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10 Best aerators for lawns 2020 (Reviews and Buyer’s Guide)

Best aerators for lawns: Everyone loves his/her garden, but the thing is why their neighbor’s lawn is in picture-perfect condition while can’t be said about theirs? On the other hand, you know very well how soil under your lawn can dry in the summer season. As a result, the ground can become narrow, which means that water, air, nutrients, and fertilizer are hard to put in the soil, let alone reach the roots. Yes, you are using mow, water, and add all the required nutrients, but the results aren’t as satisfactory. Well, it’s time to aerate your lawn.

Most gardeners don’t know what aeration is and how it is very effective in getting a vigorous yard, healthy vegetables, or a flower garden.

Lawn aeration is the process of creating tiny holes on your lawn, yard, or garden to get water, nutrients, air, and fertilizer to seep into the roots, enhancing the health and beauty of your lawn. The principal reason behind aerating is to prevent the effect of soil compaction as it contains too many particles within a space, obstructing water, nutrients, and air from getting to the roots of your plants..

10 best aerators for lawns for 2020

Here, we will review the 10 best lawn aerators for 2020, enabling you to find the best lawn aerator for your lawn or yard with a prominent Buyer’s Guide.

1. Greenworks 10 Amp corded Dethatcher

If you are looking for an ideal combo aerator and dethatcher, this machine will be your top choice. This is a 14 inches corded dethatcher, which ensures a zero carbon emission. Ensuring Authenticity and high performance, this product consists of an ergonomic padded grip and a fixed handle, giving comfort with every use. The most amazing features, 3-position tine depth, allow you to freedom and control, qualifying the best healthy lawn for you by removing any matted layers.
Additionally, we assure you that Greenworks 10 Amp corded dethatcher gives you over performance, providing stainless steel tines that stay sharper for a long time. Features dimensions of this product are 25.3x 18 x 12.5 inches and weigh almost 25.9 pounds. Looking for the key features, we found

Best aerators for lawns

Key Features

  • Zero carbon emission
  • Powerful 10 Amp motor
  • Stainless Steel tines
  • Fixed handle
  • Ergonomic padded grip
  • Consists of 3- position tine depth adjustment
  • 4 years of warranty


  • Sufficiently powerful motor for the work
  • Perfect for overseeding
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to operate
  • Inexpensive
  • Without trouble replaceable tines
  • Don’t have any risk about fuel or engine maintenance


  • Cord management
  • Sometimes, plastic parts can break easily

Though there are some disadvantages to it like every machine, it is very user friendly and recommended by its users, including 4 year of warranty which gives you protection in your investment.

2. Mantis 7321 Power Tiller Aerator 

Mantis 7321 power Tiller Aerator is another important aerator because of some well-known key features. Some of the features are a set of four tempered steel blades, giving 60 spring -steel picks be able to dethatch a 15-inch swath section with one stroke. By removing any thatch, the aerator cuts the soil underneath your lawn. It's usually used across compact clay soil. It's not only an aerator but also a dethatcher, and it features dimensions of 15x 8 x 9 inches and weighs around 17.5 pounds.

Best aerators for lawns

Key features

  • It consists of 60 spring- steel picks
  • 4 tempered steel blades
  • Dethatching width 15-inches swath in one stroke
  • Both aerator and dethatcher combo pack
  • Lightweight


  • One of the most aggressive small yard dethatcher over the market
  • Quickly Pulls up large amounts of thatch
  • For particularly thick thatch, it's advantageous


  • Motor is louder than your idea

Therefore, The Mantis 7321 Power Tiller Aerator and dethatcher will ensure that you get everything you need to maintain a lovely lawn all year round.

3. LoTech Products Crank Twist compost Aerator

LoTech Cranks Twist Compost Aerator is a fast, very effective, easy, and favorable way to tend your compost bin. LoTech can be snugly used with one or two hands. It can simply grip the curled handle, and twist the tool clockwise down into your pile, then twisting anti-clockwise to except the crank. It provides a unique way to crank up your compost heap, giving a manual, handheld device which doesn't count on any power sources and grant complete eco-friendly resources.
Repeating the process in all respects your compost, you can blend your compost entirely and make air holes. It offers dimensions of 32 1 4 inches and 1.5 pounds of weights.

Best lawn aerator

Key Features

  • Manual aerator
  • Made of solid 3/8-inch stainless steel with snug non-slip grip
  • 32 inches tall and effective depth of 29 inches
  • Twist clockwise into compost
  • Don’t rely on other power sources
  • Imported from the USA
  • Lightweight


  • Extremely durable
  • It’s never logs
  • Easy to use, clean and store
  • Consisting of lifetime limited warranty
  • Rated by one of the best corkscrew aerators-produced by Lotus products, USA


  • It can break clods from the bottom after lifting

Therefore, it’s a manual aerator includes a fantastic feature of the LoTech Crank Twist compost Aerator, depending on its own power to aerate your compost, saving money and energy in place of using another power source.

4. Yard Butler Lawn Coring Aerator

If you have a small yard, you can save quite a bit of money by purchasing a manual yard aeration tool. The Yard Butler Lawn Coring Aerator is a top-rated model, grateful to its ability to pluck 0.5-inch plugs out of your lawn, assisting to minimize soil compaction and thatch. This aerator enables you to extract a 2 ½ inch x 3 ½ inch area.
It ensures turf growth and promotes vigorous root growth every use. It is also 37-inch long, which is perfect for most customers, and consists of very lightweight, only 3.72 pounds, including dimensions of 1.8 x 8.8 x 3.5 inches.

Yard Butler Lawn Coring Aerator

Key Features

  • Manual aerator
  • 37-inch tool height
  • Solid 1/2 -inch powder-coated steel shaft and wide 12 inches
  • Rubber handles increase comfort while working for a long time
    without fatigue
  • Lightweight
  • Best for small yards


  • Easy to use and very economical for small yards
  • Ensuring a solid construction where the plugs with-stood boulders and rocks under the sod
  • Affordable and functional
  • Easy to Storage


  • Time-consuming
  • Labor cost is high

Yard Butler Lawn Coring Aerator is another most well-known tool, including a foot bar that makes an aerator a practical purchase, saving money and energy.

5. Agri-Fab 45-0299 48-Inch Tow Plug Aerator

The Agri-Fab 45-0299 48-inch Tow Plug Aerator gives a weight tray of 48 inches and retains around 140 pounds, ensuring improved penetration into the soil. The first thing about this machine is that it is made for medium-sized to a large lawn that accepts high traffic. This device is made of six spools of aerator knives for simple strength and additional power.

It is very famous for its special key features like 32 galvanized steel super sharp ¾ inch replaceable blades that can pass and except 3-inch plugs, as well as the 48-inch tray is also worth considering. Another interesting aspect of this device is 10-inch flat-proof tires. The weight of this product is 85.9 pounds and features dimensions of 35 x 52 x 36 pounds.

agrifab lawn aerator

Key Features

  • 32 galvanized steel super sharp ¾ inch replaceable blades penetrate the soil easily
  • 48-inch tray
  • 10- inch flat-proof tires for smoother transport
  • Six spools ensure additional power
  • Heat-treated aeration knives
  • Broad pneumatic tires
  • Cantilever transport handle for simple raising and lowering
  • 3 years of limited warranty 
  • Made in the USA with some imported materials


  • The coring tines are crafted from stainless steel that never rusts and keep their sharpness
  • Assemble instruction, and assembly is straightforward
  • Durable tool for using heavy gauge materials
  • Work perfectly on the uneven plat for the pneumatic and flat tires
  • The easily adjustable penetration depth of the plugs


  • Having a chance to cut yourself during assembly
  • Rarely, you can get less performance after 3 times of use

Finally, having forgotten the bad report, Agri-Fab 45-0299 is one of its users' best user-friendly and recommended. Keep in mind, 3 years of warranty will give you extra satisfaction over your investment.

Note: Ensure you always wear gloves

6. Brinly PA-40BH Tow-Behind Plug Aerator

Brinly PA-40BH Tow-Behind Plug Aerator is a tow behind plug aerator, features a 40-inch wide deck. The device's shaft holds 24 heat-treated stainless-steel cutting spoons that take up core plugs from the lawn with ease. This is another fantastic machine for use on real estate and larger lawns. It can remove soil plugs up to 3-inch in length, occupying air, water, and fertilizer to touch the soil's roots.

The fully- enclosed weight tray can contain in the region of 150 pounds when a single transport lever enables the machine to be transferred easily from the lawn to the drive. The weight of this machine is 64.5 pounds and holds dimensions of 43.8 x 13 x 6.8 inches.

Brinly Tow-Behind Plug Aerator

Key Features

  • Liberate and aerate compacted soil
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Easy transport
  • Universal tow Hitch
  • 24 heat-treated, 16-gauge stainless steel plugging spoons
  • Removes 3 -inch long plugs of soil
  • Compressed plug design
  • Designed and made in the USA


  • The cutting spoons are easy to operate and never clog
  • Satisfied customer services
  • Easy to operate
  • Affordable
  • Well designed hitch for joining to garden tractor
  • Good quality heavy-duty steel construction


  • Partial/incomplete sets reported in reviews
  • Long assembly time

Therefore, Brinly PA-40BH Tow-Behind plug Aerator is an excellent machine for a large lawn to avoid a rare issue like incomplete sets.

 7. Garden Weasel 91818 Garden Aerator

If you are looking for an aerator that can aerate a small yard properly and want the same to purvey as a workout, you should be looking forward to the Garden Weasel Core aerator. It's a manual type aerator for your lawn, containing an aesthetically pleasing sleek red design. Entering into the soil makes air holes that consent air, water, and fertilizer to seep through and touch the soil's roots.

The easy design makes it durable and contains a carbon steel construction that makes the machine weather-resistant and rust-resistant. It holds a full length of 40- inches, which makes it longer than other products. Additionally, a lifetime warranty is a wonderful feature of it, ensuring you value money and providing a new life for your purchase. The weight of this product is 2.35 pounds and provides dimensions of 1.5 x 8 x 40 inches.

Garden Weasel Garden Aerator

Key Features

  • Manual aerator
  • 40- inch length
  • Double welded construction increases its durability
  • 2 aerator spike
  • Excellent red design
  • Carbon steel
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Durable build
  • Portable weight: weighs 2.35 pounds
  • Angle tips build it easy to drive into the ground
  • Inexpensive for the homeowner on a budget
  • Double welded construction will serve you for an extended period


  • The design of the handle is a worry

Therefore, we can say that it is a very excellent aerator for small size yard or lawn. On the other hand, it has a lifetime warranty, which ensures that the Garden Weasel 91818 aerator is an excellent purchase for your garden, providing security of your money and a lifetime of usage.

8. Pride Roots Lawn Aerator Shoes

If you are searching for an easy way to aerate your lawn without having to spend an arm and a leg for a lawn aeration service? If so, Pride Roots Lawn Aerator Shoes are correctly what you're looking for! The pride Roots Lawn Aerator gives professional-grade aeration, giving study straps to assure that your feet stay inside the aerator shoes. This is an excellent method to manually aerate your soil when using your body weight, taking the pressure far away from your shoulders and arms.

The 2.2-inch lengthy spike qualifies a deep infiltration, approving air, water, fertilizer, and nutrients to touch deep down into the soil's roots. Furthermore, it ensures you about no missing parts and provides complete satisfaction with your purchase, giving a 30-day money-back guarantee with a 12-month warranty. It features dimensions of 12.6 x 5.7 x 5.1 inches and a weight of 2.7 pounds.

Lawn Aerator Shoes

Key features

  • Professional grade aeration
  • Study straps method
  • 2.2-inch-long spike
  • Deeper soil preparation
  • Twelve-month warranty
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • The spikes are a tad bit taller than any other aerator shoe
  • The study strap method is more effective than the easy strap method
  • The eBook and instruction provide a lot of useful tips and information
  • Excellent value for money
  • Extreme efficiency in aeration
  • Assure user safety and comfort
  • Fantastic penetrative capacity


  • The unavailability of the sturdiest product
  • A bit confusing about strapping instruction

Finally, Pride Roots Lawn Aerator Shoes are a great choice for a manual, which ensures an environmentally-friendly way to aerate your garden. These ensure no missing parts, use your body weight, giving little effort as you walk across your soil.

9. Brinly SAT- 40BH Tow-Behind Spike Aerator

The Brinly SAT-40BH is a spike and tow behind an aerator, and before buying it, you have to make sure that you have a lawnmower or tractor. It passes the soil up to 2-inches deep, accepting air, water, and fertilizer to reach deep down into the roots. Containing galvanized steel stars and 132 tine tips, and a solid tine shaft, maximum aeration is gained with every use. The weight tray gives a capacity of up to 100 pounds with a complete wheel so that everyone can pass your lawn to your drive with ease of use. It has a 2-year warranty along with its weight of 40 pounds and feature dimensions of 43.3 x 9.2 x 4 inches.

Brinly Tow Behind Spike Aerator

Key Features

  • Galvanized steel tines star impede rust
  • Penetrate the soil up to 2 inches
  • Durable steel tray contains up to 100 pounds of extra weight
  • Easy to engage transport wheels
  • 132 tines tips
  • 2 year of warranty


  • Easy portable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable price
  • Holding advance features for superior aeration
  • Easy to attach with a lawnmower
  • Increasing the durability and life due to the high-quality construction
  • The company provides the best customer services


  • Instructional fault from the manufacture 
  • Sometimes, some parts can be missing out

In the end, we can say that apart from the missing issue, Brinly SAT-40BH Tow Behind spike Aerator is one of the most powerful models, containing 11 galvanized steel stars and providing 2-inches deep of soil penetration, which gives you a healthy lawn.

10. Abco Tech Lawn Aerator Spike Shoes

The Abco Tech Lawn Aerator Spike Shoes offers professional-grade aeration on small to medium-sized properties with ease and an inexpensive alternative to the other way of aeration in addition to giving feasible installation. The unique design provides three fixed straps, complete with buckles which occupy a feel of any size to fit within the aeration shoes.

Under the shoe, thirteen heavy-duty spikes are located, accepting 2-inches of soil penetration to allow water, air fertilizer, and nutrients to seep into the roots. Furthermore, you will be assured that your money is well-spent, providing a 30- day money-back guarantee. The Abco Tech Lawn Aerator Spike Shoes are 2 inches each length, and feature dimensions of 11.8 x 5 inches.

Abco Tech Lawn Aerator Spike Shoes

Key features

  • Professional grade aerator
  • 3 fixed straps
  • Contain 13 heavy-duty straps
  • 2-inch spike penetration
  • An accessible alternative to costly services
  • High quality
  • Easy installation and use
  • Provide 30 days money-back guarantee


  • Accessible professional-level aeration
  • Ergonomic and gorgeous design aesthetics
  • Provide good value for money
  • Exclusive to corrosion
  • Work exactly as advertised!
  • Easy to aerate without missing up lawn


  • Straps and fitting could improve
  • Sometimes, it can consume more time to assemble

So, The Abco Tech Lawn Aerator Spike shoes are an excellent tool for the medium to small size lawn, where the fixed straps and buckles are a great addition. These allow you comfort during use and ensure that your feet stay inside the shoe.

Lawn Aerator Buyer’s Guide

To keep your lawn beautiful, green, and healthy, a lawn aerator is a key piece of equipment for any gardening enthusiast. Every gardener knows beauty starts from within, and so to get a healthy lawn, and you must first achieve healthy soil.

At the time of the hot climate, soil can turn compact and dry. This results in the soil preventing easy access to air, water, fertilizer, nutrients. As a result, passing the soil and creating narrow, long holes in the soil assures that these essential components touch the roots and providing exactly what your lawn needs to grow or be green and healthy. For this reason, you have to aerate your lawn properly by using a perfect aerator for your lawn while you want to buy an aerator, you must consider the following rules:

Types of Lawn Aerator

Traditionally, a lawn aerator is pulled or pushed across the lawn. This may be the ideal aerator for medium to large-sized gardens. On the other hand, for a smaller lawn or trickier areas, aerator shoes are the best way as you can walk across your lawn while your aeration shoes use your body weight to pass the ground. Besides, you can also purchase a handheld manual aerator, which requires you when pushing the aerator into the ground or by applying the foot bar to use your legs to push into the soil.

Price of a Lawn Aerator 

Every year, you may only use an twice aerator, so you shouldn't want to spend a great deal of money purchasing the equipment. An aerator shoe can charge almost 20$; that is an accessible purchase which even provides good results. On the other hand, a handheld manual aerator tool may charge around $40, whereas a larger tow-behind or pushing aerator may be spent $ 150-$200.

Consider Traffic at your lawn

If you want to aerate an extensive area containing heavy traffic, such as a playground, you should invest in a powerful tool to cover the soil's amount of stress. On the other hand, if your soil receives little traffic and becomes a small size, investing in a powerful tool will be very expensive.

Spike depth 

You always have to check that the spikes have an adequate length to penetrate the soil more than a few inches; it should be at least 3 inches. If the length is factual, they will undo the soil at deeper depths accepting air, nutrients, and water to be extended. Additionally, If you want to grow bigger plants such as shrubs or small trees, be attentive to your spike depth.

Power Source

Although manual aerators are inexpensive, they have some limitations. Firstly, they don't have adjustable settings and an electric aerator to abate the physical workload.

A word on Warranties

When you select a lawn aeration tool or machine, always check if it is at least a 3- year of warranty on the product. You will be aerating your lawn a little time in a year at most, so the lasting warranty on your machine is essential to safeguard you against further problems.

When is the best time to aerate?

By knowing the importance of aeration, you will know when you will have to aerate your lawn.

  • It would be best if you considered aerating while your yard serves as the playground or the racetrack as pets and children will compact the soil.
  • If the lawn was established as a part of new often, while new construction lawns are established on subsoil, you should wreck lawn aeration since the topsoil is stripped.
  • It would be best if you considered it where soil layering exists. Where the soil of finer texture is layered on top of a coarser soil, soil layering is often established by sods.
  • If you have a thatch problem, it is another best time to aerate your lawn. If the thatch is larger than ½ inch while you need to aerate your lawn, it is easier than raking.

Final words

In conclusion, we can say that lawn aerating is an important task that should be done for keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful. We hope this article will help you to choose the best lawn aerators in the market.

Happy Reading!