Difference between pruning and training

5 basic difference between pruning and training fruit trees

We need to know difference between pruning and training for proper fruit gardening. Because, Pruning and training are important parts of fruit gardening. Training and pruning help for the proper growth of fruit plants. We can control the function and direction of plant grow by them. Moreover, these tasks are very important for commercial gardening.

Without pruning and training plants can’t produce flowers and fruits properly. These tasks are important to increase production, improve the quality of fruit, beautify the plants, to strengthen the branch, etc. However, In this article, we’ll know about pruning and training along with their differences.

Pruning and training of fruit trees

Pruning: Removal of any plant parts in order to get flowers and fruit known as pruning. In other words, removal of the unnecessary root, shoot, leaf of the plant is known as pruning.

Training: If pruning is done at an early stage of plants is known as training. It is the process of removing branches in the early stage or before the flowering of plants.

Difference between pruning and training 



  • It is done usually after bearing flowers and fruits of plants. 
  • All pruning is not training.
  • Any part of the plants may be removed either root, shoot, leaf, etc.
  • Increase production and improve the quality of fruit.
  • It controls the function of the plant.



  • It is done at the juvenile stage of plants.
  • All training is also pruning.
  • Only certain plant parts such as leaf and branch are removed.
  • It gives the plant’s branch strong desired, and beautiful.
  • It controls the direction of plant growth. 

Final words

Both pruning and training very important tasks for a gardener/grower. Essential tools should be used for better performance.

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