Best Soil For Cannabis To Maximize And Boost Yields 

 June 4, 2021

By  Agriculturist Musa

Growing weed or cannabis does not mean that you just plant your weed on any type of soil. You will need to look for the best soil for cannabis for your weed to obtain the nutrients and minerals they require to grow healthily.

Before we review the buying guide for the best soil for cannabis, we prepared a list of the best soil for weed growers leading in the market that will make your indoor and outdoor farming for cannabis plants pleasurable and, at the same time, give you more yield.

5 Best Soil For Cannabis Plants

1. Fox Farm Ocean Forest 6.3-6.8 PH Plant Garden Potting Soil Mix

Fox Farm Ocean Forest 6.3-6.8 PH Plant Garden Potting Soil Mix, 40 Pounds-1.5 Cubic Feet (2 Pack)
  • 1.5 cubic feet of high-growth potting soil mix
  • Has everything your plants need in 1 bag
  • Blend of earthworm castings, bat guano, sea-going fish and crab meal, forest humus, moss and more
  • Ocean Forest is pH adjusted at 6.3 to 6.8 to allow for optimum fertilizer uptake
  • Encourages strong branching and sturdy, healthy growth

Fox Farm Ocean Forest is the best soil for cannabis since it has a balanced ph of 6.3 to 6.8. It helps control different soil constituents concerning plant growth like soil bacteria, nutrient level, nutrient availability, toxic elements, and soil structure texture.

Ocean Forest Potting Soil mix is great for container farming and is available in a ready-to-use bag, making it easy for new cannabis growers. The cannabis plants will not need nitrogen fertilizers because the soil mix has all the components needed for strong and healthy growth.

This soil mix has a mixture of worm castings, bat guano, and fish meal which are 100% rich in organic humus and are water-soluble, enabling cannabis plants to swiftly and efficiently absorb necessary nutrients and minerals.


  • Encourages powerful growth
  • Has natural fertilizers
  • Maintains proper density for healthy root growth
  • Ideal for containerized plantings
  • Well aerated and good drainage
  • Provides young cannabis plants nutrition for up to 30 days or more without additives


  • Contains larger pieces of organic material

2. Sun Gro SUGRBG2 13020402 Black Gold Natural and Organic Soil

Sun Gro SUGRBG2 13020402 Black Gold Natural and Organic Soil, 2 Cubic Feet
  • Not sold in OR
  • Natural and organic potting soil plus fertilizer
  • This natural and organic potting soils rich, loamy mix is a premium choice for all-purpose gardening...
  • 100 percent organic base consists of screened earthworm castings, canadian sphagnum peat moss, etc
  • Blend in perlite and pumice to ensure optimum aeration

Having the best soil for cannabis does not necessarily mean that you will have to buy cannabis soils specialized for growing cannabis; you can also opt to get a purely organic soil mix. Sungro's  Black Gold is an all-organic potting soil that will do great for a basic cannabis soil recipe.

Black Gold claims to have every fundamental characteristic of healthy soil for growing cannabis. It has a blend of perlite and pumice in the loamy mix that helps develop microorganisms and is also great for hydration. The potting mix has balanced ph, worm castings, and Canadian sphagnum peat moss that will ensure that your cannabis seedlings are not burnt.

It is great for indoor or outdoor soil and has great reviews from its general gardeners and cannabis growers. The ingredients used in this organic potting mix are environmentally friendly and stimulates earthworms and extra advantageous organisms to increase and enhance soil construction and fertility.


  • 100 percent organic
  • Has a blend of perlite and pumice to ensure excellent aeration
  • Organic potting soils rich, the loamy mix is a great choice for gardening
  • Has added fertilizer
  • Reliable and high-performance base soil for cannabis
  • Promotes accelerated growth for the Marijuana


  • A bit pricey

3. Big Rootz All Purpose Potting Soil

Big Rootz All Purpose Potting Soil pH Adjusted and Enriched to Maximize Root Growth
  • Carefully formulated and pH tested for maximum results
  • Research developed award winning proprietary blend
  • Provides increased nutrients and water uptakes to foster overall plant vigor

Big Rootz is precisely formed to satisfy the demands of cannabis growers. It is an All-Purpose Soil that has rich ingredients for growing weed. The soil has good drainage, which allows the water to drain moderately without water pooling. It also has Good Water Retention, which grants water supply constantly to plants to enable continued germination and endurance.

The All-Purpose Potting Soil is great for both indoor and outdoor growers, which means it can also be added to existing soil and will also be effective for growing cannabis. Big Rootz potting mix contains peat moss, coco coir, worm casting, Fish Bone Meal, Ligna Peat, blood meal, Pumice, Seabird Guano, Feather Meal, Kelp Meal, Green Sand, Bat Guano, and Clean Sourced Compost which are used to regulate the ph levels of the soil.

Although the soil is a bit expensive compared to other organic potting mixes, it is considered the best soil for cannabis seedlings.


  • Supports improved root growth with mycorrhizae
  • Simple and Easy-to-use out of the bag
  • It is an award-winning blend
  • Provides increased nutrients and water uptakes to foster overall plant vigor
  • Contains water-retaining peat
  • Has Proper Water Drainage and good Water Retention
  • Contains pre-washed coco-coir to reduce nutrient lockout


  • The pH levels of this soil can be too high

4. Roots Organics Rod Soil Original Potting Soil

Roots Organics Rod Soil Original Potting, 1.5 Cubic ft
  • Ready-to-use coco fiber-based potting soil
  • Highest quality coco fiber/coir on the planet which is repeatedly washed for an incredibly low EC
  • Organic ingredients including bat guano, Premium earth worm castings, fish bone meal, feather meal,...
  • Roots Organics potting soil encourages healthier plants and better yields
  • Comes in a heavy-duty, ready-to-grow, 1.5 cu Ft/10 gal, camouflage print bag; simply Poke holes in...

Roots Organics Rod Original Soil is a coco coir-based soil that comprises moss, pumice, and perlite. The perlite and coco coir are the major ingredients that are used to give the soil swift drainage. The soil mix is ready to use, and the best thing is that you can use the gal that comes with this cannabis soil. The soil mix comes with a 1.5 cubic bag and weighs around 30.8 pounds.

It is a good cannabis soil mix because it is designed with high-quality organic ingredients like bat guano, worm castings, bone meal, mycorrhizae, green sand, humic acid, soybean meal, among others. It encourages root development, and it guarantees oxygen relinquishes the roots for maximum growth and strength, which then promotes better yields.

This coco coir-based mix is the best soil for cannabis for professional and new growers because it improves the root biomass and helps container-grown cannabis combat stress.


  • Comes in a heavy-duty, ready-to-grow gal
  • Combined with the right balances of perlite and pumice for superior drainage
  • Has a vigorous root system
  • Made with the highest quality organic ingredients
  • Coco coir fiber-based
  • Designed with a steady air to water ratio
  • Promotes great performance and heavy feeding


  • May contain bugs

5. FoxFarm FX14054 Happy Frog Potting Soil

FoxFarm FX14054 Happy Frog Potting Soil, 12 Quart
  • Ready to use right out of the bag
  • This unique mix is alive with beneficial soil microbes and mycorrhizal fungi
  • Dramatically expands root development enabling plants to feed more aggressively
  • Not for sale in: FL,GA,HI,IN,MO,SD

Happy Frog Potting Soil is particularly manufactured for container or vessel planting. The soil also has beneficial microbes, forest humus, fish meal, earth castings, bat guano, and worm castings that promote nutrient intake in the cannabis roots and regulate ph levels.

The cannabis soil is specifically made for cannabis growers. The Happy Frog Potting Soil is well known for nurturing young seedlings to give them the required ingredients till they mature. It is made for outdoor and indoor growers and gives the plant all essential requirements for growth.

The best thing is that you do not have to worry about cannabis root rot issues because the Fox farm soil is tested and has an optimal perspective of water preservation/ retention and drainage. This feature ensures that the plant is well moisturized at all times for the roots to absorb.


  • Has Proper Water Drainage and good Water Retention
  • It can be used right from the box or bag
  • Abundant in fungi and beneficial microbes
  • Has microorganisms that are required for root development
  • Has a loose and light texture and is well aerated
  • Help cannabis plants feed more aggressively
  • Provides a strong plant structure


  • Moss increases greenhouse gases which hence increases fire risk

What to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Soil For Growing Marijuana Plants

1. Soil Texture

The most commonly known soil textures are sand, rock particles, silt, and clay soils. Although the soil texture will vary from place to place, the best soil for cannabis should be 40% clay and silt and 20% sand due to the difference in the climate.

The combination is also called loamy soil; if you have soil with too much clay soil, there will be slower drainage, too much silt will create poor aeration and drainage, and there will be low drainage levels if there is too much sand in the soil.

Being aware of the soil texture will allow you to know the ingredient you will need for your potting soil. To advance the soil texture, you should consider adding organic elements to the soil. Add any type of soil with the organic matter for natural decay, and that has more limited soil chemical reactivity to your soil for proper cannabis growth.

2. Soil Composition

Most new weed growers find it hard and tedious to make their own soil mix by themselves, and it is more convenient for them to purchase ready-made cannabis soil. The soil can contain living organisms, water, air, minerals, and other organic nutrients, giving the cannabis plants sufficient foundations for growth promotion.

Calcium, carbon, nitrogen, manganese, sulfur, phosphorous, and potassium are some of the minerals you will find in these best organic soils you purchase. They make sure that the cannabis plant has enough water, proteins, chlorophyll and make sure that the ph levels of the soil are regulated.

Organic nutrients ensure that the superorganic soil gives the plant enough nutrients to strengthen the cannabis plants. They also add nitrogen levels to the soil mix. Organic nutrients are obtained from dying and decaying plants and animals and are very fundamental. Best organic soil also contains forest humus to support healthy growth.

Air is also very crucial in the growth of plants, and it is usually found in the spaces in the soil. The air gives the living soil a good balance for cannabis plants to flourish. Water is also a catalyst for plant nutrition.

Bacteria, fungi, algae, arthropods, nematodes, protozoa, and worm castings are microorganisms in good cannabis soil. These microorganisms manipulate hormone protection against pathogens.

3. Ingredients

The soil ingredients are among the essential factors you should consider when planning to buy potting soil to grow your weed. There are many variations of cannabis soil, and it can be hectic to settle on one that will make sure that you have the right soil. You will need to understand the ingredients that are used in making these super organic soils.

First, you should make sure you buy organic soil and then establish the soil's texture and the brand you want for your super soil. You are then supposed to check the ingredient that is used to make the soil you will choose. The important ingredients you should check are; Bat Guano, sphagnum peat moss, organic earthworm castings, Fish meal, Plant Food, Coco Coir, Dolomite Lime, Sandy Loam, and several others.

If the label chart of the soil indicates the mentioned ingredients, it is the best potting soil for Marijuana. It also indicates that the super-organic soil is good to start growing your young cannabis plants.

4. pH Value

The best soil for cannabis will have the right ph, which is around six. If you need to test the soil ph levels, you will have to purchase a special kit that will enable you to measure the ph levels of the soil. You will not need to worry much about the ph levels of your soil because most soil mixes have buffing features that assist in keeping a moderately constant pH. It is advisable to use a big plant container to give the soil enough space to buffer.

5. Drainage

Good quality cannabis soil should have good drainage to promote healthy growth. If the soil you have has poor drainage, you will notice that they will be a pool form every time you water your plants. For better growth, weed plants should have good drainage within the waterings. A soil mix with amendments like coco coir, perlite, vermiculite will sure have good drainage qualities.

6. Water Retention

Good soil for growing cannabis should have good drainage features, which means the soil mixes should be drained easily and at the same time retain enough moisture for the plant. The best soil for weed growing should have a perfect blend; for example, sandy soil and silty will drain water faster while clay soil will retain too much water; a blend of the three will provide a good draining soil mixer. Loam soil is the best soil that has optimal retaining water capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Soil for Growing Cannabis

1. What is sphagnum peat moss used for?

Small-scale and professional growers use sphagnum peat moss to add to their gardens or container plants as a soil additive. Peat moss is commonly used for growing weed and other plants.

2. Can you plant directly into super soil?

When growing cannabis seeds or any other young seedlings directly into the super soil is not okay. You should fill your container plants with the super soil halfway and fill the remaining part with the best soil for cannabis, similar to the one you use for your soil mixtures. 

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