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Best Cordless Lawn Edger for Edging and Trimming Your Lawn

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Whether you have a yard that's large or small, filled with flower beds or minimally landscaped, one of the easiest ways to tame those unruly edges and maintain manicured lawns is to invest in the most reliable and best cordless lawn edger.

Similar to artwork, an evenly trimmed yard perimeter should elevate the overall appearance of your lawn. Crisp, clean edges signify a well-tended development and property, especially along the driveways, walkways, sidewalks, and garden beds. Likewise, a manicured lawn should dramatically boost your curb’s appeal. Cordless lawn edgers have long enabled homeowners to create well-manicured, crisp, and clean landscaping lines.

Best Cordless Lawn Edger for Your Yard

1. Black+Decker 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery High-Performance Trimmer and Edger

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The Black +Decker is a battery-operated cordless edger that converts in one easy twist from a weed whacker to the lawn edger. Its patented Automatic Feed Spool enables the user to instantly advance the 30-foot trimming line that at times may break or crumble. In addition, the Black+Decker edger has a patented Powerdrive transmission that will effectively power through the dense grass and overgrowth.

With its two unique power modes, you can either opt for the longer or stronger performance mode. In addition, its premium lithium-ion battery gives you up to an hour of runtime in normal usage. With this, most people can clean, define and straighten their landscaping lines even after a single charge.

This particular Black+Decker cordless edger model comes with 2 identical batteries, and you also have the option to purchase extra batteries as you see fit. Other than its powerful performance, the Black + Decker edger has an adjustable ergonomic design and a D-shaped handle that can be slid up and down the shaft.

The telescopic shaft is adjustable to the height that better suits personal standards, while its foam handle padding reduces the friction felt during long landscaping sessions.


  • Has a 20 Volt Lithium-ion battery that's powerful enough to clean, define and straighten the landscaping lines even after a single charge.
  • Converts into a 2-in-1 trimmer and edger.
  • Has a power drive transmission.
  • Comes with an automatic feed spool.
  • Limited 2-year warranty


  • The battery takes a long time to charge.

2. WORX WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12" Cordless String Trimmer and Edger

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Another powerful 2-in-1 tool, the Worx WG163 12-inch cordless string trimmer/edger, is capable of cleaning and straightening your lawn and garden borders. In addition, the trimmer makes it easy for you to change the position of your guiding wheel, and no tools will be needed to make that switch.

Once locked, it’s ready to go, and the edger should put out 7,600+ rotations per minute at top-notch speed using a 12-inch cutting diameter that helps this trimmer to work its magic. It's a convertible battery-operated edger powered by a pair of 20-volt lithium-ion batteries, which lets you charge one battery as you make use of the other. The 20-volt batteries are compatible with the entire Worx tool 20-volt line.

It features a 10-foot cutting line spool with an automatic feed feature, which means that there’s no need to bump the line continuously; all you need to do is click on a fully charged battery and start cutting. The edger also comes with a flower spacer guard to help protect your lovely flower garden and vegetation from this fast-moving trimming line edger.

This edger and trimmer is extremely light in weight and ergonomically portable since it only weighs a mere 5.3 pounds. It comes with two handles: the angled and adjustable D-shaped bar on its front and a traditional pistol grip at the rear. In addition, the quick-release lever on the telescopic shaft enables you to adjust the height pretty fast and simply.


  • 2-in 1 tool that's used for trimming and edging.
  • 12-inch cutting diameter that has an instant line feeding.
  • Telescopic height adjustment for fast and simple height adjustment.
  • Ultra-light in weight at only 5.3 lbs.
  • Ergonomic and portable.
  • Limited 3-year warranty for utmost reliability.


  • Made of plastic, so it's not as durable.

3. Greenworks 24V 12-Inch String Trimmer / Edger

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This 12-inch cordless string trimmer/edger is powered by a durable lithium-ion battery and a powerful pivoting head with two different functions. First, it's a hassle-free electric starter with makes it one of the easiest machines to use at the beginning of each new season. Furthermore, this edger/trimmer machine uses a 12-inch cutting path that can easily clean cut the overgrowth where the traditional manual lawn mower can’t fit.

With at least 25 minutes of runtime per charge, you can safely alternate between its two functions to manicure your lawns. Many users review it as one of the most comfortable cordless string trimmer/edger they've come across. Its dual handles will give you full comfort and control.

This edger only weighs 8 pounds and has its battery attached to the top of its shaft, making it lightweight and balanced. With a telescoping shaft, users can adjust it to be at a comfortable height for them. In addition, Greenworks has an automatic trimming line feed that makes the model one of the most low-maintenance edgers in the market.


  • 24V powerful string trimmer/edger.
  • A 12-inch cutting path that can easily cut an overgrowth clean where traditional lawnmowers can’t.
  • An automatic line feed that makes it a low-maintenance edge.
  • Telescoping shaft for height adjustment.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Affordably priced.


  • The battery charge doesn’t last long.

4. Toro 51484 Cordless 12-Inch 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Electric Trimmer

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Finding a budget-friendly edger that performs well up to standards is not always easy. However, it’s safe to say that the 20-volt Toro edger outperforms even far pricier alternatives. In addition, it offers 2 services and tools for the price of 1 since it converts from an edger to a weed whacker in a matter of a few seconds.

It comes with premium add-ons and an automatic line feed that enables you to focus on your task. Its generous 2-year warranty gives the consumers a longstanding safety assurance. In addition, it has ergonomic additions, such as a telescoping shaft and an adjustable D-handle that provide that extra comfort and support during a lengthy edging.


  • A 2-in-1 20V Lithium-Ion trimmer and edger.
  • A 12-inch cutting width.
  • An auto line feed.
  • A telescoping shaft and an adjustable assist handle for convenience.
  • Limited 2-year warranty for reliability.


  • Short battery life.

5. EGO Power+ EA0800 8-Inch Edger Attachment for EGO 56-Volt Lithium-ion Multi-Head System

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Once you add the EGO edger attachment to the EGO power+ powerhead PH1400, which can be bought separately, you get convenient and efficient edging. Using the EGO’s 8 inches, Edger attachment will help you create and keep precise and clean edges around the entrance, sidewalks, and patio easily. The attachments are specially designed for the EGO power+ powerhead system to provide quality performance. Its 56V arc lithium battery pack, which comes separately, the EGO multi-tool functionality and operation of gas without the sound, fumes, and fuss has driven this battery-powered edger.


  • The 56-volt lithium-ion cordless powerhead gives you a long-run time.
  • Its depth adjustment knob makes it easy to personalize it.
  • The edger has an active lock-off switch to help keep everyone safe when the edger is not in use.


  • It doesn't come with a support handle.

Factors to Consider when Buying the Best Cordless Lawn Edger

A) Cutting Depth and Diameter

Some edgers come with a rotating trimming string to cut the grass and weeds. Edgers that use the string style generally have a wider cutting diameter. Furthermore, their cutting capacity typically should range between 12-14 inches.

On the other hand, the conventional string trimmers will require users to pull the string manually. Most of the latest models will feature automatic feed functions. These automatic feeds release a new section of string from the hidden spool. You can always purchase the replacement string spools separately when the original ones run out.

The traditional manual lawn edgers still get the job done using metal blades that create well-defined and manicured borders on your flower beds. Blades come either flat, pointed or scooped. Generally, the more dynamic a blade is designed, the better it aerates the earth. Nevertheless, using the flat or rectangular blades will still do a great job cleaning up the edges around walkways and any landscaping features you may need to do.

B) Power Source

You have a choice between a battery-powered lawn edger, an electric lawn edger, and a gas-powered lawn edger. Gas lawn edgers are usually quite large and durable. They are used by professional landscapers or homeowners with large properties. Many hardware stores rent these out for a fee.

The electric lawn edgers come either as a corded or cordless edger. Corded electric lawn edgers are ideally suited for small yards that have minimal obstacles. Also, keep in mind that corded edgers will need a compatible extension cord, and the length of your extension cord determines the range your edger will be edging. Corded lawn edgers are relatively more powerful and resilient compared to cordless electric edgers.

Cordless electric-powered lawn edgers are easy to maneuver since they rely on long-lasting, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Now, homeowners can enjoy the freedom that comes with being able to meander about their garden and yard without worrying about tangling up the extension cord.

C) Shaft and Handles

While edging and trimming, your edger must have a long shaft that’s going to be convenient enough for you to edge without having to bend your knees or back. Telescopic shafts come with adjustable heights that can be personalized to accommodate different users. Additionally, you should have a grip of both the top and middle of the handles' shaft. With height adjustment in mind, most manufacturers usually put a pistol grip at the top and a D-shaped handle on the top of its shaft.

Dual handles should give you better control, stability, and comfort, especially when performing some precision edging. Especially, the slightest move can disrupt your border.

D) Wheels

Cordless edgers will rely on the wheels to guide them along the borderline. So always consider models with dual wheels since they will give you more stability in your edging jobs. Also, choose one with grippy all-terrain wheels that won’t slip on your damp lawn.

E) Add-On Features

Cordless lawn edger models are generally simple to use and easy to maneuver. Also, consider models that come with protective shields because these machines will toss lawn debris everywhere without them.

Also, consider edgers that also double up as other yard tools, such as a string trimmer and edger or trencher. Most homes have limited storage space and need something budget-friendly and with this in mind bundling different landscaping tools into one is a welcome solution. Also, consider finding a cordless model that has an interchangeable battery.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Cordless Lawn Edger

1. Do I edge before mowing?

Trim and edge your lawn first to lessen the chances of damaging plants or trees and hardscaping when you get too close with your mower before you get behind your mower.

2. How do I make my lawn edges straight?

Before anything, make sure you are well dressed, and with all the safety measures in place, these include wearing long trousers and closed-toe shoes. Then, to create a distinct straight line against the lawn edge, run the whipper snipper. When doing this, you must know which way the breeze is blowing so that the grass, rocks, pebbles, and debris are flicked away from you.

3. How often do I edge my lawn?

a) Edge your yard at least once every year. That way, you won't have to wrestle your way through crazy overgrowth when you finally get to do it

b) Try to schedule your edging. If you're planning only to edge once a year, plan to do it around the end of June, so your lawn edge stays fresh for as long as possible

c) Never use your weed trimmer

4. How to edge my lawn without mulching?

  • Don't use bricks, instead use concrete pavers
  • Use a landscaping fabric instead of a painting drop cloth or a frost blanket
  • Maintain your yard or garden well-mulched to prevent the weeds or grass from growing out over the edge into the garden

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