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Best Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmer For Your Lawn And Garden

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Neat hedges and bushes provide exceptional home landscaping. Hedge fences give you the needed privacy around home till they get excessively long and need trimming. Getting the best gas-powered hedge trimmer for this job will be the best solution to tackle the trimming job.

The gas hedge trimmers that we will look at in this article have powerful engines and blades made of high-quality materials. This list provides outdoor tools required for a job and the best models in the market.

1. Echo HC-152 Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer

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Echo HC-152 Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer is the first best hedge trimmer that is lightweight and has a short blade but has a perfect trimming and cutting job. The pole saw works efficiently to ensure that you have a neat and tidy yard and lawn.

The echo cutter weighs around 10 pounds without the fuel, making it a very light model in the market. The cutting power of the hedge trimmers is high because of the powerful engine it has despite having a short blade. The fuel tank of these Echo gas-powered hedge trimmers is transparent, giving the user ability to know when the tank needs a refill.

This echo cutter has a rear handle with a big grip allowing the user to cut and trim comfortably and fully control the outdoor hedge trimmers.


  • Sturdy and powerful 2 stroke engine
  • Well suited for trimming large bushes
  • Clear fuel tank to check levels
  • Sturdy and powerful engine
  • Has a reasonable price
  • Has an advanced vibration system


  • Pricey

2. SENIX 4 Stroke Gas Hedge Trimmer

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Senix HT4QL-L is one of the best gas-powered hedge trimmers for having a high 26.5 cc engine that gives the trimmer power for trimming quickly. The four-stroke engine of this gas hedge trimmer is great and does not necessarily need you to mix the power sources.

The Senix HT4QL-L gas hedge trimmers are affordable, and they have a cutting blade that is perfect for anyone using it. The cutting diameter is 1.1 inches, and the bladed itself is 22 inches long, and it also has an adjustable cutting feature. This hence makes it a better option for someone cutting and trimming both long and small shrubs.

However, the gas hedge trimmer weighs around 13 pounds, which can be heavy to carry around and cause joint pains.


  • Has an adjustable cutting feature
  • Excellent value
  • Has a swiveling rear handle that provides comfortable trimming and cutting
  • Powerful for shaping and sculpting trees
  • Has great positive customer reviews
  • Has a four stoke powerful engine


  • It is on the heavy side

3. Husqvarna 122HD60 21.7cc Gas 23.7-in Dual Action Hedge Trimmer

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This Husqvarna 122HD60 is a lightweight hedge trimmer that has an impressive and powerful Smart-Start engine and starter. The  Pole Saws is designed with a comfortable design and an auto shut switch that resets the equipment, making it easy to use and handle.

The  Pole Saws has a long blade with a length of 24 inches and a cutting diameter of 0.66 inches, making it resilient to keep your lawn neat and tidy. The blades of this equipment can deliver a reliable cutting with exceptional comfort, considering it also weighs 10.8 pounds.

The smart gas hedge has predominately positive customer reviews for having a great noise reduction feature and working smoothly and efficiently due to the shape blades with the hedge trimmer.


  • Large and powerful Engine
  • Has low vibration feature that reduces stress on arms and hands
  • Wide gaps between the teeth
  • Excellent value with an adjustable rear handle
  • Comes with a variety of accessories
  • Double edge blade increases efficiency
  • Comes with a Smart-Start engine and started
  • Predominately positive customer reviews


  • Has a short cutting diameter

4. Poulan Pro PR2322 2 Cycle Gas Powered Dual Sided gas hedge trimmer

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The Poulan Pro PR2322 is a gas hedge trimmer with exciting features that will make your yard or lawn neat in very little time. The hedge trimmer has a powerful 23cc 2 stroke full crank engine that will give you maximum satisfaction.

The model has anti-vibration technology that makes it efficient when handling because it reduces fatigue and comforts you while cutting. It also features an ergonomic comfort grip handle that allows you to have control of the equipment.

The blade of the equipment is 22 inches and has cuts limbs up to 1 inch, which allows the user to cut branches and shrubs quickly.


  • Perfect for trimming all sorts of shrubs
  • Effective anti-vibration feature
  • Good number Customer Reviews
  • The blades cut cleanly and neatly
  • Has a rear control handle that can deliver a well-rounded performance
  •  Very affordable and lightweight


  • Not as strong as other gas engines

5. XtremepowerUS 81066 26cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered Hedge

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This Professional Grade gas hedge trimmer is a great choice that is very sturdy and powerful with an engine that has 26 ccs. The hedge trimmer has a 2-Stroke Gasoline Engine that requires you to measure and mix gas and oil proportionately and right.

XtremepowerUS 81066 has a 24 inches dual-sided blade with a cutting diameter of 1 inch, which allows the hedge trimmer to cut and trim abroad.

The best thing about the hedge trimmer is that it has a noise reduction feature that helps control the amount of noise the trimmer will emit while trimming. Additionally, this gas hedge trimmer is fairly priced.


  • Effective low noise engine design
  •  Easy-to-start and use
  • Sturdy and powerful engine
  • Great tank capacity
  • Good number Customer Reviews
  • Has anti-vibration features


  • They are heavy

What to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmer

1. Blade Length and Teeth Spacing

The blades of gas hedge trimmers come in different sizes that range from 18 inches to 20 inches. With a long blade, you will have the ability to cut more bushes or branches that are more even or alined and is better for boxwood hedges. With these short blades, it will be easy to use in tight spaces like in the base of a shrub or a bush. Most hedge trim users prefer 18 inched blades, but you can get longer models if you trim large areas.

The blades' teeth go to and for over one another like small guillotines, enabling the blade to smoothly the plants on the teeth. The spacing between the teeth in the blade will restrict the size of branches the gas trimmer will cut. Lighter weight trimmers that are small will have teeth with a range of ⅜-inch to a ¾-inch, professional-grade tool. However, they have larger inches gap that makes it easy for them to cut thick branches.

2. Engine Speed and Power

The engine and the power of the gas hedge trimmers are the most vital factors you will look at first. The power of the machine is highly dependant on the speed of the engine. The more formidable the cubic centimeters (ccs) used to measure the engine's speed, the higher the engine's power.

Gas-powered hedge trimmers with higher ccs will efficiently and smoothly cut through long thick bushes and ensures that the job is done quickly. For instance, if the engine has a 23- inch blade and a 23 cc engine, the work will be slower than the one with an 18-inch blade and a 23 cc engine.

3. Fuel and power source Capacity

Fuel capacity and the power source are things that you will greatly consider when deciding on the gas hedge trimmer. The fuel capacity determines the amount of time the hedge grimmer will run before filling it again.

The capacity of the timer will have great impacts, especially if you are trimming or cutting large lawns or gardens. Most hedge trimmers have a fuel tank capacity that will go from 40 minutes to 1 hour, equivalent to a tank of 13 ounces.

You will also have to remember that the size of the engine will affect the fuel capacity and power source of the gas hedge trimmer.

4.Weight and Ease of Use

The weight of the gas hedge trimmers will greatly impact the use. The heavier the hedge trimmer, the harder it will be to trim and cut lawns and yards. However, the heavier the trimmer, the higher its power. The lightweight models are recommended for home yards and are efficient as well.

Another determinant that makes a big variation in a hedge trimmer is the power source and ease of use. The gas hedge trimmers have a great power source which is more efficient compared to the others.

The handles on the gas hedge trimmers are also a key point to look at. Most trimmers have rotating rear handles that have a comfortable grip, allowing you to cut in the desired direction.

5. Safety

All trimmers have razor-sharp teeth for trimming bushes and branches but can be naturally vulnerable and dangerous. For this reason, most of them are designed with safety features that lower the risks of injuries. Trimmers with these features require you to hold down a trigger that will make use of the blades.

The trimmer blades also have an automatic turn-off that will shut off the equipment if it accidentally slips from your hands, reducing the injury levels. Between the handle and blades of most trimmers also have big guards that prevent your hand from sliding on the blade.

6. The Price

When it comes to getting a hedge trimmer, the price will be a major determining factor. A simple corded model that has a lightweight and will do a great job is fairly affordable. On the other hand, the cordless models will be more pricey, but they tend to be more convenient by increasing the capacity to trim and cut your hedges and branches. The professional gas hedges trimmers that have high-end engines will have a higher price.

The prices can also change based on the quality of the material used, the power of the hedge trimmer, the endurance of the tool, the store you will get your trimmer from, and availability.

7. Maintenance

It is very important to read the instructions or guidebook of the hedge trimmer to make sure that it is made of high-quality equipment that will last longer. Before purchasing a gas-powered hedge trimmer, you need to know the amount of fuel they need or use a mixture of gas and oil.

When it comes to maintaining the blade of the hedge trimmer, you have to get the ones that are made with high-quality stainless steel material that is rust-free. Ensure that the blade stays sharp, and if there is a need to sharpen or replace them, the materials used should be readily available.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Gas Hedge Trimmers

1. What are the major brands for gas hedge trimmers?

Many good brands make gas-powered hedge trimmers. Apart from; Echo, Senix, Poulan, HUYOSEN, and Xtreme power that we have touched on in the article, there are other great brands in the market today. Shindaiwa, Stihl, Tanaka, and Stiga are among the other top-ranked brands for cutters.

2. Does Stihl make a gas hedge trimmer?

Stihl German manufacturer that makes handheld garden tools. Yes, the Stihl manufacturer makes gas-powered hedges that are durable and powerful. Stihl gas-powered hedge trimmers will cut and trim bushes, shrubs, branches, and hedges perfectly. This brand also makes Electric powered hedge trimmers and battery-powered trimmers which also do a great yard job.

3. Which is better, a gas-powered hedge trimmer or electric?

Depending on your yard or lawn needs, choosing a gas-powered hedge trimmer or an electric-powered gas. For a small garden, a small electric-powered hedge trimmer that is corded will be perfect. If you need a trimmer to handle a larger ground or for professional use that is portable and has a lot of power, you will need to look for a gas hedge trimmer from a great reviews brand.

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