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Best Dandelion Killer For A Weed-Free And Nourished Lawn

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The lawn you might take great pride in can sometimes grow pesky weeds. Among the weeds are the brilliant yellow dandelion flowers. If left unchecked, dandelions can grow thick and spread fast. The best dandelion killer might be your only choice if you hope to get rid of the weeds without damaging the rest of your lawn.

Dandelion Killers

1) Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed

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Scott's weed killer is guaranteed to kill dandelions weeds and other broadleaf weeds. The weed grip technology is designed to target specific weeds while leaving your grass free to grow healthy. Crowding out weeds is another specialty of this builder weed. However, it also acts as a fertilizer to keep your grass growing strong thick roots.

It feeds your lawn and helps to protect against future weeds. The weed killer itself contains corn gluten, a natural product used to control the emergence of weeds. For the best results, this weed killer should be applied in early spring and late summer. It is best used at least two times a year on a well-established lawn or backyard.

The application should be made when the grass is wet, and the weeds have started showing.


  • All-natural weed control
    It can be used during spring and fall.
  • Has a wide coverage area (90 sq ft).
  • It can be used for moss control.
  • Results can be seen in three days.
  • Thickens out your lawn.
  • Environmentally friendly.


  • Using too much can kill your grass in some spots.

2) Espoma Organic Weed Preventer Plus Lawn Food

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Killing dandelions, crabgrass, and other unwanted weeds are essential for a healthy lawn. Espoma organic weed killer is efficient for killing weeds and quick greening of your lawn. The design of this versatile weed killer is for use on already established lawns. In addition, the application to the lawn should be on dry grass.

Depending on the spread you use on your lawn, you might need to adjust the settings to ensure the proper amount is applied. Too little might not remove the stubborn weeds, and too much may kill your grass and cause striping in some areas of your lawn.

Actively growing weeds will immediately be killed by this pre-emergent herbicide. As far as organic goes, this lawn food is a nitrogen-rich fertilizer and has corn gluten to kill existing weeds. As an organic dandelion killer, it is not only limited to dandelions but other weeds as well.


  • Made from 10% corn gluten meal.
  • Provides long-lasting greening.
  • Safe for children and pets.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Covers large area (2500 sq ft).
  • Provides long-lasting nitrogen for your lawn.
  • Prevents other weeds from growing.


  • It might attract bugs and insects like flies.

3) Ortho 0430005 B Gon Weed Remover for Lawns

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The best dandelion killer can be found in a bottle of ortho weed. It is advisable to spray this on the entire plant for best results when it is actively growing. The ortho weed b gon weed killer is one of the selective herbicides used mostly on broadleaf weeds, dandelion weeds, and about 250 other weeds. It is especially suited for northern and southern lawns and, at the same time, keeps your lawn grass healthy.

This weed killer for lawns can be applied with any spreader, and it kills weeds to the roots. You will see results within hours after application. Unlike most weed killers, this selective herbicide does not need to be mixed with water. You can simply spray it directly from the container it comes in.

It is a reliable dandelion killer because it can be used on any lawn grass, safely including Bermuda grass.


  • Safe for vegetable gardens.
  • Multipurpose weed killer.
  • Ready to use without mixing.
  • Ready to spray.
  • It can be applied in the spring or fall seasons.


  • Chemical herbicides are not safe for the environment.

4) Spectracide Weed and Grass Killer Concentrate

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Spectracide is a non-selective herbicide and also an effective method to kill weeds. Unfortunately, apart from broadleaf weeds and other weeds, it also kills desirable plants. Therefore, it might not be best to spray herbicides in your flower beds. However, you can avoid spraying the herbicide directly on the plants you want to keep.

For the best outcome, it is recommended to apply the herbicide in warm and sunny weather. It is also the best weed killer if you want to start afresh with other plants. It kills any plant it comes into contact with, hence why it might be the perfect dandelion killer spray.

It is also a fast-acting weed killer and kills weeds faster than several weed killers on the market.


  • It can be dispersed with a garden hose.
  • Results after 24 hours.
  • Works on all unwanted plants.
  • Rainproof in 15 minutes.
  • Plant afresh after one day.
  • Perfect for lawn renovation.
  • General weed control.


  • Unsafe for pets and children.
  • Corrosive on the skin.

5) Southern Ag Amine Weed Killer 24D

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This weed killer is effective on general weeds and any other plant that comes into contact with it. Its specialties are broadleaf plants and woody plants. Because it is laced with toxic chemicals for maximum weed destruction, when spraying, it is preferred you don't spray the mixture on shrubs and other vegetation.

It is well-suited for large areas such as lawns, golf courses, and cemeteries, to name a few. The results take about two weeks to be seen, but you will remain weed-free for up to four months. It is intended for specific types of grass but not others. Grasses like Bahia, Bermuda, and rye, among others, are safe. However, some improved grass species from the South will die if exposed to this weed killer.


  • Economical.
  • Good for lawn renovations.
  • Stops weed growth.
  • Pre and post-emergent weed killer.
  • Gives full coverage spray.
  • Perfect for use in spring and summer.


  • It might kill healthy plants.

Why Should You Consider a Buying Guide For Dandelion Killers?

There are different types of weed killers. Based on how they operate and how they are applied, it is safe to say; there are different varieties. You want to choose the perfect weed killer for your lawn. If you go with a natural organic herbicide, you might need to re-apply to get the best results. If you go with a chemical weed remover, one application is enough to eliminate unwanted vegetation.

a) Selective Weed Killers

Selective herbicides are specially formulated to kill certain weeds and leave other plants alive and healthy. This is a good method because it just might get rid of those pesky weeds and hinder their future growth. Essentially, it is great for lawns that are already grown and need some help with the weeds crowding the entirety of your lawn.

b) Non-selective Weed Killers

As the name suggests, these weed killers dry out any plant they come into contact with. So it might not be suitable if your lawn has broad leaf weeds co-existing with your favorite flowers. However, this method might be necessary because the dandelion flower grows deep roots and spreads quickly.

c) Organic Herbicides

If you are an environment conservationist, then you most likely should go with an organic herbicide. Knowing the ingredients of the herbicide, you intend to use is essential. Organic ingredients might even be beneficial for your lawn or vegetable garden with weeds.

d) Inorganic Herbicides

These are purely chemical concentrates that are fast-acting. Using chemical herbicides might suit your needs, especially if there is a large area to cover. They usually have restrictions as to the application process, such as not overusing. Provided you follow the instructions on the label, your lawn should do just fine.

e) Systemic Weed Killers

After spraying this herbicide on weeds, it acts by killing off the roots. Therefore, they are suitable for killing weeds that are present all year round. They are also perfect for already established weeds. This means they work well on weeds at any growth stage.

f) Contact Weed Killers

This type of weed preventer is most commonly used because of its availability. It is fast-acting and kills any plant it comes into contact with. They don't usually interrupt the growing process of the weed because it does not kill the roots. Weeds with a well-established root system might survive the application. With this weed killer, you might need a few applications to get the job done.

g) Residual Weed killers

These might be the best dandelion killers. Why? Because they also double up as an extended control weed preventer. They keep weeds away from your lawn or garden for a longer period. This is perfect if you intend to do a lawn renovation, clear weeds from a pathway, or clear weeds growing on cracks on the pavement.

h) Durability

By durability, we mean the resilience of the weed killer to weather. If it can work for you all year round and not be affected by weather conditions, it is a good choice. A common way to get the best dandelion killer is to look at reviews online. How customers receive a weed killer will aid you in purchasing the right one.

i) Temperature Requirement

Some weed preventers actually work in hotter climate temperatures. Others work well in the rainy season. The herbicide which kills weeds in a hot climate might not work as well in a cooler climate. It comes down to where you stay and what herbicide is the best dandelion killer.

Frequently Asked Questions

i) How Do I Know If My Weed Killer is Safe For My Lawn?

Different weed killers target different problems. You should first know the type of grass on your lawn. Then you should purchase a weed killer which does not kill the type of grass you have.

ii) How Long Before I See Results After Applying Weed Killer?

Depending on the type of herbicide, you should see results anywhere from 24 hours to two weeks.

iii) Can I Use a Herbicide After Seeding My Lawn?

With most herbicides, the answer is no. Because herbicides prevent the growth of weeds, they could also prevent the growth of your lawn. Some herbicides, however, pose no threat to seeds and can be applied after you have sown seeds.

iv) Do I Have To Mow My Lawn Before Applying A Herbicide?

Tall grass can be mowed a day or two ahead, do not cut the grass while spreading the weed herbicide, and don't cut the grass and later that day apply the weed herbicide. Either cut the grass a couple of days ahead or wait a couple of days after applying before cutting the grass.

v) How Can I Tell If Weed Killing Has Been Successful On My Lawn?

There are usually clear signs. For one, your lawn will look healthier and greener. This is because the weeds you wanted to get rid of will have wilted and died. After two weeks, you will have a clear and lush lawn or garden. Some weeds may have yellow leaves or spots, and other patches in your lawn may turn white. This is nothing to worry about, as they will all eventually die.

Bottom Line

Before picking the right herbicide for your lawn, ensure you conduct your research. Some things you can do include reading the label on the back of the herbicide packaging. They are usually labeled by words like "CAUTION." If that does not satisfy you, you can also read customer reviews online. Customer reviews can be a big help.

Lastly, you can also ask for help. In the event that you go to buy your herbicide at the store, you can always ask the attendants for more advice and what's best suited for your lawn needs. With the right advice, your lawn will be happy, and so will you.

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