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Best Wheelbarrow for Moving Heavy Loads When Gardening

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Moving your equipment, building materials, or gardening supplies by hand can be tedious even if you are physically fit. That's why an ideal solution for this is to buy the best wheelbarrow for moving your stuff around.

With a great wheelbarrow, you can transport things around with minimal effort and within a shorter time. This post explores the best wheelbarrows and the factors to consider when selecting a wheelbarrow.

Let's begin!

1. Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart

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Beginning our list today is the Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart featuring a quick-release dump mechanism allowing you to unload materials fast. This heavy-duty wheelbarrow is much better than a traditional wheelbarrow since it comes with four wheels for more stability. As a result, this cart will feel more balanced even when fully loaded and won't tip over even when moving on rough terrain.

The handle is designed to provide a stable grip as you pull the cart, but it can also convert into a towable lever that you attach to a vehicle to tow the load away. Additionally, this poly wheelbarrow features a solid steel frame that makes it one of the most durable options on the market. So it's no surprise that this item is among the best wheelbarrows you can get.

The pneumatic tires are built to last and can roll smoothly over rough terrains making this cart easy to maneuver. With a maximum hauling capacity of 1200 lbs, you can use it to carry a wide range of heavy loads without compromising its longevity.


  • Easy to handle
  • Maintenance-free
  • Stable
  • High weight capacity
  • Towable handle


  • The tires aren't the most durable

2. WORX WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 Wheelbarrow

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The second best wheelbarrow on this review is the WORX WG050 Aerocart which features a turbo lift design to help you transport loads of up to 300lbs with ease. It'll feel as if you are pulling 17 pounds of gardening material even when the cart is full.

This versatile item can cane from a wheelbarrow into a yard cart, trailer tote, rock mover, extended dolly, cart dolly, bag holder, and cylinder carrier. This means you can use it to carry out different gardening or yard activities without buying additional equipment.

This two-wheel design wheelbarrow comes with rugged tires that will roll loads smoothly across harsh surfaces without getting flat. Even when changing the wheelbarrow to other designs, you don't have to worry about the functionality since the fulcrum will be ideally placed in each shape.


  • Versatile design
  • Easy to assemble
  • 300 pounds weight capacity
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Solid frame


  • Not the best option for construction work

3. Marathon Yard Rover Wheelbarrow Garden Cart

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Next up, we have the Marathon Yard Rover by Garden Star. It features a 5 cubic foot tray made from durable plastic for maximum longevity. It can haul about 300 pounds of loads, making it a great option for moving your gardening essentials. Thanks to the two wheels have air-filled tires to let you easily lift, balance, and maneuver this wheelbarrow around your garden without hassle.

This tool is ideal for use around the farm, garden, barn, or lawn since it is easy to assemble and comes with a loop handle that makes the rover easy to push. The design of the tray allows you to use it to move a variety of items around without fear of corrosion or rust since it's made of plastic. Thanks to the loop, you don't have to reorganize your entire workshop or garage to accommodate it. Instead, you can quickly hang it on your wall or keep it upright to ensure you use the least amount of storage space.


  • Tube-type air wheels
  • Rustproof
  • Easy to store
  • Lightweight plastic tray
  • Large load capacity


  • The axle wobbles since it's quite long

4. Polar Trailer Utility Cart

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The Polar Trailer Utility Cart is also among the best wheelbarrows on the market. It features a load capacity of about 400 pounds, making it suitable for transporting heavier loads from the farm, garden, yard, or dock. This heavy-duty wheelbarrow has a large dual-wheel design with rubber tires that won't ever go flat.

It also comes with a polyethylene tub ranging to about 10 cubic feet in volume, carrying yard debris, soil mulch, or gardening supplies. Since the axle is well-positioned in the center, you'll have enough balance to move a heavy load using minimum effort.

This utility cart is easy to assemble and will hold up well against breakage, rust, or the elements, thanks to its sturdy build. There aren't that many steps involved in putting it together, and you won't need advanced knowledge or special tools for assembly.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy to maneuver
  • High load capacity


  • Support legs obstruct movement up or down a slope.

5. Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Garden Cart

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The fifth best wheelbarrow for your transport needs is the Best Choice Products multipurpose garden cart, which carries a deep design for loading as much as 5 cubic feet of material. It's a great pick if you are involved in a landscaping or home improvement project since it can comfortably haul bricks, gravel, mulch, or soil without extra hassle.

It comes with 2 inflatable rubber tires, which provide enough support to maneuver across rough terrains smoothly. The tray is made from durable plastic, making it rust and corrosion-free while ensuring long-lasting performance. It can hold up to 330 pounds of weight, and the steel frame is powder-coated to ensure its durability.

The handles are sturdy and are fitted with an ergonomic rubber grip to make it easier for your hands to push the cart without discomfort. If you have storage space concerns, you can rest easy with this garden cart since you can store it conveniently by tipping it over and keeping it upright.

This cart will meet your needs appropriately since it's easy to push or pull to move around your space and quickly tilts to help you unload the materials.


  • Large weight capacity
  • Durable build
  • Easy to store
  • Budget-friendly


  • Poor axle design

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Wheelbarrow

1. Types of Wheelbarrows

There are three main types of wheelbarrows you can buy. The exact choice you make will depend on your needs and preferences.

  • Hybrid Wheelbarrows

Hybrid types combine the traditional wheelbarrow design with a modern look. Unlike the classic wheelbarrows, the hybrids can feature more than one wheel and have a larger hauling capacity.

  • Hill Use Wheelbarrows

As the name suggests, hill-use wheelbarrows are specially designed to carry loads across hilly terrains. If you'd like a hill-use wheelbarrow, it'll be best to go with one featuring a plastic build. This will reduce the amount of weight you'll be pulling or pushing, making your work easier than a traditional steel wheelbarrow.

  • Electric Wheelbarrow

If you are a technology enthusiast, you should go with an electric wheelbarrow. They will do most of the work for you but will come at a higher price than manual wheelbarrows. Nevertheless, they aren't that necessary for most people, which is why they are not that popular.

2. Load Tray Material

The tub of your wheelbarrow could be made of plastic, wood, or steel. Generally, the sturdier and heavier the material, the higher the weight capacity. As a result, a steel tray wheelbarrow can hold a heavier load than a plastic tub.

Unfortunately, steel construction isn't always the best choice despite being the most durable. This is because steel material is quite heavy, and the load will only be additional weight. That is why they are quite difficult to handle since they result in a higher total weight.

You'll want a wheelbarrow that is sturdy but lightweight enough for you to load and carry heavy materials while still being light enough to maneuver.

3. Load Capacity

Every wheelbarrow comes with a specific weight capacity for the materials it can carry. As such, some wheelbarrows can carry heavier loads than others. The primary determinant for the load capacity you need in a wheelbarrow is the type of work you are handling.

If you are dealing with a construction project, you should choose from the best steel wheelbarrows since they have a sturdy build that can withstand extreme weights without breaking down. While plastic wheelbarrows can hold a high weight capacity, they might not last very long carrying bricks and stones.

4. Volume/Cubic Feet

The volume of your wheelbarrow refers to the amount of space available to carry the load, which is measured in cubic feet. Therefore, the least amount of volume you should go with is about 5 to 6 cubic feet. Fortunately, there are larger volume wheelbarrows like those that hold a 10 cubic foot capacity.

Volume doesn't directly translate to weight since even with a 1200 pound weight limit, a wheelbarrow with a small volume won't accommodate that much material. That is why the volume is an essential consideration as you choose the best wheelbarrow.

5. Wheel Design

Wheelbarrows come with a varying number of wheels depending on the manufacturer. The classic one-wheel wheelbarrow features a single wheel, making it hard to maneuver around rough terrains, especially when carrying heavy loads up a hill.

If you prefer a stable wheelbarrow, you should go with one having two wheels. A two-wheel wheelbarrow can be great for balance, but some people prefer a four-wheel cart. A yard cart can be a suitable pick since you can comfortably pull it behind you instead of the standard push.

6. Wheel Types

The wheels of wheelbarrows can be made from different materials. The best wheelbarrows mostly feature pneumatic tires, which are designed similar to a car's tires. These tires can be inflated without hassle, but they can get punctured. Nevertheless, these tires deliver a smooth roll that helps you move around your yard or garden with minimal effort.

You should avoid a wheelbarrow with plastic wheels or with tires without treads since they can break down as you work and leave you with a lot of clean-up to do. While inflatable tires seem like a hassle, they are easy to replace and inflate.

7. Handles

The traditional wheelbarrows mostly feature wooden handles attached to the back of the wheelbarrow to help you load the materials on and off. Unfortunately, wood isn't the strongest material and can break if you are handling heavier loads. If you are transporting heavy construction materials, it's better to go with a wheelbarrow featuring steel handles.

Additionally, the handles should have a rubber grip at the ends to make it easier for you to hold the handles during transport. This ensures you can push and pull the wheelbarrow around without accumulating fatigue in your hands quickly.

8. Maintenance

The last thing to consider is the ease of maintaining the wheelbarrow. You don't want a unit that you are not equipped to clean or maintain. As such, we recommend you go with wheelbarrows that have a powder-treated tub if you want a metal wheelbarrow. This will help prevent rust, corrosion, and other damages that compromise the longevity of the wheelbarrow.

On the other hand, you could choose a plastic wheelbarrow which will require little attention. Since plastic is rust and corrosion-free, your only worry will be breakage issues which won't be easy to encounter if you pick a wheelbarrow with a large weight limit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best wheelbarrow to buy?

The best wheelbarrow on our review is the Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart.

2. Are 2 wheel wheelbarrows better?

2-wheel wheelbarrows are more stable and easier to maneuver than a single-wheel wheelbarrow since they balance the weight well.

3. Which is better, a plastic or metal wheelbarrow?

If you want a lightweight wheelbarrow for handling simple gardening or yard tasks, a plastic wheelbarrow will do. However, if you want to handle heavy materials, it's best to go with a metal wheelbarrow.

4. What is a good size wheelbarrow?

A great wheelbarrow should provide about 5-10 cubic feet of space for carrying loads. 

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