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Lawnmowers come in different shapes and forms. Settling on one will depend on the size of your lawn and your needs.

Investing in the best garden tractor means that you've got a sizeable yard. It also means that your activities include more than mowing the grass. These nifty machines are designed to be heavy-duty; hence, they can handle tasks like digging, tilling, going uphill/downhill, etc.

Deciding on the best model might seem confusing at first; that's why we created outlining the best garden tractors and features to consider when buying them.

Best Garden Tractors

1. Husqvarna YTA24V48 Pedal Tractor Mower

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If looking for a powerful machine that will allow you to landscape up to 3 acres of land, then this is the best garden tractor.

The Husqvarna boasts an impressive 24 HP Briggs and Stratton V Twin engine.

The cutting deck has a deep deck design that can easily be adjusted to your preferred height with a spring-assisted lever. The garden tractor features a 16-inch turning radius that allows you to bypass obstacles and mow in narrow spaces quickly. In addition, the model can cut a 48-inch wide area.

The garden tractor offers an auto transmission and an air induction mechanism allowing for smoother cuts and fewer clogs. In addition, the electric clutch makes your work more comfortable, plus there's less worry about maintenance.

The tractor is compatible with snowblades, and trailers, making it ideal for plowing snow or for towing and ideal for annual use.


  • Features a maintenance-free electric clutch and is pedal-operated
  • Has four anti-scalp wheels
  • Smooth, choke less start
  • Comfortable, high back seat
  • Automatic transmission
  • Has an air induction motor
  • Features a powerful v-twin engine
  • Compatible with snow blowers
  • The cutting deck can be easily adjusted to be preferred height


  • Does not do well on hills. Has difficult time going up

2. Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn Riding Mower

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The Husqvarna Zero Turn Riding Mower delivers high ground speed and an extremely fast start-up.

The garden tractor is powered by a 27 HP Briggs and Stratton Engine. It features an 11 gauge steel cutting deck which is both durable and efficient. The deck boasts a great 54 inch cut with an ergonomically designed deck lifting system allowing for quick and easy adjustments from the driver's seat.

The garden tractor comes with a 9-bushel triple bag collection system; hence all clippings can be discharged, mulched, or bagged in there. In addition, you can achieve a zero-degree turning angle with the tractor as it offers an individual hydraulic wheel drive. Hence, the mower can rotate around its own axis without any turning radius.

Lastly, the tractor features the hour meter that lets you know when to service the machine.


  • Best garden tractor for large, relatively flat areas
  • Features an ergonomic design
  • Durable and has a high ground speed
  • Comes with a triple bag collection system
  • Features zero-degree turning radius
  • Features the hour meter with a service reminder


  • Some reviews noted that the garden tractor lacks directional control when going downhill

3. Troy-Bilt Mustang Zero-Turn Mower

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The zero-turn mower is powered by a 24 HP Brigg & Stratton V Twin Engine.

The garden tractor has a 46-inch cutting deck that's best suited for large landscapes. It also offers 8 adjustable deck heights allowing for convenience and efficiency in mowing.

The tractor features 360-degree maneuverability allowing you to save time without follow-up trimming and utilizes electric Power Take-Off (PTO) for fast blade engagement. In addition, it features 2-Way Adjustable Lap bars for riders of all measurements that automatically engage the brake as you open them to get on the mower.

The garden tractor is powered by a 22 HP Brigg & Stratton Twin engine and has an electric PTO and dual EZT transmission. In addition, it features 2-Way Adjustable Lap bars for riders of all measurements that automatically engage the parking brake as you open them to get onto the tractor.

Additionally, you can mount optional FastAttach attachments to transform the tractor in a couple of minutes into a multifunctional machine.


  • Comes with a premium deck wash
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • You can easily mount attachments
  • Features  2-Way adjustable lap bars that fit many riders
  • Features a comfortable high back seat


  • Tends to slip a lot when cutting on a hill sideways

4. Simplicity Regent Tractor Mower

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This model can easily be considered on the most comfortable tractors as it features a cushioned seat with a backrest with shock absorption allowing you to ride pain-free.

The tractor has an exclusive suspension system that offers  25% less impact than a standard tractor with no suspension. This essentially equates to more comfort as there'll be fewer vibrations.

The riding mower features a 48-inch floating deck that allows the deck to follow the contours of your lawn, giving a scalp-free cut. In addition, the full-width rear rollers provide a smooth finish allowing you to create ballpark lawn stripes.

With the tractor, you can expect faster mowing. It features LED headlights allowing you to work at night. In addition, you can easily adjust the cutting height of the mower deck with the simple touch of a switch. It features an electric height-of-cut that lets you choose from 1. 5 to 4-inches, and the easy-to-read indicator shows the Height selected.


  • Comfortable cushioned seat
  • Features a reliable 25 HP engine
  • Provides a scalp free cut
  • Offers electric height adjustment
  • Hydrostatic transmission


  • Expensive

5. RYOBI RY48111 Riding Lawn Mower 

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If in search of a green or environmentally friendly alternative, the Ryobi Lawn Mower would be ideal.

The lawn tractor operates without the need for gasoline and instead features a Battery Electric Rear Engine. It runs on 100Ah lead-acid batteries that will give you approximately 2.5 hours of runtime.

The lawn tractor requires very little maintenance, and when it comes to charging, all you need is to plug the batteries into a 120-Volt outlet. 

The Ryobi tractor features 3 brushless motors and a 38-inch cutting deck. The cruise control allows you to adjust the cutting deck in 12 positions from 1.5 to 4.5 inches, to get a clean and level cut every time. 


  • Battery operated
  • Easy to operate
  • Features LED headlights
  • Eco friendly and operates quietly
  • Requires very little maintenance


  • Batteries are not very durable

Features To Consider When Buying Best Garden Tractors

a) Horsepower

Generally, the bigger the tractor's blade, the more power it needs to turn it. Garden tractors tend to range from 20 to 30 horsepower. The higher the horsepower, the faster the results. The best garden tractors that tend to have high horsepowers will give you the feel of a professional feel and are best suited for pulling heavy loads, digging, tilling, etc. If you're searching for a machine to cut grassland acres and normally don't let the grass get too tall, a garden tractor with a low horsepower would be ideal.

b) Size of Mower Deck

When searching for the best garden tractor, it's important to know that the size of the mower deck will significantly impact the performance of your lawn tractor.

A garden tractor with a larger deck lets you cut extra grass faster, while a smaller one will afford you more agility. When selecting the mower deck size, ensure that your tractor can fit where it needs to go once the mower deck is attached.

c) Speed

Garden tractors offer two different speed options: single and multi-speed

Lawn tractors with a single-speed system mow at a fixed pace. These are great for landscaping lawns with an open layout and few obstacles. They tend to be cheaper compared to multi-speed models.

Multi-speed lawn tractors offer two to seven different speed settings. They are best suited for mowing around treed on flat or ridged terrain.

d) Wheel Size

Generally, the bigger the tire of a lawn tractor, the more stable it will be on rough or steep terrain. Most garden tractors' wheel sizes fall within the range of 20 to 23 inches. A bigger tire also makes it easier to navigate muddy conditions.

e) Size of Your Property

The size and terrain of your property will largely determine your decision when it comes to selecting the best garden tractors.

Riding mowers are best suited for lawns that are at least 1/2 acre in size. Something worth noting is that a small riding lawn mower usually runs slower than a larger lawn tractor with a powerful engine. Hence, mowing takes longer with a small riding mower.

A garden tractor is generally faster and will probably have a larger mowing deck, allowing you to mow a large lawn easier. If your lawn has several trees or other obstacles, ensure to check the turning radius of each mower you consider.

Mowing is easier with a machine that allows you to cut as closely as you can to the obstacles.

Lastly, if your property/yard has uneven terrain, ensure to choose the best garden tractor with deck wheels, as it will help control mowing height.

f) Transmission Type

When searching for the best garden tractors, there are three types of transmission you're likely to come across:

  • Transmatic Transmission – This type allows for continuously variable shifting. A garden tractor with this transmission allows you to choose your basic speed by moving the speed shift lever to start mowing. Pressing down on the brake pedals results in slowing the speed, and you can start again without having to change gears. On the release of the brake pedal, the tractor automatically resumes to your pre-set speed.
  • Hydrostatic Transmission – A garden tractor with hydrostatic transmission allows for smooth and precise maneuvering. It allows you to control velocity and infinitely variable forward and reverse speed by the tilt foot pedal. Hence, you can leave both hands on the steering wheel without there being any need to operate the clutch or shift gear.
  • Zero Turn Mower - Generally, each rear wheel of this garden tractor has its separate transmission, which is important when you have to drive the machine in compact spaces. However, this tractor design is primarily built for mowing lawns, hence, not suitable for heavy-duty attachments.

g) Foot Pedal Vs. Hand Lever Control

Deciding on the type of control you also prefer counts when deciding on the best garden tractor. Again, this comes down to a matter of comfort. Some garden tractors feature a throttle mounted next to the steering wheel; thus, you have to take a hand off the wheel to adjust your speed. The other option is to use a foot pedal, just like the accelerator on a car.

  • Hand Levers

The benefit of hand levers is that they function as a form of cruise control. For instance, if you're mowing four flat acres, it can get tiring to have your foot on the pedal all the time.

The downside is that you have to take one hand off the wheel to adjust your speed, and they can get moved unintentionally if you're navigating through brush or low tree limbs, both of which are safety issues.

Hand levers are best suited for gentle terrain and activities that don't require you to change speed, like mowing and tilling constantly.

  • Foot Pedals

Foot pedals are best suited for rough terrain and for activities like digging or scooping soil and maneuvering in tight places.

Since garden tractors are geared for very intensive activities that don't just involve manicuring the lawn, they often come with foot pedals - especially the higher-end models.

Generally, foot pedals are highly preferred and considered to be better but tend to cost more.

g) Durability

The best garden tractors are designed and built to last. It is essential to look for machines with good quality parts, especially the rods, axles, and connectors, and offer good warranties.

When buying online, check the reviews to see what other customers said about the durability. It would also help to check the bearings and other friction-prone sections for grease fittings. You don't want a garden tractor without these lubrication points to keep operations smooth.

Lastly, it's important to check if the wires are accessible to fiddle with if problems arise.

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