimmer means that it will not cause any user arm and muscle fatigue even when used for extended periods. Also, because the cordless power machine causes less fatigue, it can be used with people with conditions such as arthritis.

The hedge trimmers also feature an innovative 180-degree rotating rear handle that enables a user to trim at multiple angles with a lot of ease. The G-MAX wrap-around handle uses the auxiliary handle to guarantee any user gets the maximum comfort possible.

The Greenworks hedge trimmer is also designed with a safety lockout button linked to the trigger and prevents any unplanned for startups, and includes a safety sheath that protects your arms and hands while in use and legs when you are transporting the power tool to storage.


The hedge trimmer is equipped with a 24-inch dual-action steel blade that delivers an optimum cutting performance that also has reduced vibrations. The power tool blades also have a 2/3 inch cutting capacity that makes your trimming job a breeze by cutting through all your branches and hedges and delivering exceptional performance.

The hedge trimmers cut to a speed of 3200 strokes per minute, and although it may not be as powerful as gas models, the G-max hedge trimmers cut through hedges as easily as butter.

Battery and Charger

40V 2Ah/4Ah lithium-ion batteries power the GreenWorks 22262 that the Greenworks company makes, and it also includes a charger. The charger can be mounted if you have limited counter space in your working area or garage, and you can also check the remaining battery by pressing a button located on the battery.

The battery-powered tool means that you don't need to be bound by a cord when you are trimming your hedges, and you can move freely in your garden or yard. The Greenworks hedge trimmer does not take long to charge, which is necessary for any garden tool to avoid wasting time and getting back to finishing our tasks.

The battery can be used with other Greenwork products, and so if you already have the battery, it is not necessary to make another purchase. However, you can make a purchase, and it makes for a spare battery when one is charging and makes an ideal choice for any customer avoiding extension cords.

Run Time

With the main limitation of battery-powered tools being the run time, the Greenworks hedge trimmer ensures this is not a major issue by providing about 50 minutes of operation using the tool per single charge. As much as the run time might sound short, it is enough depending on the size of your task, and also, when working, you have to stop to clear the cut material.

The hedge trimmer stops when the trigger is released to boost the run time, which helps conserve charge and double up as a safety feature. This makes the run time longer than an hour if you consider the times you will have to stop the tools, and some reviews have claimed to use it for an all-day job.


Greenworks hedge trimmer needs maintenance regularly to ensure your tool is in the best shape and to minimize the chances of spreading diseases between different plants in your yard. After using the hedge trimmer for your work, you can brush the dirt off the blades, but you should dip the blades in a warm water and vinegar mixture if you want a thorough change.

After cleaning them, leave the hedge trimmer to dry in a warm space, and once they dry, lubricate them, then store them. Notably, always handle the electric power tool with the battery off and always use gloved hands to handle the Greenworks hedge trimmers.


Greenworks offers a four-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects, labor, and parts and a two-year one on the battery. However, the warranties don't cover issues like damages caused by improper maintenance or normal deterioration. Notably, the warranties are only valid for personal use units and not for rented or hired tools for commercial or industrial use. Also, even though the Greenworks company does not offer free delivery and pickup of returns, it provides reliable customer support.


  • A long-lasting universal 40-volt battery
  • Lightweight model
  • The tools have a 2/3 inch cut capacity
  • It has a 180-degree rotating rear handle
  • Produces an insignificant level of noise
  • Fewer vibrations thanks to the dual-action blades
  • Very powerful for the soft hedges
  • Fast charging
  • Well balanced hedge trimmer
  • The package includes the battery and charger
  • A cover for safety and storage is included in the package
  • Affordable price


  • The durability is questionable and might not be able to handle thick branches perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions of Cordless Hedge Trimmers

1. Can I use a 60-volt battery instead of 40v in my hedge trimmer?

No, the GreenWorks 22262 is only compatible with a 40V battery and cannot use a higher or lower battery capacity than that. You can purchase the batteries with either the 2AH battery or the 4 AH battery.

2. Are Greenworks Hedge Trimmers worth the hype?

Yes, they are worth the hype if you are looking for affordable garden tools to trim off your branches and twigs. Not only are they lightweight, but they are also efficient trimmers that can share the batteries with other products of the same company. The Greenworks hedge trimmers help you save money in the future and also pack a four-year warranty and a two-year warranty on the battery.

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