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Top 10 Best Commercial Wood Chipper Shredder Reviews

Best Commercial Wood Chipper Shredder Reviews: If your business purpose is maintaining and cleaning yards, a wood chipper can give you more advantages in this field. 

But choosing the best one from the huge collection can be too difficult for anyone. For this, you need to do analysis and research on it to know each model’s positive and negative sides. This will kill your huge valuable time. To save your time and help you to make the best choice, we will talk about some best quality commercial wood chippers below. To know about these best products, read it from first to last.

Top 10 Best Commercial Wood Chipper Shredder Reviews

Now, we'll discuss Top 10 Best Commercial Wood Chipper Shredder with their reviews so that you can pick up the best one suitable for you. Let's go.

1. Sun Joe CJ602E-GRY Electric Wood Chipper

Sun Joe electric chipper will transform the debris off your yard into high nutrient mulch for your garden and will help you to reduce and recycle the waste debris very quickly. A powerful robust 15-amp motor provides the power of this chipper, its maximum generated speed is up to 4,300 rpm making quick work. It is mainly designed for light jobs. This chipper can chip wooden sticks or limbs 1.5-inches thick and over. It will decrease the waste up to 1/17th of its actual size. This wood chipper from Sun Joe will be a perfect choice for use in your yard or garden to make mulch around the flowers and tree beds.

The CJ602E machine is maintenance-free and its assemble process is very easy. You can carry this Sun Joe electric chipper anywhere you want. Just plug it and it is ready for work. For being an electric engine generated machine, the Sun Joe doesn’t produce smoke, fumes. You will never face unpredictable starts and tune-ups. The CJ602E also has a safety stop system that will stop the chipper automatically when the machine’s hopper is opened. This electric wood chipper comes with ETL approval and along with a two-year warranty.

Key features

  • Perfect for chopping twigs and branches and turning them into garden mulch.
  • 15-amp powerful electric motor.
  • Can effectively chips up to 1.5-in. thick branches.
  • Compact design and highly portable.
  • Automatic safety stops feature.
  • Corded Electric motor.
  • 2 years warranty


  • Very handy to use
  • Very well and compact design
  • Electric power generated
  • Very lightweight
  • Long durability
  • Affordable price


  • Not perfect for chopping leaves or short twigs

If you are looking for a chipper to handle anything under 1.5 inches and transform them into mulch, this one can be perfect for you.

2. Sun Joe CJ603E Electric Silent Wood Chipper

CJ603E is a very powerful but silent electric wood chipper and shredder from the company Sun Joe. The power of this chipper is supplied by a 15-amp electric motor. The CJ603E wood chipper is ideal for chopping up to 1.73in. branches, brush, twigs and leaves and make them nutrient-rich mulch. It’s 21: 1 reduction ratio will keep your garden and yard too neat and clean that will be the cause of envy of your neighbors. It is too easy to assemble.

This powerful electric wood chipper will help you to do any kind of heavy-duty jobs and its automatic safety stop feature will ensure your safety properly. This machine will give you a comfortable feel at the time of shredding your lawn debris. For its zero carbon emissions, it is known as eco-friendly. Keep your yard clean and enrich your garden with the Sun Joe wood chipper

Key Features

  • 15-amp powerful motor that can shred up to 1. 73-inches thick branches effectively.
  • Auto Safety will stop the chipper when its hopper is opened.
  • 7-inch wheel to ensure good portability. 
  • Rated voltage 120 V - 60 Hz.
  • Two years warranty from the date of purchase.


  • Don’t Produce noise at the time of operating
  • Provides safety hopper 
  • Suitable for use in any kind of place
  • Long-lasting body
  • Electrical motor with no smokes


  • Cannot load a multiple numbers of sticks together

This silent, powerful, and portable wood chipper will fulfill your requirements properly. You can buy this chipper without any worry with a two-year service warranty.

3. Earthwise GS70015 Garden Corded Electric Chipper

It’s time to say goodbye to the oil or gasoline operated wood chipper by GS70015 electric chipper from the company Earthwise. It’s operated with an electric motor that is as powerful as a gasoline motor. It has a 15-amp electric motor that contains very strong and sharp steel blades to ensure best shredding and chipping performance. The chipper can chip branches up to 1.75 inches diameter and collect them into a 40-liter collector bin. This chipper is lightweight and has a stylish slim outlook.

For safety, it has an automatic switch off feature that will turn off the switch when it would be overloaded. Though this assemble is not so hard, you will get an instruction manual for proper guidance.

Key features

  • Powerful 15-amp corded electric motor that can cut up to 1.75" thick brunches effectively.
  • To provide your hands safely, it has a temper and chute tool.
  • Portable design with rear wheels.
  • Strong aluminum body design.
  • Provide very good customer support.
  • Large size bushel collector bin.


  • Shutoff automatically when overloaded
  • Handy and lightweight
  • 40-liter large size waste collector bin
  • Smart and stylish look
  • 1.75 inches chopping ability


  • Produces more dust

If you want to get a powerful chipper and are worried about your safety, you can select it to buy. Because it’s powerful and its leaf chute and a tamper tool will protect your hand when you push down the leaves.

4. WEN Rolling Electric Wood Chipper and Shredder

Produce mulch in a natural and efficient way by using the WEN 41121 rolling electric wood chipper. It has a 15-amp engine that is operated by electric. Its 8000 RPM rotating power can cut huge debris per minute. This powerful chipper can handle 1.5 inches thick branches and leaves easily. To slice these woods quickly, it has two 7-inch sharp blades. Its two 6-inches wheels will help you to carry it anywhere. 

You will get a collection bag with the chipper that will help to gather the debris. To improve safety, this chipper prevents the starting if the hopper is opened.

Key features

  • 15-Amp rolling electric motor. 
  • Can cut down 1.5 inches brunches easily.
  • Provides over 130 cuts per second speed.
  • Has internal automatic safety mechanisms.
  • Has dual 6-inch wheels for easy transportation.
  • Two strong and sharp 7-inch cutting blades.
  • An onboard storage with a collection bag.
  •  2-years warranty.


  • Cutting speed 8,000 per minute
  • Internal built-in safety mechanism
  • 7-inches double blades
  • Made using strong materials


  • Can face clog at times

You may face a clog problem. To prevent this, avoid moist leaves. But its overall performance is very good. It’s not too noisy and fast enough to do medium and light duty jobs.

5. Landworks Wood Chipper Shredder and Mulcher

It is a heavy-duty wood chipper from the company Landworks that will give you the best experience of power. Cutting edge technology is available in this chipper. You can see a high quality slicer in this chipper that will ensure best chopping experience. It is a multi-functional wood chipper that has 3 in 1 multi-tasking capability. Its top hopper is capable of chip maximum ½ inch logs and side chute can handle up to 3-inches logs. A vacuum helps to load small debris and leaves.

This machine can produce 4.2W power and provide 3600 rpm maximum speed. It has a forced air-cooled system with a 104Db noise level. The powerful motor has 212cc capacity and 0.7 gallons fuel capacity.

Key features

  • 3 in 1 multi-functional capability. 
  • 7 HP 212cc gas powered horizontal 4-stroke Single Cylinder OHV Engine.
  • Can candle 3-inches thick wood easily. 
  • Good air-cooled system.
  • Comes with 3-year limited warranty (motor is not included).


  • 3 in 1 multi-functionality
  • You can add a tow bar, vacuum kit
  • Good cooling technology
  • Maintenance free
  • Can cut 3 inches branches or over
  • Best customer service


  • Produces loud sound

Landworks has a worldwide community that will provide you best customer service. You can’t find any major problem without having a loud sound problem. You can also add many accessories to improve wood chipping experience. By this chipper you can easily fulfil your all necessity for heavy works.

6. SuperHandy Wood Chipper Shredder & Mulcher    

This SuperHandy is an ultra-heavy-duty chipper and Shredder. A 7 HP 212cc gas powered motor supplies energy to this machine. This OHV motor is so powerful and it has a 4-stroke Single Cylinder. Its top Hopper can shred maximum 1/2" and the side chute can handle MAX 3" limbs. Its 3 in 1 multi-function will give you more advantages. Use 87+ unleaded gasoline to fuel this chipper. To fuel the engine must follow the user manual recommendation. You can use a universal vacuum kit in this chipper. You can also add a tow bar kit as an additional component to improve its performance.

Key features

  • Gasoline engine operated a multi-functional chipper.
  • Ability to chip 3" thick branch and limbs.
  • Advantage to add vacuum tool kids in the back side for loading leaf for mulching.
  • Powerful and efficient 7 HP 212cc recoil starting OHV engine.
  • Easy transportation ability for its compact design.
  • Contains maximum 0.7 gallons gasoline. 
  • 3-years Warranty.


  • Handle heavy duty jobs without any problem
  • 7HP and 212cc powerful engine
  • Grinding chamber is so powerful
  • Good customer service facility
  • Affordable price


  • Low quality debris collection bag

Overall, this SuperHandy wood will be perfect for those who are searching for a wood chipper for handling ultra-heavy-duty wood chippers for commercial purposes.

7. Sun Joe CJ601E 14-Amp Electric Wood Chipper

Sun Joe electric chipper is one of the most rated wood chippers from our list. The San Joe CJ601E wood chipper is ideal for chopping smaller branches and mulching them properly. A fast 14-amp electric engine has done the job. It has an intelligent cooling system. So, there is no burning risk accidentally. Though it is not perfect for heavy duty jobs, it can work on 1.5 inches diameter cardboard and branches.

Its 1:16 reduction ratio is surprising for this small type chipper. With this chipper, you can work effectively on green and wet items but you may have faced problems with dry corn stalks.

Key features

  • 14-amp electric motor with 4300RPM max speed.
  • Effective for chopping and shredding branches up to 1. 5-inches in diameter.
  • Up to 1/16 reduction ratio.
  • 6-inches wheel for ensuring high portability.
  • Two years warranty from the purchasing date.


  • Very easy to set and operate
  • Compact design and lightweight
  • It's fast and handy
  • ETL approved
  • Have a reset button
  • Good safety feature
  • Standard look


  • Not perfect for large branches 

Sun Joe CJ601E is a very cheap and lightweight wood chipper that is used to cut small branches and mulch leaves. It would be your best option if you are not familiar with chippers before because of the easy operating system. But Overloading may cause jamming.

8. GreatCircleUSA Gas-Powered Wood Chipper Shredder

To clean a large landscape, you can depend on this heavy-duty chipper shredder from the company GreatCircleUSA. Its 7HP, 212cc, 4-stroke and single cylinder gas engine can handle over 3-inches woods easily. Its 15:1 reduction ratio turns the branches into usable wood without facing any problems.

For 3 in 1 multifunction features, you can use a large cone, a top hopper and get access inlet for using a vacuum. For collecting the shredded branches and leaves, it has a built-in catch bag fixed on the side. This wood chipper comes with a strong, durable, metallic body cover. Its two Polyurethane made tires give it good mobility. For safety, there is an automatic fuel shut off safety feature.

You can easily attach a vacuum to improve your wood chipping experience. There is a sensor to turn off your machine automatically when the fuel level reaches low. So, no need to be worried about the machine getting damaged due to low oil. It has 16oz oil capacity.

Key features

  • 7 HP 212cc recoil starting,4-Stroke Single Cylinder OHV Gas Engine.
  • Quickly transform branches into usable wood chips.
  • 15:1 Reduction Ratio. 
  • Has 4 Y-Hammers to demolish branches and dual steel blades for shredding.
  • 3-in-1 unit featuring.
  • Good designed for ensuring safety of operators. 
  • Built-in collecting bag to avoid dropping debris on your land. 
  • 3-years limited service warranty and good customer support team.


  • 3 in 1-unit multifunction feature
  • Good reduction ratio of 15:1
  • Auto low fuel level detector sensor
  • Strong and sharp blades
  • Strong metal body
  • Works too fast


  • Too much Heavy

GreatCircleUSA is one and only authorized sellers of GreatCircle products. So, to ensure original product, buy your chipper from GreatCircleUSA and get good service from them.

9. Landworks Electric Wood Chipper Shredder

The body of this Landworks electric wood chipper shredder and Mulcher designed with polypropylene that make it durable. Also, its Electric Belt Driven motor with 15-AMP 1800Watt 120VAC 60Hz capability makes it too powerful. Its 4100RPM max speed capable it to cut 1.57 inches limbs without any effort. 17:1 reduction ratio makes it unbeatable in this budget.

This chipper does not produce smokes like gasoline powered chippers, that make it ECO friendly. It is user friendly also for its easy operating system. Dual edge blades are included in this machine. These blades have reversible features that increase their longevity. You can also optimize its chipping capability by optimizing its blades. It is too easy to assemble this chipper. 

Key features

  • 15-amp electric motor.
  • 1800 watts power producing ability.
  • 4100 RPM max rotating speed.
  • Lightweight with 25.30 lbs.
  • 17:1 mulching ratio.
  • 1.57 inches of maximum cutting diameter.
  • Durable Polypropylene body.
  • For great portability it has 6 inches wheels.
  • Suitable for use outdoors.
  • 2 years warranty.


  • Long durability, Portable & light-weight
  • Dual reversible blades with dual edges
  • Good mulch ratio
  • Overloading auto off switch
  • Suitable for a small yard
  • Easy operating feature
  • Budget friendly


  • Blades become dull very quickly

You will get this product at an affordable price. So those who have budget problems and want to get a chipper for light works, those can make it as their first choice.

10. SuperHandy Mini Wood Chipper 

SuperHandy mini wood Chipper has a extra-large hooper and a capacity to shred and chip limbs of till 3- inch diameter including a reduction ratio of 15:1.The users can also attach the wood chipper to personal lawn mower/small tractor and ATV for easy transportation. It is a 4 strokes single cylinder and 212cc 7HP horizontal engine Powered by Cylinder- OHV gas, handling capacity up to 3” diameter wood. Please keep in mind, SuperHandy mini doesn’t accept ethanol. The motor takes fuel with the gasoline of 87+ unleaded quality.

When you want to operate this machine, stay alert about your eye and hand protection. At the same time, you should follow the detailed guidelines from the manual book which is attached to the products. Besides, it includes 87 pounds weight and tree-dimension size of 34.6 x 32.2 x 22.8 inches.

Key features

  • Capable design-having extra large hopper and a capacity to shred and chip limbs with a reduction ratio of 15:1.
  • Strong and efficient- Contains 4-stroke single cylinder and has a strong recoil starting RATO 7HP horizontal engine where using gasoline as a fuel.
  • Safe and proper usable- manufactured to assure the operational safety and maintaining proper user guidelines.
  • Warranty- 3 year of limited warranty.


  • Compact and simple to transport
  • Hook it till the ATV and tow it where needed
  • 4-stroke single cylinder 212cc 7HP engine
  • Well built chipper
  • Very easy to set up


  • Replacement blade can be hard to find
  • Some blades could be poor quality

Therefore, SuperHandy mini wood chipper is another excellent machine for its amazing features apart from blade issues.

 A comprehensive buyer’s guide for Wood chipper shredder

Here are a few points you have to consider for selecting and buying the best wood chipper, shredder.

What is the wood chipper?

A wood chipper is one kind of machine that is used to reduce wood into small size wood chips. Some of them are portable, and can move them in a suitable place by its wheels. Generally, an internal engine provides power. There is a power difference between different models according to the using purposes. High powerful chippers are used in heavy-duty jobs and low powers chippers are used in light jobs. 

Wood chippers are mainly made of a hopper and a collar. Its energy is stored in its flywheel or drums and the chipping blades are arranged on the outside of the drum or flywheel. The engine of the chipper accelerates the flywheel to chip the woods.

Some of the chippers come with reversible chipping blasé and Some of them have an auto safety feature that ensures the operator’s safety.

Types of Wood Chipper, shredder

3 types of wood chippers are available in the market. Those are the drum chipper, the screw chipper, and the disk chipper

Type 1: - Drum Chipper

This type of chipper is identified by its parallel-sided drum with knives that are attached horizontally. The chip breaker of this type of machine is arranged behind the rotating knives and the knives are attached perpendicularly to the rotating blades. These types of chippers are mainly used to clean the park and forestry.

Type 2: - Screw Chipper

The interior blade of a screw chipper builds with a conical, stretching, and screw-shaped blade. The sharpened edges of these spiral-shaped blades are very effective for wood chopping. The blade of this chipper rotates parallelly at the starting of the wood refuse and the woods are pulled in by the spiral motion of the blades.

Type 3: - Disk Chipper

This chipper comes with a flywheel that is composed of a perpendicularly directed large size steel disk. Slotted disks are also found in its chopper blades. The blades chip the wood when it is pushed towards the chipper that is placed on the roller belt. The throat side knife of the chipper cuts in the opposite direction. The knives’ shape of the chipper may vary on the model of disk chipper.

Hopefully, we have got a  clear idea about the best commercial wood chipper considering the above reviews. Before buying any of them you have to consider types of chipper, size, durability, warranty and so on according to your choice. Here is a comprehensive buyer’s guide that will help you to select the excellent chipper that you want to buy. 

Size and weight

By realizing the importance of total size and weight of the chipper, you can prevent your future trouble. You can buy either a small chipper that can actually get the work done or you can purchase a long size chipper that may takes a lot of space. You have to think which types of chipper you are looking for, a smaller chipper is quite easy to store in your garage when you don’t use it and for transportation as well. On the other hand, a larger chipper has a capacity to feed a lot of tree branches at once which can save your lot of time.

Chipping capacity and reduction ratio

The chipping capacity is important to depicture the highest diameter of sticks and tree limbs which is normally between 1 and 4 inches. You will need a larger chipping capacity if you have large trees than only having a couple of trees or bushes. For measuring the volume of the resulting mulch you will need to the reduction ratio. It  measures like “The higher the reduction ratio, the smaller the volume is.”

Thus, if the reduction ratio is 15:1 that actually means fifteen bags of yard waste like limbs, twigs and trees, will be flenched down to only one bag of mulch. This is also essential to know if you want to much for  making compost.

Power source and engine

The size and capacity of the engine on a chipper mainly disclose the overall power and performance of the machine. A powerful engine can flench larger tree limbs but it takes more electricity and gas as well.

The chipper is how powerful and fast, it’s disclose the number of rotations per minute of the blades is done.Noted that, electric motors aren’t as powerful as gas motors, however they are eco-friendly, affordable and hassle free.

On the other hand, Gas-powered engine might be best option for shredder large tree limbs but they need gasoline, plus oil and sometimes air filters changes that can add additional cost. Besides it is easy to transport over the large working area where you want to carry it as it has no electrical cord and they can effortlessly turn wood pieces into chips.

Therefore, you should always pursue the size of your yard and the largest trees as well and don’t forget that an electric chipper could be accurate for small yards, but not for heavy work. 

Design and mobility

A lightweight chipper is  always simple to set up and maneuver as well along with comfortable for elders and women. You might need two people while you want to do a heavy-duty work by a powerful shredder.

Most of the yard chippers are designed with wheels that can be easy or adjusted for rough terrain and with a handle which also may be simple. Lightweight chippers are more adjustable for single homeowners with a typical yard as they are easy to operate and assemble.

Chipper with rugged wheels easy to place onto a vehicle and more adequate for large plots and village areas.


Safety includes not only the design of the chipper but also the gear as well. Most of the chipper cutters are arranged with a safety knob which impedes the tool from running when the hopper is opened. 

For protecting the engine, gas-powered chippers have an extra module. Besides, several models have an extra tool that might be used to shove the branches inside the machine so that you can save your hands.

It is optional to wear a protective dress while shredding wood branches but highly advisable. Goggles can save your eyes from conclusive debris, gloves can protect your hands respectively. If some wood chippers are quite noisy, earplugs are highly recommended to wear.


You never want to break down your wood chipper after a few months as it is a neatly expensive unit. This is why you need warranty of your product.

The best wood chipper will have a possibility of at least 3 years of warranty. Look for you best choice keeping at least 3 years of warranty in order to cover the price in case of damage. A long warranty assures how durable the product will be. However, if you want to buy a chipper which has smaller warranty, look some chipper reviews whether the machine has a tends to break down after the warranty expires or not.

Additionally, there is a chance to get an extended warranty if you purchase the best product from the online. It looks like, if the original warranty is 3 years, sometimes you could get two years more without additional fee.

Inside the warranty, if it’s necessary to replace your product, you may replace it many times. But in rare cases, if it’s not possible to repair it, you may replace it with a new one under the warranty times.

Final verdict

The 10 best products reviews and  buyer’s guide  will help you to select the best one which you are looking for. Nevertheless, if you are still confused and can’t go to select  a chipper for your property, here are some recommendations you can consider:

  • The Sun Joe Cj602E may be the best option for you if you are looking for an electric machine as it has a excellent key features along with 15 amp powerful motor

  • However, if you look at a highly powerful one, Landworks heavy- duty is recommended for you as it offers a powerful 212cc engine  including 3 years of warranty.