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13 Basic Tips For Cleaning A House Interior Easily And Fast

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Cleaning a house

Ultimate guideline on cleaning a house interior: A home is where we live with our family. After having a hectic experience all day, we die to go home and have an experience of peace and calm. There we live with our parents and children. A home is a place that makes our mind and body relax. We all have a dream of a nice and comfortable home. Home is lovely due to its sanitization and beautiful arrangements. If one lives in a vast duplex house, but the arrangement is not maintained, or there are dust and wastes everywhere, that is not a nice one.

Guideline on Cleaning a house

One should maintain proper cleanliness to ensure a neat house. It is challenging to control the environment outside of the polluted home, but controlling our house’s environment is under our control. We know that the polluted environment inside our house is not right, then it becomes a very big health issue for the family members. The occurrence of various diseases takes place. So proper hygiene is essential for an excellent healthy family.

Checklist for cleaning a house

  1. Broom 
  2. Dusting cloth
  3. Dusting brush
  4. Floor mopping brush
  5. Detergent
  6. Ethanol
  7. Harpic
  8. Bathroom floor cleaning brush
  9. Pesticides
  10. Ladder etc.

Now the proper cleaning procedure is discussed below:

1. Cleaning the dust of home

Dust means the fine soil particle floating with the air here, there, everywhere. With these dust particles, various microorganisms also enter into our houses. Also, dust makes our furniture look dull and irritating. The burnished furniture loses there to shine and good looks due to dust on them. So dusting is essential for a neat and clean house.

Dusting the house corners

House corners are such areas of the house that is not cleaned during the normal cleaning of the house. These places need extra force to be cleaned. So by a cleaning clothe, the corners are facilitated to be cleaned and tidy. In the corners, in case of prolonged dust deposition, spider nets are formed. Spiders look forward to making nets in the corner o house as it faces less disturbance in the corners.

The spider makes net for their living and catching their prey. So on those nets dust deposits, a more dirty appearance is created in the house. So the corners are to be cleaned at least twice a week. It will ensure proper aeration to the house corners. Corners of the upper ceiling are more vulnerable to spider net. And also other insects like the honey bee. These places should be in proper inspection and regularly cleaned. Broomsticks are available to clean the upper corners. 

Dusting the small wooden furniture

Dust deposits regularly on the upper surface of the small wooden furniture. If the furniture is black, dust is more visible in that case. House having windows in south and west face are intensely suffering from this dust problem. Those windows circulated more air in the house, and more dust enters the house. Furniture surfaces, their corners, or some designer edges get dirtier with dust. 

Sometimes the dust is so heavy that furniture goes whitish-grey. That seems to look horrible. So with a dry clothe the surface of this furniture must be cleaned. Small wooden furniture adds to the interior beauty of the house on a large scale. So they must be kept clean. But for cleaning this furniture, you must use dry material.

Dusting the large wooden furniture

Large wooden furniture is the most attractive furniture in the house that enhances the designing of the interior to the next level. This furniture is much vulnerable to dust and dirt. As they have a long head, it is quite tuff to clean the top of the furniture. So a ladder should be kept inside the house on the balcony or in one particular corner so that the top of the large furniture can be cleaned at least once a week.

Without cleaning, the furniture will lose its charm. Sizeable wooden furniture is located at the corner of the house. A stunning look is created with them. Nowadays, various cleaning agents for wooden furniture are available in the market. By those things, the burnish of the wood remains excellent and lovely as before. 

Dusting the bookshelves

Bookshelves are another place where dust takes place. Various book worms are seen if the shelves are not cleaned for such a long time. For example, silverfish. Silverfish is an insect that loves to survive in the cellulose of paper. So they an ordinary scenery which is seen in the bookshelves and inside the books. Also, cockroaches are seen on the shelves.

Dusting the bookshelves

The cleaning of bookshelves is necessary for a clean and tidy house. It would be best if you cleaned off dust and spider at least once a month. For cleaning all the books on the shelves should be taken out from the shelves. After that, shelves are to be cleaned with a dry cloth. Suppose needed then a wet cloth.

After that, books are cleaned one by one and arranged in an appropriate order. For example, they can be categorized by their size or by their subjects or type. An arrangement in the books brings extra beauty to the house. Also, it gives the family member the ease to find the desired book on time.

Dusting the iron furniture

Iron furniture is also seen in some households. In the iron configuration, mostly racks and Almira are used as furniture. This furniture is to be kept in a dry place, where it will also look good and be safe from the moist condition. Moisture will create rust on the iron. Then that furniture will not look attractive. Dust also occurs on the same as the wooden furniture. With a dry clothe that furniture are to be cleaned off. Without dusting this furniture will be dull.

Dusting the storeroom

A storeroom is used for storing the accessories; that’s why the dust appears in bulk in the storeroom. The frequency of cleaning the storeroom is not much in most of the houses. But in some cases, important accessories are kept in the storeroom, for example, like groceries for the whole month, mattress, utensils, etc.

When the storeroom is used for these purposes, it is essential to maintain that room’s hygiene. Dust is widespread in such places. The dusting should be imposed at least twice a week for proper cleaning of the storeroom. Otherwise, it is wise to clean the storeroom twice a month. Or there may be insects, rats, spider making their houses inside the dirty storeroom. It is very dangerous for those families who have small children in the house.

Children or babies can go to that dirty room by being mischievous. It can also initiate injury to them and diseases for the dust, for example, like rashes, itching, allergy, etc.

Dusting the bedroom

A bedroom is a place where we stay for our comfort. We sleep there and do all the things that bring us comfort. It would be best if you cleaned the bedroom every day. The dusting of bed sheets, wall carpet, chairs, desks, cupboards, and anything in the bedroom must be dust-free. Otherwise, dirt will occur with the dust, and the room will be unpleasant to live in. For good health, mental condition, and sound sleep, a neat, clean, and fresh bedroom is necessary. The broomstick can do the dusting of the bed. Broomstick discards the dust from the bedsheet in the majority.

2. Vacuuming the house

Vacuuming is the process of cleaning something with a vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning the sofa sets with a vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is a machine that vacuums in the dirt. Something like sucking all the dirt from the surface it touches. But it is somewhat expensive. Most of the families do not buy a vacuum cleaner because of the high price of it. But it is a beneficial machine. The sofa sets made of foam adhere so many dust particles in them.

Also, some microbes cause allergy to man. So it is preferable to clean those foam with a vacuum cleaner. It will absorb that dirt from the foams and it will be cleaned and safe for the family members. These foams are very hard to wash with water and also very hard to dry. So a vacuum cleaner is the best idea for cleaning. 

Cleaning the wool carpets with a vacuum cleaner

Wool carpets are also like foams. They conserve dirt and microbes in them those causes allergy to human. Vacuum cleaner vacuums all the dirt and pollution from those carpets and makes them fresh and safe for our health. Little babies in the house are very much vulnerable to these germs on the carpet. Because they use to play sitting on the carpet, running on them, spreading their toys all around them on the carpet. Very small babies put their toys in the mouth. So it becomes a threat to their health.

Babies are very delicate to adverse impacts. We should take care of them. Due to this vacuuming, the carpet is very essential for family health issues. If vacuuming is not possible carpet should be washed or keep under the sun. The heat of the sunlight is helpful for killing germs and sterilizing the carpet to a great extent. 

Vacuuming the mattress

A mattress is that upon which we sleep comfortably. The sleeping mattress is also needed to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. As it absorbs the germs from it. As they are big-sized fabrics not easy to wash. A vacuum cleaner is the best option to clean them properly without washing.

Vacuuming the pillows

Sometimes pillows become dirty with dust and oil o our heads. It also smells. In that case, pillows should be cleaned with a vacuum. By this, the dust particles will be out or the pillow. It will become fluffy as before. Also, the sticky feeling will be gone. Clean pillows are very satisfying while sleeping. If the pillows are not clean enough it is very tuff to have a tight sleep on it. It becomes very uncomfortable for the person who will sleep. Pillows keeping under the sun is also a good idea to clean it off. 

Brooming the floor

The floor of the total house should be broom every day. If the windows and doors are kept open in a house it allows various dirt and pollutant to get into the house. The house becomes messy if not broom regularly. Without this, inside the house, various dirt can exist. Food particles may fall on the floor. If the floor is well furnished with tiles a soft broom should be used. Otherwise, scratches will be made on the tile surface. And if the floor is well furnished with mosaic a normal broom can be used to whip the floor. It will not affect badly on them. 

Mopping the floor

After brooming, it is also essential to mop the floor regularly. It is good if it is done every day. But if not possible the floor should be mopped at least trice e week. Otherwise, the house will be so dirty. And for babies who crawl over here and there all around the dirty floor is a threat.

For mopping the floor mopping instruments are available in the market. Long stick brushes are available in the market. On the other hand, mopping clothes can also be used. If possible it is wise to use a sterilizer in the water. For example, detergent can be used in mopping water, some chemical products like Lysol can be used in the water. This product has different flavors. And some have fresh fragrance.

After mopping the floor with these products a fresh aroma spread all around. For strong germ-killing from the floor mopping with ethanol, the spray is a good idea. Every open inch of the floor should be cleaned. No corners should be left unmopped. For a fresh and comfortable house, floor mopping is essential. It makes the house cooler and more peaceful. 

3. Arranging the household

Arrangement of each and everything in the house is very essential. The furniture, clothing, books, utensils, instruments everything should be in right place and well organized. If these things are not placed in the correct order The house will not get a healthy smart look. And it will be more uncomfortable for a person to live peacefully. For example, the bed should be in the bedroom, cupboards, dressing table, maybe a bookshelf big mirrors, TV table should be located in the bedroom.

Again utensils, blending machines, gas stove, burner, refrigerator, a basin to wash the dishes, oven, a dish rack, spice container rack, etc. should be placed in the kitchen. A washing machine, buckets, the rack for toiletries should be placed in the bathroom. Sofa sets, a tea table, the TV should be placed in the drawing-room. The dining table should be in the dining room. Also, the dining room should be next to the kitchen. So such arrangements bring a proper organization into the house. 

4. Cleaning the kitchen area

The kitchen area is the most hygiene needed area of a house. Here the food we eat is cooked. So it is essential to clean the kitchen every day. 

5. Aeration

As we cook inside the kitchen the gas stove should be situated near the window of the kitchen. Otherwise, the vapor formed from the food will make the walls sticky. It is a very common problem of common houses that the kitchen walls become so oily and sticky after some time. It is because of not having well ventilation. For proper ventilation an adjust fan can be included inside the kitchen. When the stove will be running the fan should be started. All the oil particles will go out as the fan releases the air of the kitchen to outside the house. 

6. Washing the walls

When the walls become very sticky they should be cleaned with soap or detergent or any other cleaner. If the owner cleans it at least once a week it will be easy. If a long time is taken to clean them it will be harder to clean. So it is wise to clean the kitchen walls once a week. 

7. Cleaning the stove area

Where the stove has located the splashes of oil, spice powder, and other things are found. That area becomes so dirty after cooking. Every day after cooking that area should be cleaned. With soap and a scrub pad, the oil must be cleaned to avoid a sticky stove which seems very uncomfortable. And then mop it with wet clothing. It will be clear. 

8. Cleaning the basin area

The Basin of a kitchen is used to clean the utensils used in the kitchen. Like plates, glasses, pan, cooker, spoon, and many more things. After cleaning them the basin becomes clumsy. Oil, fat, other things stick to the basin surface. So every day the basin area must be cleaned. With soap or detergent basin can be easily cleaned with a scrubber. Otherwise, it will be very bad to look at. 

Cleaning the basin area

9. Cleaning the utensils

After cooking, after breakfast, dinner, and lunch dirty utensils are created. Those have to be cleaned day today. Beside the basin, a stand with dishwashing soap should be imposed. Also a scrubber. So utensils are cleaned with that and dried. The water adhering to the utensils should be dried otherwise it can be contaminated with the airborne inoculum that is dangerous for human health. Also keeping them wet destroy their beauty also. 

10. Keeping the kitchen germ and insect free

A kitchen is a favorite place for cockroaches to live in. In some families, utensils are left on the basin unwashed for the whole night. Cockroaches appear on those dirty dishes and contaminate them. It is an invitation to them to enter the kitchen from any corner. It spreads germ on the unwashed utensils. Also in the kitchen, the dustbin is commonplace for cockroaches for finding food at night.

After visiting the dustbin they again come on other surfaces. And pollute the whole kitchen also the other places in the house. So to prevent it dustbin with covers should be used. In some houses, the kitchen has kitchen cabinets. Cabinets are a particular place for cardboard cockroaches. Regular cleaning and spraying of insecticide are very important.

Monthly pest control can be done. That is a very good idea. Insecticides are available for kitchen cleaning. For example Hit, Motrin, beygone are very popular spray for killing cockroaches. Also spider, mites, and reptiles are seen kitchen area mostly. Pest control cures them all. And a healthy kitchen is available. 

11. Cleaning the bathroom

The bathroom is also an important area like the kitchen in the house. At least once a week the bathroom should be cleaned. The commode of the bathroom must be cleaned with reagents like harpic. In many households, detergents are used to clean the bathroom.

Cleaning the bathroom

After taking bathwater should be spread all over. Otherwise, the soapy water will make the floor slippery. It is very dangerous for family members. They can be injured by falling down in the bathroom. The cleaning apparatus of the bathroom should be placed aside.

Water should not be allowed to accumulate in the corners or water will create spots on the floor. Especially on the floors furnished with tiles, the spots are very prominent on them. The bathroom basin must be cleaned off. All the apparatus inside the bathroom should be kept in the correct order. Everything must be clean and tidy. Germs in the bathroom are responsible for creating diseases in humans. 

12. Cleaning the balcony

On the balcony, children use to play. Due to this, it is a must to clean the house balcony. Mopping the balcony floor, dusting, and sanitizing the grills. If there are plant pots containing soil then the balcony is a little dirtier. Then extra afford is to be done to clean the balcony. 

13. Cleaning the window

Glass and grills of the window should be cleaned once a week. Otherwise the glasses o the window will be blurry. 

Cleaning the window

Health benefits of home cleaning

It is very important to clean our house regularly. It brings us physical and mental peace. Men want to go home to release stress and have a good sleep. For this clean home is essential. It helps in keeping blood pressure normal, having a sanitized environment than outside. Also, it helps with relaxation.

Children can do their studies properly and fluently. Men can sleep out of depression. A germ-free environment prevents various disease access inside the house. So home cleaning is very essential. 

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